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charge of your duties, should you be revisited with affliction, agonizing for respiration, be assured you will have, in your behalf, my fervent prayers and those of all your brethren in the gospel, but especially of the dear Fo of your charge, that “fanned by some angel's purple wing.” your lungs may freely inhale this vital atmosphere, till, by the death-warrant from on high, you are called from your social and religious obligations on earth to enjoy the full fruition of redeeming grace in heaven. This CHURCH AND SocIETy will accept a hearty and cheerful salutation from one whose inmost soul rejoices in their prosperity. Suffer me to feIicitate you, BRETHREN of like precious faith, that you are again to be favored with the stated ministry of the word. With a commendable zeal and unanimity you have concentrated your efforts for this noble purpose; and God be praised that he has smiled upon your exertions. Let me remind you that “Union is strength;” and that the maxim is true in religious as well as in other associations of men, “United we stand; divided we fall.” Bear constantly in mind the practical part of our religion; denying ungodliness and all nnholy desires; living soberly, righteously and godly in the present world. But as these things will be exhibited before you on each returning sabbath, and in parochial visits, I need not indulge in exhortation; and yet propriety, you must be sensible, forbids my expressing an opinion, with reference to the manner in which it will be done by the servant of Jesus whom you have chosen to feed you with the bread of life. -Therefore, imploring upon both pastor and people the richest blessings of Heaven, I must take my leave of you, and of this Bethel of the Lord, by saying, from my heart,

May peace attend thy gate,
And joy within thee wait,
To bless the soul of ev'ry guest;
THE MAN that seeks thy peace,
And wishes thine increase,
.A thousand blessings on HIM rest.
My tongue repeats her vows;
PEACE to this sacred house;
For here my FRIENDS AND BRETHREN dwell;
And since my glorious God
Makes this his blest abode,



My BaoTHER—The docrine, morals, and predictions contained in this book we esteem divine and holy, because originally given by the miraculous or supernatural inspiration of God. So we read (2 Pet. i. 20.) For the prophecy came not of old time by the will of man, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. The operative energy of God, or God in his operative energy' For energy without an agent is as impossible as sunshine without a sun. So we say, the prophets were inspired or moved of God to preach or write doctrine, to give precepts, to foretel things to come. How such inspiration was communicated to the op. is an arcanum beyond us. For we of this day have no experience of supernatural inspiration. Those who sincerely think they have felt it, at some times doubt of it. But the prophets never doubted of the manifestations God gave them.— The inspiration gave them a certainty beyond the possibility of doubt. We may conjecture that such an inspiration was §. the prophets, by the intelligent Omnipresent pirit, JEHoyAH, possessing their spirits, and giving them mental vision in his vision. But this power

was dealt out by measure unto them. They were like other men, except when the spirit of God came on them. But not so “the M. Christ Jesus.” —The “only begotten Son of God.” He had not the Spirit by measure, but plenary and perpetual' So said an Apostle, “In him ão, all the the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” But as He who created the elements, and founded the laws of nature, still supports and preserves them, as the fountain of power; “So glows in the stars, warms in the sun, refreshes in the breeze; so also, He operates still ordinarily or by means, upon mankind, morally. Revelation is the lamp, wh; contains the fire of divine love, which enlightens and moves the Soul to devotion. This holy book contains doctrine we never could have known without a revelation from Heaven.—The doctrine of eternal life;—existence in an incorruptible, innocent state. So, also, the moral precepts to direct our conduct upon earth, may be equally ascribed to God, the source .#. order. In vain is it to say, in objection to a supernatural revelation from God; as mankind by reason, now approve of the doctrine and morals of the Scriptures, they may have been originally, the result of the free exercise of human reason, and not of God supernaturally; but only ordinarily, as God is the Creator of man, and the founder of nature. To this objection I will only say here; we have by the constitution of God, that wonderful faculty, sight, in us; but notwithstanding, no man ever would have seen an object without light, which is not in us, but shines upon us; but in the light, we see with pleasure all things around us. . So also, the eye of reason, delights with rapture in what God hath revealed—In what we behold in the light of divine revelation. This Book, which contains prophecy of things which have been fulfilled, are now i. and which shall be fulfilled: and doctrine, even the doctrine of eternal 4.

grace in the unchangeable God, towards all mankind his common offspring, manifested in the one Mediator —Lord of all. And morals, to teach us our duty as rational beings, having such a glorious hope; this Book, I, as one of the Council delegated by this Society, deliver to you, my Brother, according to our. custom; hereby expressing the confidence of the Society in you, that you are worthy to take this Book as their Instructor, and able to preach to them its doctrine, and to inculcate its morals, as their Teacher and Pastor—That you will guide them by it, and be governed by it yourself. They say by this act; thou art learned and skilful in the word of righteousness. instruct thou us to profit for God. My Brother, in this location, providence hath given you a wide field for labour. You will, here, have many to preach to, the unsearchable riches of Christ. They will hang with eager ears upon your words; they will triumph in the doctrine of free grace; and I hope will not be forgetful hearers, but doers of the word. I wish you prosperity in the name of the Lord. But here also, you will have many to visit in distress and affliction, and to see many of your friends close their eyes upon time. In the dismal valley of death you must teach them to fear no evil. You must comfort them in their affliction. For our Lord said to the sorrowful, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world, because I live ye shall live also.” Your own understanding, and the unction of the theme you preach, will guide you into all truth, and give you strength of mind according to your day. of trial. . . . . . If, my Brother, you look back upon the past, and contemplate the future therefrom, you will feel joyful confidence, that he that hath begun the good work of free grace, by his gospel, in this city, will continue by his providence to carry it on. About half a century ago, a Stranger, our deceased brother John Murray, was moved to publish God's Universal Grace and Salvation in this City. How new then was the theme to the ears of them that heard him! Some heard it gladly, some thought it blasphemy. Not that the doctrine was not known from the Apostolic age to that period. . Many before then had written on it. And some since of more modern time, of the most learned of their day, have discussed and approved, and also written on it. Some in this land believed it in secret, but saw it not their duty, or had not strength of mind to publish it. Perhaps, some felt afraid to risque its publication, having much to lose if the majority .."oppose it, So God employed witnesses lighter clad, who had not a store of wordly honour in the Church to lose; and sent them forth with a “sling” and a smooth stone, and Goliah fell!—Babylon is fallen! Now the doctrine of free universal grace soars high, and like a mighty Angel flies through the midst of Heaven, and speaks to the earth, We pray, my Friend and Brother, that you may be able to lay such a foundation here, for divine truth, in the minds of the rising generation, that there may be as many swarms from this place, where the honey comb is filled with sweetness, from the flowers of the Bible, when you shall have exchanged earth for Heaven, as took place after the Flight of the first Pastor of this Society. It really appears as if we lived at the opening of that long predicted day, when the light of the Sun shall be seven fold, as the light of seven days; in the height of which day, the glory of the Lord is to be revealed, and all flesh is to see it together. I would address myself to this resFo Church and Congregation; my Friends in the .ord Jesus. Many of your pillars have fallen by

death, since I first knew you; others have removed to

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