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|. new formed and distinct Bodies, in the one faith of free, Universal Grace. Those who have bidden us adieu upon earth, of our old friends, we most fully believe, we shall meet again, with a joyful hail of welcome, upon the heavenly plain, where infirmity and death shall be no more. But now your ranks appear to be well filled up, and filling. This day my Friends you enter upon a new establishment, or rather you enter anew, upon #. established franchise as a society, by settling this rother your overseer in the Lord. We rejoice with you in the event. We confidently commit him to your care as a preacher of righteousness. Strengthen ye his hands in the Lord. The Work of the Ministry is arduous to men in earthly tabernacles, subject to the passions of other men. From your Pastor Elect, you will always expect bowels of compassion and mercies; and it will be always his interest to cherish the mind which was in Christ Jesus. But in order to this end, my beloved Friends, you must make his mind, as a united Body, as easy as possible, by your living in Friendship among yourselves; by attending his Ministry, and seeking to profit thereby; by framing your morals by the directory of the gospel, for your own and the general happiness of your body, and of your race; by accustoming the younger branches of your families to attend with you on his Ministry; that they . be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Those of you who are fully persuaded in your own minds of the truth of the Christian Faith, as maintained in the New Testament, and feel a wish to profess it openly before men, by the highest mode here used to make such a profession; the way is easy and the burden light. And if we do indeed believe with the heart unto righteousness, why should we not make confession with the mouth unto Salvation?

We in this day of civil and religious freedom, expose ourselves to no persecution by professing ourselves Christians;–By professing our Lord, the Lord of all. Even the persecution of the tongue in this Country, in this day of light, when unruly, can effect but little; and the day is fast approaching when all iniquity shall stop her mouth. od in his providence hath given us the banner of freedom, and under it truth shall flourish. -

My Friends, may you be able to walk circumspectly, worthy of your high calling in Christ Jesus—our Lord, and Lord of all, Amen.



BROTHER STREETER,--It has fallen to my lot, on this solemn, intereting, and * ful occasion, to present you with the right hand of fellowship; in the performance of which I act as the agent, . in behalf of the present Installing Council and the United Churches and Societies constituting the general convention of Universalists. r

The solemnity of this rite is realized by duly considering that the fellowship it expresses recognizes the grace, mercy, and peace richly communicated from the Father of our Spirits, through a blessed mediator, to a redeemed world; and openly professes to refer to Him, who knows our thoughts, for the sincerity of our hearts in reciprocating, in this public mannner, this most sacred pledge of our mutual esteem, brotherly love, and christian fellowship. On creatures of our imperfections, who are liable to be deceived by our own hearts, these considerations impose the necessity of a most scrupulous and cautious inspection of all that is within, lest some mental reservation, or evasion of mind should, though not realised by ourselves and unknown to angels and men, who witness the solemn act, present us painted hypocrites to that all-seeing eye, from which nothing is hid; and foster a latent germ which may grow to a “root of bitterness.” This ceremony, simple in itself, is extensively interesting as it relates to the circumstances with which it is connected. The solemn, fervent, and impressive rayer, just offered to the throne of Heaven, which installs you the Pastor of the first Universalist Church and Society in this City; the able, energetic, and i. ropriate charge which you have just received, faithfully to discharge all the duties of the sacred office, together with the other services of the occasion, all tend to interest the feelings of all the friends of true religion, in the purity and permanency of the fellowship to be maintained and enjoyed between this Church and Congregation, and their Pastor, this day installed over them in the Lord; between them, yourself, and the numerous branches of our general convention, and the whole fraternity of Ministering Brethren, who profess like precious faith in the Saviour of all men. - This fellowship, to which nothing can be paramount, does not consist in refined theories of doctrine, nor in nicely calculated systems of discipline, but in that celestial charity which vaunteth not herself, seekcth not her own, endureth, believeth, and hopeth all things, and which never faileth. Dews more precious than those of Herman, and the dews that descended on the mountains of Zion, are shed from the i. regions of divine charity, to refresh and bless the earts of Brethren, who dwell together in unity, with life everlasting. Fellowship on this occasion, is rendered peculiarly interesting, as it associates many Churches and Societies in a happy union with this Church and Society, which they regarded, as the Apostle speaks of .

as “the mother of us all;” and as Deborah, who “arose a mother in Israel.”

These reflections recal seasons which are past, when, in a lonely condition, this church and Society, led by the hand of our faithful departed brother, who planted this vine and watered it with the dews of grace, endured the storm of opposition, which was characteized with all those qualities, which are dishonorable to religion and degrading to man. But the Lord had compassion; He comsorted the afflicted ; He laid her stones with fair colours and her foundation with Saphires; He made her windows of Agates, her gates of carbuncles, and all her borders of pleasant stones. Her children were taught of the o and great was their peace. A litte one became a thousand, and a small one a strong nation.

Pressed with these weighty considerations, permit me, my dear brother, to say, that many hands are presented in the hand you hold, and we all trust that in yours we hold that of this church and Society, which we not only love, but venerate and respect.

Brother Streeter, I claim the indulgence to say, that our long and happy acquaintance, my knowledge of your former faithfulness and successful labours in the ministry render your proximity to me peculiarly welcome, and strengthen my hopes, that our fervent prayers and labours may be mutual and successful in advancing the Redeemer's cause in this City. And may our fellowship be with the Father, and with his son Jesus Christ.

- ERRATUM. On page 7, line 6th from the bottom, for an apostle, read Christ.

There are some other errors of small importance, which the reader will excuse.

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