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Et rerum caufas, et quid natura docebat. Ovid.

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F I T Z M A U R I C E.

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your Lordship is now of a proper age to understand many particulars in the following Lectures, and will soon be capable of a regular study and a thorough comprehension of the whole subject, I was ambitious to dedicate the work to you; as a mark of my attachment, and of my

earnest wish to contribute whatever may be in my power, towards your improvement in every thing that is useful or ornamental, and thereby to the distinguished figure that, I flatter myself, your Lordship will one day make in this country.


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To act an useful and honourable part in the community to which we belong, is an object of laudable ambition to every man, in proportion to the rank which he holds in it, and your Lordship cannot but be fully apprized, that the only foundations for a respectable figure in life, are good principles and good dispositions, joined to a cultia rated understanding. Eminence in these refpects is what, in strictest right, may be expected of those whom their fellow-citizens, naturally their equals, are, by the constitution of their country, made to look up to, as their superiors. It is a debt due for that distinction. For it is universally true, that the obligation to do good is of the very same extent with the power and opportunity of doing it.

This, my young Lord, is an age in which every thing begins to be estimated by its real use and value. The same maxims of good sense which regulate all other things, will finally new-arrange whatever belongs to the affairs of society and government; and those distinctions which mere force, mere superstition, or mere accident will be


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