Over 200 Questions and Answers

Xulon Press, 2007 - 420 sivua
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James D. Reed was born into a Christian family with nine siblings. Life began in Northwest Arkansas just before The Great Depression. He completed high school 1943. Formal education was interrupted by military service in Europe in World War II. Returning to college, he earned a Bachelor of Arts 1949 from Ouachita Baptist University. Seminary work achieved a Bachelor of Divinity 1958 and this was converted to a Master of Divinity 1970 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Experience of the author has included ministerial work since his first sermon in 1942 until the present. Pastorates, Youth Leadership in a church, Student Religious Counselor in Arkansas and Missouri as well as near 30 years part time service as a hospital chaplain form the most of his career. Employment as a social worker for the State of Arkansas for 17 years gave a wide variety of experiences helpful in writing this book. Over 200 Questions and Answers by James D. Reed is a collection of questions from the general public to a web site. The answers were collected for the main portion of this book. The book is indexed both topically and by scripture text references. The questions come from persons involved in spiritual warfare in the modern world. Answers in this book are designed to fit the questions exactly as they were provided. Over 60 years of ministerial experience by the author equipped him to provide challenges and inspiration to those seeking guidance today. The book could be well used as study guide material for small group discussions or the basis for sermons.

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