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view to insure the gradual exe. negotiated, concluded, and raticution of the aforesaid Treaty fied in such a manner as to come within the periods fixed by the into force with respect to the same.

Articles to which they apply, at In consequence whereof, the each of the periods fixed by Arundersigned, invested with full ticle XV. of the Treaty of which powers on the part of Her Ma they will form the complement. jesty the Queen of the United Nevertheless, the last of these Kingdom of Great Britain and Conventions shall be concluded Ireland, on one side, and of His and ratified before the first of Majesty the Emperor of the November next. French, on the other, have agreed The present Additional Article upon the following Articles :- shall have the same force and

1. Instead of a single Conven- validity as if it had been inserted tion establishing the specific du: in the Treaty of Commerce of ties to be paid by British mer- the 23rd of January last. It shall chandise imported into France, be ratified, and the ratifications three separate Conventions shall thereof shall be exchanged at be successively concluded; the Paris within four days at latest first of which shall comprise bar from the date of its signature. and pig-iron, steel and worked In witness whereof, the respecmetals, machines, tools and me- tive Plenipotentiaries have signed chanical instruments of all sorts; the same, and have affixed thereto the second, yarns and manufac- the seal of their arms. tures in flax and hemp: the third, Done at Paris, this twentyall other articles of British pro- seventh day of June, in the year duction and manufacture enu- of our Lord eighteen hundred merated in Article 1. of the Treaty and sixty. of the 23rd of January.

(LS) COWLEY. 2. These Conventions shall be


TREATY WITH NICARAGUA. Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and to promote the commercial

and Narigation, between Her intercourse between their respecMajesty and the Republic of Vi tive subjects and citizens, have caragua. Signed at Managua, deemed it expedient to conclude February 11, 1860. (Ratifica a Treaty of Friendship, Comtions exchanged at London, merce, and Navigation, and have August 2, 1860)

for that purpose named as their

respective Plenipotentiaries, that Her Majesty the Queen of the is to say: United Kingdom of Great Britain Her Majesty the Queen of the and Ireland, and the Republic of t'nited Kingdom of Great Britain Nicaragua, being desirous to and Ireland. Charles Lennox maintain and improve the rela- Wyke, Esquire, Companion of tions of good understanding which the Most Ilonourable Order of happily subsist between them, the Bath, Her Britannic Ma. jesty's Envoy Extraordinary and country; and shall enjoy all the Minister Plenipotentiary on a rights, privileges, and exemptions, Special Mission to the Republics in navigation, commerce, and of Central America;

manufactures, which native subAnd his Excellency the Presi- jects or citizens do or shall enjoy, dent of the Republic of Nicaragua, submitting themselves to the laws Don Pedro Zeledon, Minister for there established, to which native Foreign Affairs ;

subjects or citizens are subjected. Who, after having communi- The ships of war and postcated to each other their respec- office packets of each Contracting tive full powers, found in good Party respectively, shall have liand due form, have agreed upon berty to enter into all harbours, and concluded the following Ar- rivers, and places within the terticles :

ritories of the other, to which I. Her Majesty the Queen of the ships of war and packets of the United Kingdom of Great other nations are or may be per. Britain and Ireland recognizes mitted to come; to anchor there, the sovereignty and indepen- and to remain and refit; subject dence of the Republic of Ni- always to the laws of the two caragua. Consequently, there countries respectively. shall be a perfect, firm, and in. The High Contracting Parties violable peace and sincere friends further engage that neither will ship between

Her Britannic grant any favour to any other naMajesty and the Republic of tion, in respect of commerce and Nicaragua, in all the extent of navigation, which shall not imtheir possessions and territories, mediately become common to the and between their subjects and other Contracting Party. citizens, respectively, without dis- III.* (Suppressed.) tinction of persons or places. IV.. The Contracting Parties

II. The two High Contracting likewise agree, that whatever kind Parties being desirous of placing of produce, manufacture, or merthe commerce and navigation of chandize can be, from time to their respective countries on the time, lawfully imported into the liberal basis of perfect equality British dominions in British vesand reciprocity, mutually agree sels, may also be imported in that the citizens of each may vessels of the Republic of Nifrequent all the coasts and coun- caragua; and that no higher or tries of the other, and reside other duties upon the vessel or therein, and shall have the power to purchase and hold all kinds

Article III. was as follows :of property which the laws of

“The High Contracting Parties agree the country may permit any that in regard to the coasting trade, the foreigners, of whatever nation, to ships, subjects, and citizens of each shall hold, and to engage in all kinds enjoy, in the dominions and territories of of trade, manufactures, and min. be treated in all respects in the same

the other, the same privileges, and shall ing, upon the same terms with manner, as national vessels and as native subjects or citizens of other coun- subjects and citizens." tries. They shall enjoy all the

It was struck out by the Congress of privileges and concessions in these Nicaragua, and the Treaty was ratified inatters which are or may be made ing Articles not having been altered, Ar.

without it. The numbers of the succeed. to the subjects or citizens of any ticle III. is therefore still mentioned.

upon her cargo shall be leviedries of the other, than such as and collected, whether the impor- are payable on the exportation of tation be inade in vessels of the the same or the like article to any one country or of the other; and other foreign country. in like manner, that whatever No prohibition shall be imkind of produce, manufacture, or posed upon the importation of any merchandize can be from time to 'article the growth, produce, or time lawfully imported into the manufacture of the territories of Republic of Nicaragua in its own either of the two Contracting vessels, may be also imported in Parties into the territories of the British vessels ; and that no other, which shall not equally higher or other duties upon the extend to the importation of the vessel or upon her cargo shall be same or the like article being the levied or collected, whether the growth, produce, or manufacture importation be made in vessels of any other country; nor shall of the one country or of the any probibition be imposed on other.

the exportation of any article And they further agree, that from the territories of either of whatever may be lawfully ex- the two Contracting Parties to ported or re-exported from the the territories of the other, which one country in its own vessels to shall not equally extend to the any foreign country, may in like exportation of the same or the manner be exported or re-ex like article to the territories of ported in the vessels of the other all other nations. country; and that the same boun- VI. No duties of tonnage, har. ties, duties, and drawbacks shall bour, pilotage, lighthouse, quarbe allowed and collected, whether antine, or other similar or cor. such exportation or re-exporta- responding duties, of whatever tion be made in British vessels, nature or under whatever de. or in vessels of the Republic of nomination, levied in the name or Nicaragua

for the profit of the Government, V. No higher or other duties public functionaries, corporations, shall be imposed on the importa- or establishments of whatever tion into the British dominions kind, shall be imposed in the of any article the growth, produce, ports of either country upon the or manufacture of the Republic vessels of the other country, of Nicaragua, and no higher or which shall not be equally imother duties shall be imposed posed in the like cases upon on the importation in the Repub- national vessels. lie of Nicaragua of any article the VII. In order to prerent the growth, produce, or manufacture possibility of any misunderstandof the British dominions, than ing, it is hereby declared that the are or shall be payable on the stipulations contained in the presame or the like article being the ceding Articles are, to their full produce or manufacture of any extent, applicable to British ves. other foreign country. Nor sball sels and their cargoes arriving in any higher or other duties or the ports of Nicaragua, and reci. charges be imposed, in either of procally to the vessels of the said the two countries, on the exporta- Republic and their cargoes arrivtion of any article to the territo- ing in British ports, whether they

by him, to take possession and Consul of the Party concerned, charge of the property which the or by the deputy or representative deceased may have left, for the of the Consul: and any person benefit of his lawful heirs and knowingly protecting or harbourcreditors, giving immediate notice ing such deserters shall be liable of the death to the authorities of to punishment. the country.

ÅVII. British subjects residing XV. The subjects of Her Bri- in the territories of the Republic tannic "Majesty residing in the of Nicaragua shall enjoy the most Republic of Nicaragua, and the perfect and entire liberty of concitizens of the Republic of Nica- science, without being annoyed, ragua residing in the dominions molested, or disturbed on account of Her Britannic Majesty, shall of their religious belief. Neither be exempted from all compul- shall they be annoyed, molested, sory military service whatsoever, or disturbed in the proper exerwhether by sea or land, and from cise of their religion, in private all forced loans, or military exac- houses, or in the chapels or places tions or requisitions; and they of worship appointed for that purshall not be compelled, under any pose, provided that in so doing pretext whatsoever, to pay any they observe the decorum due to ordinary or extraordinary charges, Divine worship, and the respect requisitions, or taxes, other or due to the laws of the country. higher than those that are or may Liberty shall also be granted to be paid by native subjects or bury British subjects who may citizens.

die in the territories of the ReXVI. It is agreed and cove- public of Nicaragua, in convenient nanted that neither of the High and adequate places, to be apContracting Parties shall know- pointed and established by themingly receive into, or retain in, its selves for that purpose, with the service, any subjects or citizens knowledge of the local authoriof the other Party who have de- ties, or in such other places of serted from the naval or military sepulture as may be chosen by service of that other Party; but the friends of the deceased; nor that, on the contrary, each of the shall the funerals or sepulchres Contracting Parties shall respect- of the dead be disturbed in any ively discharge from its service wise or upon any account. any such deserters, upon being In like manner, the citizens required by the other Party to of Nicaragua shall enjoy within

the dominions of Her Britannic And it is further agreed, that if Majesty a perfect and unreany of the crew of any merchant- strained liberty of conscience, vessel of either Contracting Party and of exercising their religion shall desert from such vessel within private houses, or in the within any port in the territory chapels or places of worship apof the other Party, the authorities pointed for that purpose, agree. of such port and territory shall be ably to the laws of those dobound to give every assistance in minions. their power for the apprehension XVIII. For the better security of such deserters, on application of commerce between the subto that effect being made by the jects and citizens of the two High

do so.

Contracting Parties, it is agreed tection of trade, to reside in the that if at any time any rupture, dominions and territories of or any interruption of friendly the other Party ; but before any intercourse, should unfortunately Consul shall act as such, he shall, take place between the two Con- in the usual form, be approved tracting Parties, the subjects or and admitted by the Government citizens of either of them, esta- to which he is sent; and either blished in the territories of the of the Contracting Parties may other, who may reside upon the except from the residence of Concoasts, shall be allowed six suls such particular places as months, and those who may re- either of them may judge fit to side in the interior a whole year, be excepted. to wind up their accounts and to The Diplomatic Agents and dispose of their property; and a Consuls of each of the two High safe-conduct shall be given to Contracting Parties in the dothem to embark at the port which minions or territories of the other, they themselves shall select. The shall enjoy whatever privileges, subjects or citizens of either of exemptions, and immunities are the two Contracting Parties who or shall be granted there to Agents may be established in the do- of the same rank belonging to minions or territories of the the most favoured nation. other, in the exercise of any trade XX. The Republic of Nicaor other occupation or employ. ragua hereby grants to Great ment, shall be allowed to remain Britain, and to British subjects and continue in the exercise of and property, the right of transit the said trade or occupation, not- between the Atlantic and Pacific withstanding the interruption of Oceans, through the territories friendship between the two coun. of that Republic, on any route of tries, in the free enjoyment of communication, natural or artitheir personal liberty and pro- ficial, whether by land or water, perty, so long as they behave which may now or hereafter exist peaceably and observe the laws; or be constructed under the auand their goods and effects, of thority of Nicaragua, to be used whatever description they may and enjoyed in the same manner be, whether in their own custody and upon equal terms by both or entrusted to individuals or to parties, and their respective subthe State, shall not be liable to jects and citizens; the Republic seizure or sequestration, or to of Nicaragua, however, reserving any other charges or demands its full and complete right of than those which may be marle sovereignty over the same : and, upon the like effects or property generally, the Republic of Nicabelonging to native subjects or ragua engages to grant to Great citizens. In the same case, debts Britain and to British subjects between individuals, public funds, the same rights and privileges, and the shares of Companies, in all respects, in regard to the shall never be confiscated, se transit and the rates of transit, questered, or detained.

and also as regards all other XIX. It shall be free for each rights, privileges, or advantages of the two Contracting Parties whatsoever, whether relating to to appoint Consuls for the pro- the passage and employment of

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