Sivut kuvina

troops, or otherwise, which are authorities of Nicaragua, and now or may hereafter be granted without any charges or tolls whatto, or allowed to be enjoyed by, ever for their transportation, on the most favoured nation.

any of the said routes of comXXI. Her Majesty the Queen munication. And no higher or of the United Kingdom of Great other charges or tolls shall be Britain and Ireland hereby agrees imposed on the conveyance or to extend her protection to all transit of the persons and prosuch routes of communication as perty of subjects of Great Britain, aforesaid, and to guarantee the or of the subjects and citizens of neutrality and innocent use of any other country, across the said the same.

Her Britannic Ma- routes of communication, than jesty also agrees to employ her are or may be imposed on the influence with other nations to persons or property of citizens of induce them to guarantee such Nicaragua. neutrality and protection.

And the Republic of Nicaragua And the Republic of Nicaragua, concedes the right of the Poston its part, undertakes to estab master-General of Great Britain lish two free ports, one at each to enter into contracts with any of the extremities of the commu. individuals or Companies to nication aforesaid, on the Atlantic transport the mails of Great and Pacific Oceans. At these Britain along the said routes of ports, no tonnage or other duties communication, or along any shall be imposed or levied by the other routes across the Isthmus, Government of Nicaragua on the in closed bags, the contents of vessels of Great Britain, or on which may not be intended for any effects or merchandize be- distribution within the said Relonging to subjects of Great public, free from the imposition Britain, or of any other country, of all taxes or duties by the Gointended bona fide for transit vernment of Nicaragua; but this across the said route of commu- liberty is not to be construed nication, and not for consump- so as to permit such individuals tion within the Republic of Ni- or Companies, by virtue of this caragua. Her Britannic Majesty right to transport the mails, to shall also be at liberty, on giving carry also passengers or freight, notice to the Government or au- except any messenger deputed thorities of Nicaragua, to carry by the British Post-office in charge troops, provided they are destined of mails. for a British Possession, or places XXII. The Republic of Nicarabeyond sea, and are not intended gua agrees that, should it become to be employed against Central necessary at any time to employ American nations friendly to Ni- military forces for the security caragua, and munitions of war, and protection of persons and and also to convey criminals, property passing over any of the prisoners, and convicts, with their routes aforesaid, it will emplos escorts, in her own vessels or the requisite force for that purotherwise, to either of the said pose; but upon failure to do this free ports, and shall be entitled for any cause whatever, Her to their conveyance between Britannic Majesty may, with the them, without obstruction by the consent or at the request of the

Government of Nicaragua, or of grant or contract which may herethe Minister thereof at London after be made or entered into by or Paris, or of the competent the Government of Nicaragua, legally-appointed local authori. having reference to the interties, civil or military, employ such oceanic routes above referred to, force for this and for no other or any of them, the rights and purpose; and when, in the privileges granted by this Con. opinion of the Nicaraguan Go- vention to Her Britannic Majesty vernment, the necessity ceases, and to British subjects shall be such force shall be immediately fully protected and reserved; and withdrawn.

if any such grant or contract now In the exceptional case, how- exist of a valid character, it is ever, of unforeseen or imminent further understood that the guardanger to the lives or properties antee and protection of Her Bri. of British subjects, Her Majesty's tannic Majesty stipulated in Artiforces are authorized to act for cle XXI. of this Treaty shall be their protection without such held inoperative and void, until previous consent having been the holders of such grant or con. obtained.

tract shall recognize the concesXXIII. It is understood, how- sions made in this Treaty to Her ever, that Her Britannic Maje-ty, Britannic Majesty and to British in according protection to such subjects with respect to such inroutes of communication, and ter-oceanic routes, or any of them, guaranteeing their neutrality and and shall agree to observe, and security, always intends that the be governed by, those concessions protection and guarantee are as fully as if they had been emgranted conditionally, and may braced in their original grant or be withdrawn if Her Britannic contract; after which recognition Majesty should deem that the and agreement, the said guarantee persons or company undertaking and protection shall be in full or managing the same, adopt or force provided that nothing establish such regulations con- herein contained shall be concerning the traffic thereupon as strued either to affirm or deny are contrary to the spirit and the validity of any of the said intention of this Treaty, either contracts. by making unfair discriminations XXV. After ten years from the in favour of the commerce of any completion of a canal, railroad, other nation or nations, or by or any other route of communiimposing oppressive exactions or cation, through the territory of unreasonable tolls upon mails, Nicaragua, from the Atlantic to passengers, vessels, goods, wares, the Pacific Ocean, no Company merchandize, or other articles. which may have constructed or The aforesaid protection and be in possession of the same guarantee shall not, however, be shall ever divide, directly, or inwithdrawn by Her Britannic Ma- directly, by the issue of new jesty without first giving six stock, the payment of dividends, months' notice to the Republic or otherwise, more than fifteen of Nicaragua

per cent. per annum, or at that XXIV. And it is further under rate, to its stockholders, from stood and agreed that, in any tolls collected thereupon; but


whenever the tolls shall be found binding on both parties beyond to yield a larger profit than this, the said twenty years, until twelve they shall be reduced to the months from the time that one standard of fifteen per cent. per of the Parties may notify to the

other its intention of terminating XXVI. It is understood that it. nothing contained in this Treaty XXVIII. The present Treaty shall be construed to affect the of Friendship, Commerce, and claim of the Government and Navigation shall be ratified, and citizens of the Republic of Costa the ratifications shall be exRica to a free passage, by the San changed at London as soon as Juan river, for their persons and possible within six months from property, to and from the ocean. this date.

XXVII. The present Treaty In witness whereof the respecshall remain in force for the term tive Plenipotentiaries have signed of twenty years from the day of the same, and have affixed thereto the exchange of ratifications; and their respective seals. if neither Party shall notify to

Done at Managua, this eleventh the

other its intention of termi- day of February, in the year of nating the same, twelve months our Lord one thousand eight hunbefore the expiration of the dred and sixty. twenty years stipulated above, (L.S.) CAAS. LENNOX WYKE. the said Treaty shall continue (L.S.) PEDRO Zeledon.



TO FRANCE. (Translation.)

and have named as their PleniIn the Name of the Most Holy potentiaries : and Indivisible Trinity.

His Majesty the Emperor of Paris, March 29, 1860, the French,

Baron de Talleyrand His Majesty the Emperor of Perigord, &c., and M. Vincent the French, having explained the Benedetti, &c.; considerations which, in conse- And His Majesty the King of quence of the changes which Sardinia, His Excellency Count have arisen in the territorial rela. Camile Benson de Cavour, &c, tions between France and Sar- and his Excellency the Chevalier dinia, caused him to desire the Charles Louis Farini, &c.; annexation of Savoy and of the Who, after having exchanged arrondissement of Nice ("circon- their full powers, found to be in dario di Nizza) to France, and good and due form, agreed on His Majesty the King of Sar- the following Articles :dinia having shown himself dis- I. His Majesty the King of posed to acquiesce in it, their Sardinia consents to the annexasaid Majesties have decided to tion of Savoy, and of the arron conclude a Treaty to this effect, dissement of Nice (** circondario

di Nizza") to France, and re- debt of Sardinia, and the execunounces, for himself and all his tion of the obligations resulting descendants and successors, in from contracts entered into with favour of His Majesty the Em- the Sardinian Government, which peror of the French, his rights Government, however, reserves and titles over the said territories. the right of itself terminating the It is understood between their labours undertaken for boring Majesties that this annexation the tunnel of the Alps (Mont shall be effected without any con- Cenis). straint of the wishes of the popu- V. The French Government lations, and that the Govern will secure to the civil and miliments of the Emperor of the tary functionaries belonging by French and the King of Sardinia birth to the province of Savoy and will concert together as soon as to the arrondissement of Nice possible upon the best means of ("circondario di Nizza ''), and appreciating and verifying the who shall become French submanifestations of those wishes. jects, the rights due to them on

II. It is equally understood account of the services rendered that His Majesty the King of by them to the Sardinian GovernSardinia cannot transfer the neu- ment: they shall especially enjoy tralized parts of Savoy, except on the advantages resulting from the the conditions upon which he permanency of the magisterial himself possesses them, and appointments, and from the guathat it will appertain to His rantees ensured to the army. Majesty the Emperor of the

VI. Sardinian subjects natives French to come to an understands of Savoy and the arrondissement ing on this subject, both with the of Nice, at present domiciled in Powers represented at the Con- those provinces, who shall desire gress of Vienna, and with the to preserve their Sardinian naSwiss Confederation, and to give tionality, shall enjoy, during the them the guarantees required by space of one year from the date the stipulations referred to in this of the exchange of the ratificaArticle.

tions, and provided that they III. A Mixed Commission shall make a previous declaration to determine, in a spirit of equity, the competent authority, the right the frontiers of the two States, of transporting their domicile into taking into account the configu. Italy, and of fixing it there, in ration of the mountains and the which case the character of Sarrequirements of defence.

dinian citizens shall be continued IV. One or more Mixed Com- to them. missions shall be charged to exa- They shall be free to retain mine and resolve, as soon as pos. their immovable property situ. sible, the various incidental ques. ated in the territory annexed to tions to which the annexation France. will give rise, such as the settle- VII. As concerns Sardinia, the ment of the share to be contri. present Treaty shall be in force buted by Savoy and the arron. as soon as the necessary legisladissement of Nice (“circondario tive sanction shall have been given di Nizza") towards the public by Parliament. VOL. CII.


VIII. The present Treaty shall * Done in duplicate at Turin, be ratified, and the ratifications of the twenty-fourth day of the it shall be exchanged at Turin month of March of the year of within ten days, or sooner if pos, grace one thousand eight hundred sible.

In faith of which the respective (Signed) TALLEYRAND. Plenipotentiaries have signed it,

BENEDETTI. and affixed to it their armorial

CAVOUR. seals.


and sixty.

CONVENTION FOR THE PACIFICATION OF SYRIA. CONVENTION between Her Majesty, Her Majesty the Queen of the

the Emperor of Austria, the United Kingdom of Great BriEmperor of the French, the tain and Ireland, the Right HoPrince Regent of Prussia, the nourable Henry Richard Charles Emperor of Russia, and the Earl Cowley, &c., Ambassador Sultan, respecting Measures to Extraordinary and Plenipoten. be taken for the Pacification of tiary of Her said Majesty to Syria. Signed at Paris, Sep- His Majesty the Emperor of the tember 5, 1860. Ratifications French; exchanged at Paris, October 18, His Majesty the Emperor of 1860.

Austria, Richard Prince of Met

ternich-Winneburg, &c., his Am(Translation.)

bassador Extraordinary to His His Imperial Majesty the Sul. Majesty the Emperor of the tan wishing to stop, by prompt French; and efficacious measures, the ef- His Majesty the Emperor of fusion of blood in Syria, and to the French, M. Edward Anthony show his firm resolution to estab- Thouvenel, &c., his Minister and lish order and peace amongst the Secretary of State for the Departpopulations placed under his so- ment of Foreign Affairs ; vereignty; and their Majesties His Royal Highness the Prince the Queen of the United King. Regent of Prussia, the Prince dom of Great Britain and Ireland, Henry VII. of Reuss-Schleizthe Emperor of Austria, the Em- Köstritz, &c., his Chargé d'Afperor of the French, His Royal faires ad interim at Paris ; Highness the Prince Regent of His Majesty the Emperor of Prussia, and His Majesty the all the Russias, the Count Paul Emperor of all the Russias, de Kisseleff, &c., his Ambassador having offered their active co- Extraordinary and Plenipotenoperation, which His Majesty the tiary to His Majesty the Emperor Sultan has accepted ;

of the French; Their said Majesties and His And His Majesty the Emperor Royal Highness have resolved to of the Ottomans, Ahmed Vefik conclude a Convention to that Effendi, &c., his Ambassador Exeffect, and have named for their traordinary to His Majesty the Plenipotentiaries, that is to say: Emperor of the French.

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