Sivut kuvina

amending the same, to the Erection in Ireland in cases of Defamation, of Dwellings for the Labouring and in England and Ireland in cerClasses in Ireland.

tain Cases of Brawling. XX. An Act for raising the Sum of XXXIII. An Act to amend certain

Thirteen million two hundred and Provisions in the Bankrupt Law of thirty thousand Pounds by Exche- Scotland. quer Bills for the Service of the XXXIV. An Act to amend the Law Year One thousand eight hundred relating to Petitions of Right, to and sixty.

simplify the Proceedings, and to make XXI. An Act to amend the Act for Provisions for the Costs thereof.

better regulating the Business of XXXV. An Act further to amend an Pawnbrokers.

Act of the Eighteenth Year of Her XXII. An Act to amend the Laws re- present Majesty, to amend the Law lating to the Customs.

for the better Prevention of the Sale XXIII. An Act to provide for the Con- of Spirits by unlicensed Persons and

sideration of an Ordinance which for the Suppression of illicit Distillahas been laid before Parliament in a tion in Ireland. Report of the Oxford University XXXVI. An Act to authorize the ApCommissioners.

pointment and Approval of Places XXIV. An Act to remove Doubt as to for the warehousing of Goods for the

the Validity of certain Marriages in Security of Duties of Customs. Extra-parochial Places.

XXXVII. An Act to levy an AssessXXV. An Act to apply the Sum of ment in the County of Inverness to

Nine million five hundred thousand discharge a Debt on the Castle Pounds out of the Consolidated Fund Stewart and Nairn Road, in the said to the Service of the Year One thou- County.

sand eight hundred and sixty. XXXVII. An Act to further amend XXVI. An Act to remove Doubts as the Law of Property.

to the Application of “The Common XXXIX. An Act for the Construction Lodging Houses Acts” to Ireland, of a new Harbour, and the Improveand to amend the Provisions of the ment of the existing Harbour, at

same so far as they relate to Ireland. Anstruther Easter, in the County of XXVII. An Act for granting to Her Fife.

Majesty certain Duties on Wine XL. Act to indemnify such PerLicences and Refreshment Houses, sons in the United Kingdom as have and for regulating the licensing of omitted to qualify themselves for Refreshment Houses and the grant- Offices and Employments, and to exs ing of Wine Licences.

tend the Time limited for those Pur. XXVIII. An Act to repeal the Act of poses respectively.

the Seventh Year of King George XLI. An Act to make perpetual an the Second, Chapter Eight, com- Act of the Twenty-first and Twentymonly called “ Sir John Barnard's second Years of Her present Majesty, Act," and the Act of the Tenth Year to amend the Law relating to Cheap of King George the Second, Chapter Trains, and to restrain the Exercise Eight.

of certain Powers by Canal ComXXIX. An Act to amend an Act re- panies being also Railway Companies.

lative to malicious Injuries to Pro- XLII. An Act to vest the Manageperty.

ment of the Phoenix Park in the xxx. An Act to enable a Majority of Commissioners of Public Works in

Two-thirds of the Ratepayers of any Ireland Parish or District, duly assembled, XLIII. An Act for confirming a Scheme to rate their District in aid of Public of the Charity Commissioners for Improvements for general Benefit the Administration of Archbishop within their District.

Tenison's Charity in the Parish of XXXI. An Act to repeal a certain Saint Martin in the Fields, in the

Enactment for Restraining the Go- City of Westminster.
vernor and Company of the Bank of XLIV. An Act to confirm certain Pro-
Ireland from lending Money on visional Orders under the Local Go.

vernment Act (1858) relating to the XXXII. An Act to abolish the Juris. Districts of Southampton, Leicester,

diction of the Ecclesiastical Courts Epsom, Coventry, Ipswich, Fareham,

Wells, Tormoham, Scarborough, Lud- Relief Commissioners to the Island low, Banbury, Boston, Penrith, Barns- of Dominica. ley, and Shipley; and for other Pur. LVIII. An Act to amend the Act of poses in relation thereto.

the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Years XLV. An Act to extend the Act of the of Her Majesty relating to Friendly

Eighth and Ninth Years of l'ictoria, Societies.
Chapter Twenty six, for preventing LIX. An Act to extend the Provisions
fishing for Trout or other Freeh-water of the Universities and College Es-
Fish by Nets in the Rivers and tates Act (1858), and of the Copyhold
Waters in Soutland.

Acts, and of the Act of the Third XLVI. An Act to amend and enlarge and Fourth Years of the Reign of

the Powers and Provisions of the Her Majesty, Chapter One hundred several Acts relating to the Caledo. and thirteen, and of the Seventeenth nian and ('rinan Canala.

and Eighteenth Years of the same XLVII. An Act to amend the Law re- Reign, Chapter Eighty-four, so far as

lative to the Legal Qualifications the same relate to Universities and of Councillors and the Admission Colleges. of Burgesses in Royal Burghs in LX. An Act to amend the Act for regu. Scotland.

lating the Queen's Prison. XLVIII. An Act to provide for the LXI. An Act for taking the Census of

Settlement and Discharge of the England.
Debt due to the Commissioners of LXII. An Act for taking the Census of
Her Majesty's Treasury from the Ireland.
Harbour and Docks of Leith.

LXIII. An Act to amend the Aet of XLIX. An Act for extinguishing cer- the Twenty first and Twenty-second

tain Rights of Way throngh Colewort Years of Victoria, Chapter Forty. Barracks in the Borougha of Ports- nine, to provide for the Relief of Her mouth.

Majesty's Subjects professing the L. An Act to abolish the Annuity Tax Jewish Religion.

in Edinburgh and Montrose, and to LXIV. An Act to make further Promake Provision in regard to the vision for the Expenses of Local Stipends of the Ministers in that Boards of Health and Improvement City and Burgh, and also to make Commissioners acting as Burial Provision for the Patronage of the Boards Church of North Leith.

LXV. An Act to authorize the Com. Ll. An Act to provide for an annual missioners of the Treasury to further

Return of Rates, Taxes, Tolls, and regulate the Postage on redirected Dues levied for local Purposes in Letters of Commissioned and WarEngland.

rant Officers, Seamen, and Soldiers LII. An Act to alter and amend "The whilst on actual Service.

Metropolitan Building Act (1865)." LXVI. An Act to amend the Medical LIII. An Act for the Limitation of Act (1858).

Actions and Suits by the Duke of LXVII. An Act to continue an Act ('ornwall in relation to real Property, for authorizing the Application of and for authorizing certain Leases of Highway Rates to Turnpike Roads. Possessions of the Duchy.

LXVIII. An Act for the better ManageLIV, An Act to amend an Act for ment and Control of the Highways

abolishing certain Offices on the in South Wales
Crown Side of the Court of Queen's LXIX. An Act to enable the Feclesias
Bench, and for regulating the Crown tical Commissioners for England to

apply certain Funds towards the LV. An Act to authorize the Inclosure Kepairs of the Cathedral or Collegiate

of certain lande in pursuance of a ('hurch of Manchester, Special Report of the Inclosure Com. LXX. An Act to confirm certain Promissioner

visional Orders made under an Act LVI. An Act to make further Provision of the Fifteenth Year of Her present

for improvements in the Harbours of Majesty, to facilitate Arrangements the Tale of Man

for the Relief of Turnpike Trusts. LVII. An Act to authorize an Exten. LXXI. An Act to make Provision as

sion of the Time for Repayment of to Stock and Dividends unclaimed * Loan made by the West India in Ireland

LXXII. An Act to promote and facili- respecting the Marriages of British

tate the Endowment and Augmenta- Subjects in the lonian Islands.

tion of small Benefices in Ireland. LXXXVII. An Act to remove Doubts LXXIII. An Act to continue certain as to the Authority of the Senior

Turnpike Acts in Great Britain, and Member of the Council of the Goto extend the Provisions of the Act vernor-General of India in the Abof the Fourteenth and Fifteenth sence of the President. Years of Her present Majesty, Chap. LXXXVIII. An Act to extend certain ter Thirty-eight.

Provisions for Admiralty Jurisdiction LXXIV. An Act to amend the Provi. in the Colonies to Her Majesty's

sions of the Act for the Regulation Territories in India. of Municipal Corporations in Ireland LXXXIX. An Act to extend in certain with respect to the Appointment of Cases the Provisions of the SuperanCoroners in Boroughs.

nuation Act, 1859. LXXV. An Act to make better Provi- XC. An Act to repeal the Duties on

sion for the Custody and Care of Game Certificates and Certificates to Criminal Lunatics.

deal in Game, and to impose in lieu LXXVI. An Act to amend the Burial thereof Duties on Excise Licences Grounds (Ireland) Act (1856).

and Certificates for the like PurLXXVII. An Act to amend the Acts poses.

for the Removal of Nuisances and the XČI. An Act for removing Doubts Prevention of Diseases.

respecting the Craven Scholarships LXXVIII. An Act to place the Em- in the University of Oxford, and for

ployment of Women, Young Persons, enabling the University to retain and Children in Bleaching Works the Custody of certain Testamentary and Dyeing Works under the Regu- Documents. lations of the Factories Acts.

XCII. An Act to amend the Law relaLXXIX. An Act to provide additional tive to the Scottish Herring Fish

Accommodation for the Sheriff Courts eries. in Scotland.

XCIII. An Act to amend and further LXXX. An Act to Regulate the Levy. extend the Acts for the Commuta.

ing and Collection of the Inventory tion of Tithes in England and Duty payable upon Heritable Secu- Wales.

rities and other Property in Scotland. XCIV. An Act to amend the Laws reLXXXI. An Act to continue Appoint- lating to the Militia.

ments under the Act for consoli- XCV. An Act to facilitate the builddating the Copyhold and Inclosure ing of Cottages for Labourers, Farm Commissions, and for completing Servants, and Artisans by the ProProceedings under the Tithe Com- prietors of entailed Estates in Scofmutation Acts.

land. LXXXII. An Act to amend the Pro XCVI. An Act to amend the Police of

visions of “The Common Law Pro- Towns Improvement Act, so as to cedure (Ireland) Act Amendment enable Towns and populous Places (1853).”

in Scotland to avail themselves of its LXXXIII. An Act to explain an Act Provisions for sanitary and other lm

of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth provements, without at the same Years of Her present Majesty en. Time adopting its Provisions as reabling Infants, with the Approbation gards the Establishment and Mainof the Court of Chancery, to make tenance of a Police Force. binding Settlements of their Real XCVII. An Act for amending and

and Personal Estate on Marriage. making perpetual the Railways Act LXXXIV. An Act for preventing the Ireland (1851).

Adulteration of Articles of Food or XCVIII. An Act for taking the Census Drink.

in Scotland. LXXXV. An Act to amend Two Acts XCIX. An Act to continue the Corrupt of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Practices Prevention Act (1854). Years, and of the Eighteenth Year

, c. An Act to repeal so much of the of Her present Majesty, relating to Act of the Twenty - second and the Registration of Births, Deaths, Twenty · third Victoria, Chapter and Marriages in Scotland.

Twenty-seven, and of certain other LXXXVI, An Act to make Provision Acts, as authorizes the Secretary of State in Council to give Directions Hops and the Period of Credit alfor raising European Forces for the lowed for Payment of the Duty on Indian Army of Her Majesty.

Malt and llops respectively to re(l. in Act to continue the Poor Law peal the Exemption from Licence Board.

Duty of Persons dealing in Foreign CII. An Act to provide for the Ma- Wine and Spirits in Bond ; and to

nagement of East Indin Stock, and amend the Laws relating to the Exof the Debts and Obligations of the cine. Government of India, át and by the CXIV. An Act to reduce into One Act Bank of England.

and to amend the Excise Regulations CIII. An Act to apply the sum of Ten relating to the distilling, rectifying,

Millions out of the Consolidated and dealing in Spirits. Fund to the Service of the Year One CXV. An Act to simplify and amend thousand eight hundred and sixty. the Practice as to the Entry of Satia. CIV, An Act to enable the Trustees of faction on Crown Debts and on Judg.

the Royal College of Saint Patrick Inents. at Maynooth to make Provision for CXVI. An Act to amend the Law recertain necessary Buildings and Re- lating to the Election, Duties, and pairs.

Payment of County Coroners. CV. An Act to provide for the Ma- CXVII. An Act to confer Powers on

nagement of the General Prison at the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Perth, and for the Administration of Works and Public Buildings to ac. Local Prisons in Scotland.

quire certain Property in Edinburgh, CVI. An Act to amend the Lands for the Erection of an Industrial

Clauses Consolidation Acts (1845) in Museum for Scotland. regard to Sales and Compensation CXVIII. An Act to confirm certain for Land by way of a Rent-charge, Provisional Orders under the Local Annual Feu Duty or Ground Annual, Government Act (1835), relating to and to enablo Her Majesty's Princi- the Districts of Nottingham, Sunder. pal Secretary of State for the War land, Hastings, Reading, ('hatham, Department to avail himself of the Dartmouth, Tunbridge Wells, Sheera Powers and Provisions contained in nors, Sandgate, Willon, Bridgnorth, the same Acts.

and Dorchester. CVII. An Act for granting to ler Ma. CXIX. An Act to amend the Law rejesty certain Duties on Wine Licences lating to Weights and Measures in and Refreshment Houses, and for Ireland. regulating the licensing of Refresh. CXX. An Act to amend the laws rement Houses and the granting of lating to the Ballots for the Militia Wine Licences, in Ireland.

in England, and to suspend the CVIII. An Act to amend the Indus- making of Lista and Ballots for the trial Schools Act (1857).

Militia of the l'nited Kingdom. cix. An Act for defraying the Bx. cxxl. An Act to amend an Act passed

penses of constructing Fortifications in the Sixth Year of Her Majesty for the Protection of the Royal Ar. Queen Virturia, intituled An Ad to senals and Dockyard, and the Ports enable ler Majesty to pruride for of Doter and Portland, and of creat- the Gorrament of Her Settlements on ing a Central Arsenal.

the Cost of Africa and in the FalkCX. An Act to consolidate the Duties land Islands. of Customs

CXXII. An Act to enable the legislaCXI. An Act for granting to Her Ma. tures of ler Majesty's Posacenions

jesty certain Daties of Stampe, and abroad to make Enactments similar to amend the laws relating to the to the Enactment of the Act Ninth Stamp Duties.

Get the Fourth, Chapter Thirty. CXII. An Act to make better Prori. one, Section Fight.

nion for acquiring lands for the De. CXXIII. An Act to amend the Laws fence of the Realm.

relating to the Government of the CXIII. An Act to grant Duties of Ex- Navy,

cise on Chicory, and on Licences to CXXIV. An Act further to amend the Dealers in Swecta or Made Winer; Acta relating to the Ecclesiastical also to reduce the Excise Duty on Commissioners, and the Act con. VOL. CII.

cerning the Management of Episco- CXXXVI. An Act to amend the Law pal and capitular Estates in Eng. relating to the Administration of land.

Endowed Charities. CXXV. An Act for better regulating CXXXVII. An Act to make further

the Supply of Gas to the Metropolis. Provision with respect to Monies reCXXVI. An Act for the further ceived from Savings Banks and

Amendment of the Process, Practice, Friendly Societies. and Mode of Pleading in and en

CXXXVIII. An Act to continue and larging the Jurisdiction of the Su- amend the Peace Preservation (Ireperior Courts of Common Law at land) Act (1856). Westminster.

CXXXIX. An Act to amend the law CXXVII. An Act to amend the Laws concerning the Making, Keeping, and

relating to Attorneys, Solicitors, Carriage of Gunpowder and CompoProctors, and Certificated Convey- sitions of an explosive Nature, and ancers.

concerning the Manufacture, Sale, CXXVIII. An Act to enable the Lord and Use of Fireworks.

Chancellor and Judges of the Court CXL. An Act for facilitating the Acof Chancery to carry into effect the quisition by Rifle Volunteer Corps of Recommendations and Suggestions Grounds for Rifle Practice. of the Chancery Evidence Commis- CXLI. An Act to amend an Act passed sioners by General Rules and Orders in the Thirteenth Year of Her Maof the Court.

jesty, to restrain Party Processions CXXIX. An Act to grant Excise Du- in Ireland.

ties on British Spirits and on Spirits CXLII. An Act to make better Proimported from the Channel Islands. vision for the Union of contiguous CXXX. An Act to enable the Secretary Benefices in Cities, Towns, and Bo

of State in Council of India to raise roughs. Money in the United Kingdom for CXLIII. An Act to extend certain the Service of the Government of Provisions of the Titles to land Indiu.

(Scotland) Act, 1858, to Titles to CXXXI. An Act to apply a Sum out Land held by Burgage Tenure ; and

of the Consolidated Fund and the to amend the said act. Surplus of Ways and Means to the CXLIV. An Act to amend the ProceService of the Year One thousand dure and Powers of the Court for eight hundred and sixty, and to ap- Divorce and Matrimonial Causes. propriate the Supplies granted in this CXLV. An Act to give to Trustees, Session of Parliament.

Mortgagees, and others certain Powers CXXXII. An Act for raising the Sum now commonly inserted in Settle

of Two million Pounds by Exchequer ments, Mortgages, and Wills. Bonds or Exchequer Bills for the CXLVI. An Act to amend the Act for Service of the Year One thousand regulating Measures used in Sales of eight hundred and sixty.

Gas. CXXXIII. An Act to defray the Charge CXLVII. An Act to amend the

of the Pay, Clothing, and contingent Seventh and Eighth Victoria, Chapand other Expenses of the Disem- ter Seventy. bodied Militia in Great Britain and CXLVIII. An Act to continue the Ireland ; to grant Allowances in Powers of the Poor Law Commiscertain Cases to Subaltern Officers, sioners in Ireland. Adjutants, Paymasters, Quartermas- CXLIX. An Act to make better Pro. ters, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, vision for the Relief of Prisoners in and Surgeons' Mates of the Militia; Contempt of the High Court of and to authorize the Employment of Chancery, and Pauper Defendants ; the Non-commissioned Officers.

and for the more efficient Despatch CXXXIV. An Act to amend the Law of Business in the said Court.

regarding Roman Catholic Chari. CL. An Act further to amend certain ties.

Acts relating to the Temporalities of CXXXV. An Act for the Employment the Church in Ireland.

of the Metropolitan Police Force in CLI. An Act for the Regulation and Her Majesty's Yards and Military Inspection of Mines. Stations.

CLII. An Act to facilitate internal

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