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Communication in Ireland by means the same in the Counties of Salop of Tramroads or Tramways.

and Denbigh. CLIII. An Act to amend the law re. ix. An Act to amend the Inrernes and

lating to the Tenure and Improve- Aberdeen Junction Railway Act, 1856; ment of Land in Ireland.

to enable the Interness and Aberdeen OLIV. An Act to consolidate and Junction Railway Company to raise

amend the Law of Landlord and further Sums of Money; and for Tenant in Ireland.

other Purposes. X. An Act to enable the South Devon

Railway Company to improve their

Plymouth and other stations ; to LOCAL AND PERSONAL

widen Parts of their Railway ; and ACTS,

for other Purposes.

xi. An Act to authorize the Construe Delared Public, and to be judicially tion of a Railway from the Great noticed.

Western Railway at Chippenham to

Calne in Wilta. i. A N Act to enable the Company of xii. An Act to empower the Mayor,

Aldermen, and Burgesses of the ar Waterworks to mire a further Borough of Lirerpool to construct Sum of Money; and for other Pur. an additional Reservoir and other pores.

Works; and for other Purposes. ii. An Act for enabling the Blackburn xil. An Act for better supplying with

Gaslight Company to rise a further Water the Borough and Parish of Sum of Money : and for other Pur. Liskeard, in the County of Cormoall; poses.

and for other Purposes. iii. An Act to repcal, alter, amend, and xiv. An Act to enable the North Lon

extend some of the Powers and Pro don Railway Company to raise an visions of "The Silverdale and Net- additional Sum of Money; and for cantle Railway Act, 1859;" to autho- other Purposes. rize the stopping up, altering, and IV. An Act for incorporating a Com. constructing of certain Roads; and pany for the Construction of a Railfor other Purporer.

way from the Verton and Computall iv. An Act for supplying with Gas the Line of the Manchester, Sheffield,

Township of Dröylelen and other and Lincolnshire Railway at Marde, Places adjacent thereto in the in the County of ("hester, to me Parishes of Manchester and Ashton. Milla and Hayneld, in the County under-Lyme, in the County of Lan- of Derhy; and for other Purposes. master.

xvi. An Act for anthorizing the Conv. An Act for more effectually supply. #truction of a Railway from Stockport

ing with Gas the Borough of Leicester to Woelley, in the County of Chester; and the Neighbourhood thereof, in and for other l'urposes. the County of Leicester.

xvii. An Act to enable the Brrron and vi. An Act to enable the Bankridge, Merthyr Ty?! Junction Railway

Lisburn, and Belfort Railway Com- Company to eomplete their ('ommupany to make Deviations in their nication with Breron; and for other authorized Railways; and to enable Purperea canceted with their l’nder. the l'later Railway Company to ao taking. quire and hold shares in ihe l'nder. xviii. An Act for incorporating the taking of the Bantridge, Lisburn, Mirfield (a-light Company (Limited), and Belfort Railway Company; and and extending their Powers; and for for other Purposer

other Parporce vil. An Act for better supplying with xix. An Act for building a Bridge

Water the Township of Beper, in setora the River (her in the City of the Parish of Duffeld, in the County York, with Approaches thereto, and of Derby.

for raising, lowering, widening, alvili. An Act for more effeetually re- tering, and improving certain Mtreets

pairing the Road leading from Wem or Thoroughfares within the said to the Lime Rocks at Bronygerrth, in City; and for other Parpones. the ('ounty of Salop, and for making XX. An Act for consolidating and several Lines of Road connected with amending the Acte relating to the

Liskeard and Caradon Railway Powers to the Croydon Commercial
Company, for authorizing the Altera- Gas and Coke Company.
tion of Portions of their existing xxviii. An Act for draining and im-
Railway, and the Construction of proving Grunty Fen, in the Isle of

new Works; and for other Purposes. Ely, in the County of Cambridge ; xxi. An Act to repeal the Act for and for maintaining the public Roads

amending and improving the Road therein. from Glossop to Marple Bridge, in xxix. An Act for more effectually carthe County of Derby, and the several rying out the Clearing House System Branches of Roads leading to and in Ireland, and for facilitating Legal from the same, and to make other Proceedings in relation thereto. Provisions in lieu thereof.

xxx. An Act for the better Supply of xxii. An Act for enabling the Mayor, Spalding with Water.

Aldermen, and Burgesses of thé xxxi. An Act for the Regulation of the Borough of Leicester to provide an Municipal Corporation

of the Borough additional Cemetery, with Approaches of Hedon, in the East Riding of the thereto, and to effect certain Arrange- County of York, and for the Improvements with the Visitors of the Lei. ment of the Borough ; and for other cestershire and Rutland Lunatic Asy- Purposes. lum; for amending the Acts relating xxxii. An Act for the further Continuto the Cemetery, Sewerage, and ance of the Lower King's Ferry Waterworks in the said Borough; Roads Turnpike Trust; and for other and for other Purposes.

Purposes. xxiii. An Act for more effectually re- xxxiii. An Act to authorize the Com

pairing the Road from Chesterfield, in missioners of the Glasgow Corporation the County of Derby, to Worksop, in Waterworks to raise a further Sam the County of Nottingham.

of Money xxiv. An Act to enable the Bagenals. xxxiv. An Act for authorizing the Cor.

town and Wexford Railway Company poration of Norwich to enlarge the to make Railways to Enniscorthy and existing Cattle Market and other to a certain Limestone Quarry at Markets in Norwich, and to establish Balleyellin, and an Approach Road and regulate Markets and Fairs, and or Roads to their Station at Wexford ; make new Streets in Norwich ; and and to enable the Great Southern and for other Purposes. Western Railway Company to sub. xxxv. An Act for making a Railway scribe further Sums towards the from the Cannock Mineral Railway Undertaking of the Company; and into Cannock Chase, in the County of to enable the Company and the Stafford. Grand Jury of the County of Wexford xxxvi. An Act for changing the Name and the Trustees of Wexford Free of “The Ambergate, Nottingham, Bridge to make Arrangements in and Boston and Eastern Junction referonce to the said Road or Roads; Railway and Canal Company" to the and for other Purposes.

Name “The Nottingham and Grantxxv. An Act to enable the Shrewsbury ham Railway and Canal Company,"

and Welchpool Railway Company to and for reducing and regulating their complete and maintain Deviations in Capital and borrowing Powers; and the Line and Levels of their Rail. for other Purposes. way, and to complete and maintain xxxvii. An Act to enable the Edin. the same across certain Roads on a burgh Railway Station Access Com. Level, and to raise a further Sum of pany to raise additional Capital.

Money; and for other Purposes. xxxviii. An Act to incorporate the xxvi. An Act to continue and amend Brompton and

Gillingham Consumers an Act for erecting a Bridge over Waterworks Company, Limited ; to the River Dee at the Craiglug in the enable them to better supply BrompParish of Old Machar, in the County ton, Gillingham, Chatham, and (Roof Aberdeen, and of Nigg, in the chester with Water; and for other County of Kincardine; and for Purposes. making a Road from Cairnrobin by xxxix. An Act for granting further the said Bridge toward the City of Powers to the Commercial Dock Aberdeen.

Company, xxvii. An Act for granting further xl. An Act for making a Railway from


Stranorlar, in the County of Donegal, lii. An Act to enable the Midland to the Londonderry anil Enniskillen Railway Company to contract for Railway, near Sirubane, in the the Use of the ['ndertakings of County of Tyrone ; and for other other Companies in and Purposes.

London. xli. An Act to provide for the Manage liii. An Act for regulating the East

ment, Maintenance, and Repair of the India Coal Company, Limited, and Turnpike Road from Lincoln Heath for making Provisions with regard to to Market Derping, and other Roads the Capital and Shares of the Comin connection therewith; and for pany; and for other Purposes. other Purposes.

liv. An Act for making a Railway from xlii. An Act for relinquishing certain C'arrickfergus to Larne; and for

Works authorized by the North Staf. other Purposes. fordshire Railway Branches Act, lv. An Act for better supplying with *1854, and for authorizing Agree- Water the Parish of Matlock in the ments with respect to the Silrerdale County of Derby. and Neraustle Railway; and for other Ivi. An Act to enable the Limerick and Purposes.

Ennis Railway Company to inain. xliii. An Act for amending the Acts tain their Railway across certain

pased with respect to the Master, Roads on a Level ; and to enable the Wardens, Searchers, Assistants, and Company to purchase certain lands Commonalty of the Company of Cut- for the purposes of their l'ndertaking; lers in Hallamshire, in the County and to amend the Provisions of the of York.

Acts relating to the said Company xliv. An Act for authorizing the Stock- with respect to General Meetings;

ton and Darlington Railway Company and for other Purposes. to raise additional Capital; and for lvii. An Act to repeal the Act 10 other Purposes.

George IV., Chapter 114, relating to xlv. An Act to enable the Great North- the Turnpike Roads from Hurdloro

ern and Western (of Ireland) Railway House, in the County of Derby, to Company to make a Deviation in Manchester, in the County Palatine their authorized Railway between of Lancaster, and to confer other Roscommon and Castlerragh ; and for Powers in lieu thereof. other Purposes.

Iviii. An Act for enabling the Metroxlvi. An Act for altering the Name of politan Railway Company to acquire

* The Belfast and Ballymena Rail- additional Lands for the Construcway Company" to the Name of tion of the Railway and for Station "The Belfast and Northern ('ounties Accommodation ; for amending the Railway Company;" for increasing Acts relating to the Railway; and their Capital; and for other Pur. for other Purposes. pones.

lix. An Act to authorize the Lease of alrii An Act to enable the Dublin and the Banbridge Junction Railway to

Wicklowe Railway ('ompany to extend the Dublin and Belfast Junction their Railway to Ennis

orthy, in the Railway Company; and for other County of Wexford; to change the Purposes. Name of the Company; and for lx. An Act to 'enable the Belfast and other Purposes

County Doren Railway Company to xlviii. An Act for enabling the Maror, abandon Part of the Bangor Branch;

Aldermen, and Citizens of the City to extend the Time for the Compleof Manchester to effect further Im- tion of the Remainder of such provementa in the said City; and for Branch, and of the Donaghadee other Purposes

Branch; and for other Purposes. xlix. An Act to amend “ The Great lxi. An Act for making a Railway

Southern of India Railway Act, 1 ;*;" from the Belfast and County Doren and for other Purposes,

Railway, at Holyrood, to Bangor, in 1 An Act to authorize certain Devia- the County of Dorn, in Ireland.

tions in the Anivrer and Reilbrie'ye lxii. An Act for a Modification of the

Railway; and for other Purposes. Leare of the Dublin and Kingston li. An Act for granting further Powera Railway to the Dublin and Wicklow

to the West Somerort Railway Com- Railway Company, and for regu. pany.

lating the Capital of the Dublin and Kingstown Railway Company; and lxxii. An Act for making a Railway for other Purposes.

from the Ashchurch and Tewkesbury Ixiii. An Act to enable the Keith and Branch of the Midland Railway, at

Dufftown Railway Company to aban- A shchurch, in the County of Gloudon their authorized Line of Rail.

cester, to Great Malvern, in the way, and to make a new Line of County of Worcester ; and for other Railway instead thereof.

Purposes. lxiv. An Act to authorize the Construc- lxxiii. An Act for authorizing the East

tion of a Railway from the autho- Somerset Railway Company to aban. rized Line of the London and South- don the making of their authorized western Exeter Extension Railway to Railway from Shepton Mallet to

Chard in the County of Somerset. Wells, and to make instead thereof Ixv. An Act to confer further Powers another Railway from Shepton Mal.

with respect to the Construction of let to Wilts; and for other Purposes. Railways at or near Burton-upon- lxxiv. An Act for authorizing the Trent, and for other Purposes.

Grand Surrey Docks and Canal lxvi. An Act to enable the Midland Company to make additional Docks

Railway Company to make Railways and other Works, and to raise further between Rousley and Buxton; to Monies; and for other Purposes. execute other Works; and for other lxxv. An Act to incorporate a ComPurposes.

pany for manufacturing and supplylxvii. An Act to authorize the Midland ing Gas within the Parishes of Tor

Railway Company to construct a moham (including the town of TorStation in the Parish of Saint Pan- quay), Saint Mary Church and Cockcras, London, and to effect arrange- ington, in the County of Devon ; and ments with the Great Northern and for other Purposes. North London Railway Companies, lxxvi. An Act to enable the Oxford, and with the Regent's Canal Com- Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railpany; and for other Purposes.

way Company to take on Lease the lxviii. An Act for better supplying with Undertaking of the Severn Valley

Gas and with Water the Township of Railway Company,
Widnes, in the Parish of Prescot, in lxxvii. An Act to authorize Arrange-

the County Palatine of Lancaster. ments with reference to the Use by lxix. An Act for enabling the Great the London and North Western Rail.

Western Railway Company to con- way Company of the Station at Norstruct a Railway in the Parishes of

manton, and the Railway between the Clifton, Maybank and Bradford Ab- same and Goose Hill; and for other bas, in the County of Dorset, in con- Purposes. nection with the Wilts, Somerset and lxxviii. An Act for supplying Dartford, Weymouth Railway; to acquire ad- Crayford, Eltham, and other Places ditional Lands at Yeovil ; and for in Kent with Water. other Purposes.

lxxix. An Act to authorize the Transfer 1xx. An Act for increasing the Capital to the London and North Western

of the Company of Proprietors of Railway Company of Part of the the Sheffield Waterworks; for ex- Undertaking of the Saint Helen's tending the limits of the Sheffield Canal and Railway Company, and for Waterworks Act, 1853, so as to com- the Increase of the Capital of the prise the Parish of Ecclesfield ; for Saint Helen's Company. making further Provisions with re- lxxx. An Act for repairing the Roads spect to the said Company; and for from Horsham to Steyning, and from other Purposes.

thence to the top of Steyning Hill, in lxxi. An Act for changing the name the County of Sussex, and from the

of the Sirhowy Tramroad Company bottom of Steyning Hill to Slaughter's to the Name - The Sirhowy Railway Corner in the Parish of Beeding, and Company;" and for authorizing the from thence to Shoreham Bridge in Company to make new Works, and the Parish of Old Shorcham, in the to maintain and work the Sirhowy said County. Line as a Railway, and to raise fur. lxxxi. An Act for the Amalgamation ther Funds; and for regulating their of the Newport, Abergavenny, and Capital and Borrowing Powers; and Hereford and the Worcester and for other Purposes.

Hereford Railway Companies with

311 the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolrer. Hinckley, in the County of Leierster, hampton Railway Company, under to the Midland Railway at Wigston the name of “The West Midland Magna near Leicester, in the same Railway Company."

County; and for other Purposes. Ixxxii. An Act for making a Railway xcii. An Act for the Alteration at Yeur

from the Oxford, Worcester, and ril of the Salisbury and Yeoril Rail. Wolverhampton Railway to Bourton- way leased to the London and South on-the-Water in the County of Glou- toestern Railway Company, and of center; and for other Purposes.

the Yeoril and Durston Branch of Ixxxiii. An Act for making a Railway the Bristol and Exeter Railway; and

commencing by a Junction with the for the making at Yeuril of a Joint Glasgow and South-western Railway Station for the London and Southat or near the North or North-east western and the Bristol and Earler End of the Passenger Station of that Railway Companies; and for other Railway at the Town of Dumfries, Purposes. and terminating by a Junction with xciii. An Act to alter and amend the the ('aledonian Railway at or near Beveral Acts relating to the Man the North End of the Lockerby Sta- chester Corporation Waterworks; and tion on that Line; and for other for other Purposes. Purposes.

xciv. An Act for making a Railway lxxxiv. An Act to increase the Capital from Stourbridge in the County of

and amend the Powers of the Duror Worcester to Old Hill, with Branches Gaslight Company.

to Cradley Park and Corngreates Lxxxv. An Act for authorizing the Ironworks; and for other Purposes.

London Hydraulic Power Company, Xev. An Act for incorporating the Limited, to acquire Powers under Wellington Waterworks Company, * The Waterworks Clauses Acts, and granting Powers to them for

1847 ;" and for other Purposes. better anpplying with Water the lxxxvi. An Act to amend 'the Local Town of Wellington and Places ad

Act, Fifty-fourth of George the Third, jacent thereto in the County of Chapter One hundred and Three, for of Salop; and for other Purposes. making a fair and equal County Rate Xevi. An Act for better supplying with

for the County of Buckingham. Water the Town and Parish of Maid. lxxxvii. An Act to grant additional stone in the County of Kent; and for

Powers to the Neury, Warren. other Purposes. point, and Rostreror Railway CornXevii. An Act for more completely pany.

merging in the Undertaking of the lxxxviii. An Act for better defining the Caledonian Railway Company cer.

Powers and Liabilities of the Eau tain Railways known as the Lexma. Brink Drinage Commissioners ; for hagow Branches; for incorporating making Provision for the Repair and the Holders of the Leamahagino Maintenance of the Eau Brink Branches Slook, and securing to Bridge; for simplifying the Mode them a fixed Annuity; and for other of levying and collecting Drainage Purposes Taxes; for constituting from the xcvii. an Aet for Incorporating "The Body of Commissioners a new Board, City of Dublin Steam Packet Com to be called Conservators of the pany;" and for authorizing them to Ouse Outfall; and for other Pur- raise additional Capital; and for poses.

other Purposes. Ixxxix. An Aet for making a Railway xcix. An Act for making a Railway from

from Buckley to ('onnahs Quay in Letterkenny to the Londonderry and the County of Flint; and for oth . Enniskellen Railway, in the County of Purposes.

Donegal ; and for other Purposes xc. An Act for making a Railway from c Aa Act for making a Railway from

Altrincham through Knutsford to the Grent Southern and Western Northaich in the County of Chester; Railway near Charlerille to the Lime and for other Purposes.

rick and Foyner Railway near l'a. aci. An Act to change the Name of the trick'a Well, and also a short Line of

Nuncalon and Hinckley Railway Railway at Limerick, to be called Company; and to enable that Com " The Cork and Limerick Direct pany to extend their Railway from Railway;" and for other Purposes.

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