Sivut kuvina

ci. An Act for enabling the Oswestry Brighton, and South Coast Railway

and Newtown Railway Company to Company to make a Railway from raise additional Capital, to lease the London, Brighton, and South Coast their Undertaking; and for other Railway, in the Parish of Croydon, to Purposes.

the West End of London and Crystal cii. An Act for better supplying with Palace Railway, near Balham Hill,

Water the Towns of Staines, Houns- all in the County of Surrey, with a low, Ealing, Acton, and Hanwell, and Branch Railway connected there. the several Parishes and Places ad.

with ; and for other Purposes. jacent thereto, in the County of cx. An Act for better supplying with

Middlesex ; and for other Purposes. Water the Inhabitants of Consett and ciii. An Act for authorizing the Lon- other Districts in the County of

don and South-western Railway Com- Durham. pany to make and maintain a Rail. cxi. An Act for making a Railway from way in extension of their Exeter Ex- the London and North-western Railtension Railway, and to connect that way at Watford to Rickmansworth; Railway with the Bristol and E.ceter and for other Purposes. Railway; and for authorizing Altera- cxii. An Act to create a further Term tions of the Saint David's Station on in the Egleston Roads; to add other the Bristol and Exeter Railway, and Roads to the Trust; to repeal, amend, the laying down of Rails on the and extend the Act relating to the Narrow Guage on divers Railways, said Roads; and for other Purposes. and the working by the London and cxiii. An Act for the Bolton and St. South-western Railway Company, over Helen's Road in the County Palatine those Narrow Guage Lines of Rail- of Lancaster. way, from their Exeter Extension cxiv. An Act to enable the Dublin and Railway to Bideford ; and for other Drogheda Railway Company to extend Purposes.

their Railway from Kells to Oldcastle; civ. An Act to carry into effect an and for other Purposes.

Arrangement between the Corpora. cxv. An Act to amend and extend the
tion of the Royal Naval School and Powers of Management of the Corpo
Her Majesty's Commissioners of the ration of the North British Insurance
Patriotic Fund, for the Admission of Company.
Pupils into the said School.

cxvi. An Act to enable the Morayskire cv. An Act for enabling the Cardiff Railway Company to construct a

Waterworks Company to construct Railway from Elgin to Rothes; and additional Works, and obtain a fur. for other Purposes. ther supply of Water for the Town of cxvii. An Act to enable the Sovereiga Cardiff and the surounding Districts Life Assurance Company to sue and in the County of Glamorgan; and be sued ; to alter and amend some for other Purposes.

of the Provisions of their Deed of cvi. An Act to amend “The Blyth Settlement; and to confer further

Harbour and Dock Act, 1858;" to Powers on the Company. extend the Time for Completion of cxviii. An Act for the Doncaster and Works, and to levy additional Tolls Tadcaster Road in the West Riding

and Rates; and for other Purposes. of the County of York. cvii. An Act for continuing the Powers cxix. An Act to authorize the Improve

of the Trustees of the Wexford Free ment of the Common Muir of AuchBridge ; for enabling them to com- terarder in the County of Perth, and plete that Bridge, and to construct to regulate the Management thereof, and improve Approaches thereto; and the Application of the Revenues for authorizing the Grand Jury of arising therefrom for the Benefit of the County of Wexford to present ad- that Burgh or Town. ditional Sums of Money; and for cxx. An Act to enable the Symington, other Purposes.

Biggar, and Broughton Railway Comcviii. An Act for making a Turnpike pany to extend their Railway from

Road from the Oswestry and Newtown Broughton to Peebles; and for other Railway near Cilgurgan in the County Purposes. of Montgomery, over the River Severn cxxi. An Act for enabling the Porta

to Tregynon, in the same County. down, Dungannon, and Omagh Junccix. An Act to authorize the London, lion Railway Company to alter the Line of their Extension Railway, and to subscribe to the Undertaking ; to make a Branch Railway at Omagh; and for other Purposes. for authorizing certain Arrangements cxxxi. An Act for making a Railway with the l'Ister Railway Company from Inverness to Invergordon, to be and Londonderry and Enniskillen called “ The Inverness and RossRailway Company; and for other shire Railway;" and for other PurPurposes.

posce. cxxii. An Act for making a Railway cxxxii. An Act to provide for Altera

from the Stockport, Disley, and Whaley tions in the Appointment of OverBridge Railway, in the Parish of seers, Collectors, and other Poor. Stockport and County of Chester, to Law Officers in the Township of Hayield in the County of Derby; and Leeds ; for the Incorporation of Over. for other Purposes.

Beers for specific Purposes ; and for cxxiii. An Act to enable the London and the Levying and Collection of Poor

Blackwall Railway Company to pro- Rates in that Township; and for vide additional Station Accommoda- other Purposes. tion and other Works connected with cxxxiii. An Act to enable the Midtheir Railway; to make a Branch Wale Railway Company to make a Railway to the London Docks; to Deviation in their authorized Rail. enter into Arrangements with cer. way, and to construct Railways to tain other Companies, and for other connect their Railway with the Purposes.

Hereford, Hay, and Brecon, and the cxxiv. An Act to enable the Salisbury Brecon and Merthyr Junction Rail

and Yeovil Railway Company to make ways; and for other Purposes. a Deviation from their authorized cxxxiv. An Act to alter, amend, and Main Line near Yeovil ; and for other extend the Powers of the Acts relatPurposes connected with their Un. ing to the Port Carlisle Dock and dertaking.

Railway, and Carlisle and Sillot Bay cxxv. An Act for vesting in a Body of Railway and Dock Companies; to Trustees, to be called " The l’pper enable the Port Carlisle Dock and Mersey Dues Trustees," a certain Railway Company to raise additional Portion of the Lirerpool Town and Capital; to enable both or either of Anchorage Dues; and for other Pur. the said Companies to run over and poses

use Portions of the Railways of the cxxvi. An Act to continue and amend Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Carlule Rail

Two Acts, passed in the First and way Company; to compel the Netc. Tenth Years of the Reign of His castle-upon-Tyne and Carlisle Railway Majesty King George the Fourth, re- Company to afford Facilities and lating to certain Roads and Bridges Accommodation upon their Railways in the Counties of Lanart and Dum- to the Traffic of the said Companies ; barton.

and for other Purposes. cxxvii. An Act to enable the Hereford, cxxxv. An Act to extend the Period

Hay, and Brecon Railway Company limited by “ The Swansea Harbour to relinquish the Junction of iheir Act, 1859," for the Construction and Line with the Shrewsbury and Hereford Completion of the Works authorized Railway, and in substitution therefor by *The Swansea Harbour Act, to form a Junction with the Newport, 1854."

Abergavenny and Hereford Railway. exxxvi. An Act to empower the Stockcxvui. An Act for making a Railway port, Disley, and Whaley Bridge Rail. pairing and maintaining the Road Charing Cross Bridge Company refrom the Marchburn, through Kelso, spectively; and for other Purposes. in the County of Roxburgh, to Lauder, cxlviii. An Act for enabling the Local in the County of Berwick, with a Board of Health for the Town and Branch from the said Road near District of Swansea to construct and Fansloa nend, in the County of Ber- maintain an improved System of wick, through the Village of Earlston, Waterworks; and for other Pur

froin Tenbury, in the County of Wor. way Company to raise additional cestor, to the Severs Valley Railway, Money; and for other Purposes connear Beedley, in the County of Wor. nected with their Undertaking.

cxxxvii. An Aet for amending "The cxxix. An Act to incorporate a Com- Abergavenny Improvement Act, 1854;"

pany for the Improvement of Build- for enabling the Commissioners to ing*; and for other Purposes.

construct Works, and supply their cxxx. An Act for extending the Time District with Water and Gas; and

for the Completion of Portions of the for other Purposes Dorset Central Railway; for enabling exxxviii. An Act for renewing the the Somered Central Railway Company Term and for more effectually re


to the Roxburghshire Turnpike Road. poses. cxxxix, An Act for making a Branch cxlix. An Act for making a Railway

Railway from the Oswestry and New- from the Chester and Holyhead Railtown Railway at Llynellys to the Por- way near Conway to Llanrust. thywaen Lime Rocks in the County cl. An Act to enable the Mersey Doeks of Salop,

and Harbour Board to erect Floating cxl. An Act to amalgamate the Jed- Bridges and other Works at Liver

burgh Railway Company with the pool and Woodside, for improving North British Railway Company; and the Communication between Lirer. for other Purposes.

pool and Birkenhead; and for other cxli. An Act for making a Railway Purposes.

from Llandrindod, in the County of cli. An Act for making better ProviRadnor, to Llandovery, in the County sion for the Maintenance, Regulation, of Carmarthen, to be called “The and Improvement of Watchet HarCentral Wales Extension Railway;" bour; and for other Purposes. and for other Purposes.

elii. An Act to enable the Wimbledon cxlii. An Act for making a Railway and Dorking Railway Company to

from the Royal Burgh of Bervie or raise further Capital ; and for other Inverbervie, in the County of Kincar

Purposes. dine, to the Montrose Branch of the cliii. An Act for making a Railway Scottish North-eastern Railway, in the from the Waterford and Kilkenny County of Forfar, to be called “The Railway, at Kilkenny, to the Great Montrose and Bervie Railway."

Southern and Western Railway, at cxliii, An Act to extend the Epping Mountrath ; and for other Purposes.

Railways to Great Dunmou, in the cliv. An Act to consolidate into One County of Essex.

Act, and to amend, extend, and encxliv. An Act to enable the Caledonian large the Powers and Provisions of

Railway Company to acquire, make, the several Acts for embanking and and maintain certain Branch Rail. draining certain Low Lands and ways to Lanark and to the Douglas Grounds in the Parishes or TownMineral Field, and also to their ships of Everton, Scaftworth, GringlezGranton Branch.

on-the-Hill, Misterton, and Walkeringcxlv. An Act to enable the West of ham, in the County of Nottingham,

Fife Mineral Railway Company to and to make further and better Proextend the Kingseat Branch of their vision for such Enbankment and Railway; and for certain other Pur- Drainage. poses.

clv. An Act for making a Railway from cxlvi. An Act to repeal an Act of the Kilrush to Kilkee, and for embanking

First Year of the Reign of King and reclaiming certain Waste Lands William the Fourth, intituled An in the Estuary of Poulnasherry, in Act for repairing the Road from Wim- the County of Clare. borne Minster to Blandford Forum, clvi. An Act for authorizing the Conin the County of Dorset, and to make struction of a Railway and Docks other Provisions in lieu thereof; and and other Works on the North Side for other Purposes.

of Milford Haven, in the County of cxlvii. An Act for the Tranfer of the Pembroke ; and for other Purposes.

remaining Property of the Hunger clvii. An Act for the Extension of the ford Market Company and the Charing Waveney Valley Railway from Bungay Cross Bridge Company respectively to Beccles in Suffolk. to the Charing Cross Railway Com clviii, An Act for authorizing the transpany, and for the winding-up of the fer of the Epsom and Leatherhea 1 Affairs and the Dissolution of the Railway; and for other Purposes. Hungerford Market Company and the clix. An Act to confer Powers on the

North British Railway Company to Loan and Enfranchisement Com. enlarge their Station at Edinburgh,

pany." and with respect to the Carlisle Cita- elxx. An Act to alter and amend de Station.

“ The Scottish Drainage and Improveclx. An Act to enable the Waterford ment Company's Act, 1856."

and Limerick Railway Company to clxxi. An Act to enable the London, construct a Tramway to the Market Brighton, and South Coast Railway Place at Limerick, and a Railway with Company to make certain Altera. a Pier or Wharf in connection there- tions in their Coast Lines and in the with at their Terminus at Waterford; Line of the West End of London and to raise additional Capital; and for Crystal Palace Railway, a new Chanother Purposes

nel for the River Arun, and other clxi. An Act for authorizing a Lease in Works; and for other Purposes.

perpetuity of the Vale of Towy Rail. clxxii. An Aet for enabling the Mid. way to the Llandly Railway and Sussex and MidAurat Junction Railway Dock Company, and for increasing Company to deviate a Portion of the the Capital of the Company; and for authorized Line of the Mid-Suurex other Purposes.

and Vidkurat Junction Railway, 1859. clxii. An Act for making Railways for clxxiii. An Act for making a Railway

the Purpose of connecting Ryde with from the Mid-Suner and MidAurst Ventnor and the East Coast of the Junction Railway to Petersfield in the Isle of Wight; and for other Pur. County of Southampton. poscs.

clxxiv. An Act for the Transfer of the elxni. An Act for making a Railway Farnborough Extension Railway to the

from Sudbury, through Mdford, to London, Chatham, and Dower Railway Clare.

Company, and for the Dissolution of clxiv. An Act for making a Railway the West End of London and Crystal

from the Vale of Clwyd Railway at Palace Railway Company; and for Denbigh, in the County of Denbigh, to other Purposes. Corwen in the County of Merionet, clxxv. An Act for making a Railway to be called " The Denbigh, Ruthin, from Llanidloes, in the County of and Curien Railway."

Montgomery, to Pencada, in the clrv. An Act to repeal an Act, inti. County of Carmarthen ; and for

tuled An Act for the Improvement of the other Purposes. Navigation of the River Moy, in the clxxvi. An Act for consolidating the Counter of Mayo and Sligo, in Ire- Acts relating to the Widows' Fund of land, and to grant other and fur. the Royal College of Surgeons of ther Powers for the Improvement of Edinburgh, for regulating the future the said Navigation.

Management of the said Fund; and elxvi. An Act for making Railways for other Purposes. between the London, Brighton, and clxxvii. An Act for enabling the Lon. South Coast and Direct Portsmouth don, Chatham, and Dover Railway Railways and Hayling Ferry; and for Company to extend their Railway other Purposes

Communications to the Metropolis ; elxvii. An Act to empower the Prad. and for other Purposes connected South-western Railway at Guildford, to the Sea of Waste Lands subject to be called “The Horsham and Guild- be overflowed by the Tide on the ford Direct Railway."

ford, Wakefield, and Leeds Railway with their Undertaking. Company to construct a Railway to clxxviii. An Act to enable the Monk. Osuti, in the West Riding of the land Railways Company to make and County of York; and for other Pur. maintain a Branch Railway to Sholts poves.

Iron works, and eertain other Branches elxviii. An Act for making an im. and Works in the Counties of Lanark

proved Communication between the and Linlithgow; and for other Pur. Great Northern Railway and the Me poses. tropolitan Railway near the King's clxxix. An Act for vesting the Nay Crow Station, and for authorizing Railway in the Hereford, Hay, and certain Arrangements between the Brecon Railway Company, and for Great Northern and Metropolitan dissolving the Hay Railway ComRailway Companies with reference pany; and for other Purposes. thereto.

clxxı. An Act for making a Railway clxix. Aa Aet for incorporating and from the Mid-Swan Railway to the

granting other Powers to "The Land Godalming Branch of the London and

Eastern and Western Sides of the clxxxi. An Act to confer upon the River in the County of Clare.

Local Board of Health for Macclesfield cxci. An Act for converting Part of the further Powers with reference to the River Brue into a Tidal Harbour, for supply of Gas; and for other Pur- making a Quay or Landing Place at poses.

Burnham, in the County of Somerset, clxxxii. An Act to authorize the Lease for regulating the Access thereto;

or Sale of the Athenry and Tuam and for other Purposes. Railway to the Midland Great Wes- cxcii. An Act for making a Railway tern Railway of Ireland Company; from the Town of Aylesbury to join and for other Purposes.

the Buckinghamshire Railway at or clxxxiii. An Act for establishing Rail- near the Claydon Junction, to be

way Communication between Bedford called “The Aylesbury and Buckingand Cambridge ; and for other Pur- ham Railway;" and for other Purposes.

poses. clxxxiv. An Act for confirming,with cer cxciii. An Act to establish at Smithfield,

tain Variations, an Agreement made in the City of London, a Metropolitan in the Year 1682 between the Masters Market for Meat, Poultry, and other of the Bench of the Honourable Provisions; and for other Purposes Society of Lincoln's Inn and Henry connected therewith. Serle, Esquire, and for the future Go- cxciv. An Act to rectify a Mistake in an vernment and Regulation of Serle's Act of the Present Session, "for inCourt, now commonly called Nero

corporating and granting other Powers Square, Lincoln's Inn.

to • The Land Loan and Enfranchiseclxxxv. An Act for authorizing the ment Company.'”

London and South-western Railway cxcv. An Act to authorize the AmalgaCompany to alter their Kingston mation of the Border Counties RailBridge Line; and for authorizing way Company with the North British divers Arrangements between them Railway Company; and for other and other Companies; and for other Purposes. Purposes.

cxcvi. An Act for making a Railway clxxxvi. An'Act for enabling the Local from the Great Western Railway to

Board of Health for the Borough of the Town of Faringdon, to be called Wigan to abandon a Portion of their “ The Faringdon Railway." Waterworks, and to construct and cxcvii. An Act for forming a new Street maintain other Waterworks; and for and Railway to connect the Metroother Purposes.

politan Railway with the proposed clxxxvii. An Act for the Creation of Meat Market at Smithfield, in the

Capital Stocks and Debenture Stock City of London, with a Depôt and of the London, Chatham, and Dover Storehouses; and for other PurRailway Company; and for other

poses. Purposes.

cxcviii. An Act to enable the Hamilton clxxxviii. An Act for making a Rail- and Strathaven Railway Company to

way from Llangollen, in the County create Preference Shares; to extend of Denbigh, to Corren, in the County the Time for completing their Line;

of Merioneth ; and for other Purposes. and for other Purposes. clxxxix. An Act for providing and cxcix. An Act to extend the Time for

constructing Markets, Market Places, the Completion of the Forest of Dear and Slaughter-houses, with all neces- Central Railway; and for other Pursary Conveniences, within the Pa.

poses. rishes of Burnham and Huntspill, in cc. An Act for making a Railway from the County of Somerset, and for sup- the Midland Great Western Railway plying and lighting with Gas the of Ireland to the Limerick and Ennis Town or Hamlet of Highbridge and Railway, to be called " The Athenry the Parishes or Places adjacent, all and Ennis Junction Railway;" and in the County of Somerset.

for other Purposes. cxc. An Act for the improving of the cci. An Act for more effectually making,

Navigation of the River Fergus, and maintaining, and keeping in repair the embanking and reclaiming from the Highways, Roads, and Bridges

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