The stranger's guide to the Roman antiquities of the city of Treves


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Sivu 70 - It appears that, towards the end of the twelfth or the beginning of the thirteenth century, a text of the Bible had become generally current in Paris under the title of
Sivu 20 - Cette porte a neuf toises et demie de largeur sur huit et demie de hauteur : elle consiste en deux grandes arcades qui sont au milieu, pour l'entrée et la sortie des voitures, et en deux plus petites sur les cotes.
Sivu 32 - Imperil vires quod alit, quod vestit, et armat. Lata per extentum procurrunt moenia collem : Largus tranquillo praelabitur amne Mosella, Longinqua omnigenae vectans commercia terrae*.
Sivu 6 - En unquam vidisti nebulam pictam in pariete? Vidisti utique et meministi. Treveris quippe in triclinio Aeoli fucata est pictura haec: Cupidinem cruci affigunt mulieres amatrices. * * * Hanc ego imaginem specie et argumento miratus sum.
Sivu 109 - Sepulchra Graecis vidi epitaphiis Inscripta, busta et stare sub hortulis ; Et manibus sacrata functis, Urna suprema reperta in agro est.
Sivu 62 - ... flowing in the streets, the scaffolds standing before you stained with their gore, is it possible that such should be your wish? I had considered your long series of disasters a sufficient calamity; but it is a far more heavy one, that you can have a thought of the kind. Moral degradation is degradation indeed! Deprived of right feeling and of reason, man is no better than the brutes that perish. Your petition to your princes f, forsooth, is for a theatre and a * Salvianus Massiliensis, de Gubernatione...
Sivu 8 - Quod si Cumanis hue afforet hospes ab oris, Crederet Euboicas simulacra exilia Bajas His donasse locis: tantus cultusque nitorque Allicit, et nullum parit oblectatio luxuni.
Sivu 30 - The temper of the tyrant, which was never inclined to clemency, was urged by distress to exercise every act of oppression which could extort an immediate supply from the cities of Gaul. Their patience was at length exhausted ; and Treves, the seat of praetorian government, gave the signal of revolt, by shutting her gates against Decentius, who had been raised by his brother to the rank either of caesar or of augustus.
Sivu 104 - ... from their post. His example roused a spirit of emulation. Numbers went to his assistance. His happy temerity recovered possession of the bridge, and that important pass was secured by a chosen band. Cerealis returned to the camp. He there saw the legions which had been captured at Novesium and Bonn, dispersed in wild disorder, their standards well nigh abandoned, and the eagles in danger of falling into the hands of the enemy.
Sivu 20 - La solidité de la construction est bien d'accord avec l'admirable majesté de l'architecture : les pierres ne sont liées par aucun ciment ; les joints ne sont que des traits où il est impossible de faire pénétrer la lame d'un couteau. C'est probablement à cette extrême solidité que ce monument doit d'avoir pu braver la fureur destructive des Huns, des Normands et de tant d'autres Barbares. Les six arcades supérieures portent à...

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