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A candid Account, with Abstracts of,

or Extracts from, the New Books and PAMPHLETS, published in Great-Britain and Ireland, as they come out.



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LO N D ON: Printed for R. GRIFFITHS, at the Dunciad in St. Paul's

Church-Yard. 1752.

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TO THE Titles, Author's Names, and Subject-Matter of the Books and PAMPHLETs in this Volume.


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poetry, a fa.


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A Buse of poetry, a fa. D Addelley's sermons on sevę.

9 D 'ral occasions ' 314 Adamas on mr. Hume's Ballad, new, on subsidy treaties essay on miracles . 71 Aldrejs, serious, on the abuse Bates's essay towards a rationa e

in the practice of physic 318, of the literal doctrine of ori. Adventures of a valet 110. ginal fin .! 223

of capt. Greenland zio Beauty in danger : 483 Alcock on the defects of the poor Beauty of holiness in the Com.. . 96 mon-prayer.

240 Allopi, Antonii, ædis Chrißi ó. Bilgič patriot . : 148 lim alumni, odarum libri duo Bolingoroke, lord, his letters on

. . . 350 the study and use of history Analogy between the propaga. in

****27941 tion of animais and that of a remarks on his letters vegetables, philosophical ob on history, so far as they reservacions on, by dr. James late to sacred history 399 Parjons


apologetical view of Andio, a new game at cards 77 his moral and religious sentiAnimadverfions on mr. Brown's ments

. ib. essays on the characteristics Brecknock's prejudice detected i 152

238 cursory, on a late Brine's true sense of atonement controversy relating to the for original fin, &c. in anmiraculous powers 107 swer to mr. Taylor's fcripture Animal spirits demonstrated 49 doctrine of atonement, exaApollo, proceedings at the court .mined

. 240 317 Bulkeley's discourses on several Afatheofis of the fair-fex 76 subjects

300 di ibella, adventures of 249 Burlamaqui's principles of poliArnold's distress, a poetical er. .tical law

268 · say

.: 156 Burton's translation of Perfeus's Arfinge : or the incestuous mar- satires , riage. A tragedy. 315 Art of making lugar - 235

Ambridge, Richard Owen, Arthur. Dobbs, esq; an epistle V his dialogue between a iñi 236 member of parliament and Avifon, Charles, his essay on : his servant

2 37 .. musical expresion 346 is a 2 , Canary

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Candid remarks of mr. Taylor's Deism genuine antimethodilina doctrine of atonement exa- . c.

. 152 mined, by George Hampton, Description of a certain lady ac M.A.

20 present conccald, &c. 232 on Whitefield's sermons 483 Dengns of Raphael, remarks on Catalogue of Romißh relicks to

- 147 be disposed of by auction 233 Discovery. An ode 317 Cenia : or the supposed daugh. Discourfes, political. By David ter

148 Hume, efq; . 19 Cenfor, dramatic. By several on several subjects. By hands

- 234 Charles Bulkeley 300 CChapman on the miraculous

of dr. Foster 331 powers .

483 Disenting parithioner's reply to Chenau's true French master 147 his vicar

153 Christian manual, being a trans. Disertationes 2. critico facræ, lation of Erasmus'senchiridion & C.

74 & milites christiani 151 Dissertation on fuppuration 157 Cibber, mrs. her oracle. A co on several scriptural exmedy 239 pressions

240 Clarke, Charies, on an ancient Distress. A poetical essay. By piece of money found at El. - mr. Arnold

156 tham in Kent.

69 Dodd's beauties of Shakespear, Clora: or the fair inconstant selected

i 316 311 - history of the herring 482 Clio: or a secret history of the Doddridge, dr. a poem to the life and amours of the cele. ' memory of

156 brated mrs. S-N-M 148 Douglas's description of May 263 Clos, du M. his memoirs illuf. Dramatic cenfor. By several trating the manners of the hands

234 present age, translated 443 Dress, the importance of 395 Connor, Jack, the history of 447 Confiderations concerning the re. [Clefaftical history, remarks venue of the customs, &r i on

430 150 Electricity, &c. a treatise on. Consummation. A sacred ode.156 By Francis Penrose, surgeon Cofiard's dissertationes 2 critico at Bicefter ** 438 lacrz

74 Elfrida. A dramatic poem on Counterpoife. Being thoughts on the model of the ancient

a militia, and a standing ar Greck tragedy. By mr. Ma-
my ..

95 fon .
c y, a lick at 239

remarks on 483 Cover, the abbe, his supplement Emendations on an appeal from

to lord Anjon's voyage, 233 the late dean Swift 238 Criro: or a dialogue on beauty. Epifle to the hon. Arıbur Dobbs, By Sir Harry Braumont 226 · elo;

226 Cursory animadversions on alate Erasmus's enchiridion & milites

controversy concerning the · chriftiani, translation of 151 i miraculous powers. 107 .Efcapes of a poetical genius 155

Elay towards a rationale of the D\'Aulnoy's coure of queen literal do&rine of originál (in. u dub

145 By James Bare;' M. A. 223 Defince of dr. Počus and I

- *** El uy Mai'us



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Eley on mr. Hume's essay on Frivola, discovery of the island

miracle. By William Adams, of

M. A.

71 Fun. A parodi-tragi-comical la-

on the virtues of sugar tire


on the voluntary and Elleri's history of the Swee

other involuntary motions of U dish countess of G 231

animals. By dr. W bytt 182 Gertuint's catalogue and defcri-

- new, on Divine Provi prion of Rembrandi's etchings




- moral and miscellane. Gilbert, Sir Jeffery, his abstract

ous. By dr. Fortesque 78 . of Lock's eslay on human un-

Evans's history of modern en derslanding ,



153 Gibbs's tranflation of Offorio's

Eugenia. A tragedy. By mr. hillory of the Portuguese 196


238 Glas's account of ancient baths

Eunuch: or the Northumberland


147 Gordon's comedies of Terence 311

Examination of a piece, entitled, Grace. A poem


Heaven open to all men 313 Grafgny's Cenia: or, the cap.


pored daughter .. 148

I lir Refaniond to the fair Hic Greenlunit, capt. adventures of

bernian " 79

Farmers and traders apprehen- Grey's critical, historical, and

sions of a rise on carriages, explanatory notes on Humi-


235 bras .: : 2354

Tawks's version of Douglis's

deicription of My 263 L Amlet, miscellancous ob
Femuie paricide

231 m fervations on -- 0
Quixote: or, the ad- Humpton's remarks on mr. Taz.
ventures of Arubella' 249 · lor's doctrine of atonement

Fielding's examples of the inter examined

position of Providence in the Happiness revealed. Being the

detection and puni!hment of lequel to the economy of bu-


311 man life ,,,312

Flemyng, Malcolm, on the ner. Hardy's theory of the moon

yous fluid

49 made perfect


Fordyce, mr. David, his dialogue Hurmin, Ephraim, his letter to

concerning the art of preach- dr. Thomas Randolf 313


416 Harris, his Hermes : or, a phi-

Foott's comedy, called Tafle 77. lofophicalenquiry concernin,

Fortelque's estays, moral" and language, &c. 12)


73 Heister's anatomy, a compeu-

Folier, dr. his discourses on all dium of, trandated from ste
the principat branches of na.. Latina

Cural religion and social vis. Hinderfor's bistory of Frederita

. 16 king of Sweden 346
his second volume of finge. A tragedy. 315


330 Hermes: or, pinilosophicalen.

Free and cand:d diiquifitions, s quiry concerning language

remarks 02

62 and univerfal grammar., 8;

French mater, the trije

nes Harris nine 20




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