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me ready to die, and the knowledge of Thy Resurrection encourage me to go down into the grave with calm trust and joy.

Have mercy on all sinners, O JESUS, and on me Thy guilty child. Amen.

Our FATHER, &c.

PSALM CXIII, 5; . CXVI. 4, 12, 15.

Who is like unto the LORD our God, that hath His dwelling so high : and yet humbleth Himself to behold the things that are in heaven and earth ?

I will receive the cup of salvation : and call upon the Name of the LORD.

I shall find trouble and heaviness, and I will call upon the Name of the LORD : 0 LORD, I beseech Thee, deliver my soul.

I will offer to Thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the Name of the LORD.

Glory be to the FATHER, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.


“Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My Name, He will give it you.”—1 S. John xvi. 24.

By the power of that ever-blessed Name, we may ask and have. Is it not then a Name of hope, since he that prays to the Eternal FATHER in the Name of JESUS, may hope for all he asks? O my God, trusting to this promise, in the Name of JESUS I ask of Thee the pardon of my sins, the grace of holy perseverance, and the gift of Thy love. Grant above all, that the remainder of my life may not be spent in displeasing Thee, but only in loving Thee and doing Thy will, as Thou wouldest have

me do.

It is a Name of gladness, because if the remembrance of past transgressions afflicts us, this Name comforts us, reminding us that the Son of God became Man for this purpose, to make Himself our SAVIOUR. My Blessed SAVIOUR, Thou camest down from heaven to seek me, and I, a miserable sinner, have too often turned away from Thee, and despised Thy grace and Thy love. But nevertheless Thou wilt that even

I should be saved, and through Thy Blessed Name I will come unto the FATHER for pardon and absolution.

It is a Name of love. S. Bernard says that the Name of Jesus is a sign and token of how much God has done for love of us, inasmuch as His very Name brings to our remembrance all the sufferings which JEsus has endured for us in His life and at His death. Wherefore a holy man once cried out, “O JESUS, how much hath it cost Thee to be JESUS, that is to say, my SAVIOUR !"

O Holy JESUS, I beseech Thee, do Thou write Thy Name within my heart and on my lips, that so whenever temptation ariseth, I may be strong to resist by invoking Thee : if I am tempted to despair, I may trust in Thy merits ; and if I feel that my love to Thee is growing chilly, that Thy holy Name may kindle me anew with the remembrance of Thy great love to me. Let Thy Name be ever my defence, my stronghold, my comfort, my hope, and the clear hurning flame that shall ever feed the fire of love in

Teach me ever to call Thee JESUS, and mine only LORD; grant me to live and die with Thy dear Name upon my lips, saying even with my last breath, LORD JESUS, I love Thee, receive Thou my spirit. Amen.

my heart.

JESUS, give me grace to order my life to Thee.

JESUS, give me grace heartily to devote every action both of body and soul to Thee, and to the hope of infinite bliss and eternal happiness. For what else is this world but a school to discipline souls and fit them for the other ?

Break my froward spirit, O JESUS; make it humble and obedient; grant me grace to depart hence without any clinging to this world, and with a joyful hope of coming to Thee in the next.

Let the memory of Thy Passion make me cheerfully embrace all occasions of suffering here for 'Thy love; whilst my soul breathes after that blissful life, and immortal glory, which Thou hast ordained in heaven for Thy servants.

O JESUS, give me grace frequently and attentively to consider that whatsoever I gain, if I lose Thee, all is lost; and whatsoever I lose if I gain Thee, all is gained. Have mercy upon me, and upon all sin

Our FATHER, &c.


PSALM CXVIII. 5, 10; CXIX. 55, 132.

I called upon the LORD in trouble : and the Lord heard me at large.

All nations compassed me round about : but in the Name of the LORD will I destroy them.

I have thought upon Thy Name, O LORD, in the night-season : and have kept Thy commandments.

O look Thou upon me, and be merciful unto me : as Thou usest to do unto those that love Thy Name.

Glory be to the FATHER, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.


" Remember from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works."'Rev. ii. 5.

Truly by the deserts of original sin the natural man is blinded so that he cannot see the Beauty of his Creator. Hedged around by his own imperfections, he walks on in darkness, and driven by the rapid stream of his passions, he hurries on to everlasting ruin. And such, my soul, wast thou. But lo!. thy Redeemer hath laid upon thy darkened eyes the ointment of His Incarnation, that thou, who couldest not see God shining in the sweetness of

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