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Knowledge, O that I knew Thee,--that I knew myself; 0 that I knew Thy Will! For that knowledge alone sufficeth me, by which I may be for ever wise unto salvation, and know Thee, see Thee, and in Thee possess all things ; and this the more, and the more perfectly, the less a vain curiosity shall have here distracted me amid diverse things. One thing is needful; and this is life eternal; to know Thee Alone.

Are these things true ? Do I believe them with a living faith? Do I live, think, speak, and act before Thee as if I believed them? And do I hope in Thee, O my only Hope ? And do I love Thee, o Infinite Goodness, here most intimately present with me?

LORD, I believe ; help Thou mine unbelief. In Thee alone do I hope, and I know I shall not be confounded. Vanity of vanities; yea, all things are vanity; and as from love to Thee, I grieve above all things that I have offended Thee, so with my whole heart do I love Thee above all things. And what is there that can yet separate me from Thee? O JESUS! O my Life! O most endearing Charity! O God of my heart, and my all! Why, then, O my soul, should I seek to pry into things too deep and too mighty for me? Why should I turn mine eyes unto vanity, and not ra

ther unto Thee, O JESU, in Whom alone is our salvation ? But, alas! the uncultured soil of my heart, through our neglect, brings forth only thorns and briers my soul, finding no rest in itself, is forced to wander forth abroad; slothful to look into itself, carelessness of self makes it curious as to all besides. And yet all wisdom, knowledge, experience, is vain which profiteth not for eternity. What is it all then but vexation of the spirit, which cannot be satisfied, nor rest in any creature but in Thee Alone, in Whom are all things? O happy soul! to whom Thou Alone art all things, who in Thee seeth all things, and from Thee receiveth, and to Thee directeth all things, O God of my heart and

my All!

Our FATHER, &c.

PSALM CXXXI. Domine, non est. LORD, I am not high-minded : I have no proud looks.

I do not exercise myself in great matters: which are too high for me.

But I refrain my soul and keep it low, like as a child that is weaned from his mother : yea, my soul is even as a weaned child.

O Israel, trust in the LORD : from this time forth for evermore.

Glory be to the FATHER, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.





" Who for us men and for our salvation came down from Heaven, and was Incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and was made man.'

O Thou, Who wast born of a Virgin Mother, and wrapped in swaddling clothes : wrap Thou my soul in the robes of Thy Mercy.

O Thou, Who wast worshipped in the manger : make me faithfully to worship Thee, now sitting in Heaven.

O Thou, Who didst suffer Thy Flesh to be circumcised : circumcise my heart from all sin.

O Thou, Who wast subject unto Thy parents in Thy Childhood : make me subject


to Thee, and to all to whom Thy disposal has subjected me.

O Thou, Who wast baptized by John, and in my infancy didst baptize me : cleanse me by confession and penitence, from all my pollutions.

O Thou, Who didst work miracles, wonders, and healings on the bodies and souls of men : heal Thou the sickness of my soul.

O Thou, Who didst teach truth, mercy, and righteousness : make Thou my heart to delight in what Thou teachest.

0 Thou, Who didst fast for me : make me to abstain from all sin for love of Thee.

O Thou, Who wast hungry for me : make me truly to hunger after Thee, Who art the true Bread.

0 Thou, Who wast wearied for me: strengthen Thou and refresh the weariness of my soul.

o Thou, Who didst feed Thine Apostles with Thy Body and Thy Blood : feed Thou my soul with Thy holy Flesh, and satisfy me with Thy sweetness.

O Thou, Who wast delivered up for me : deliver not Thou up my soul to its . enemies.

O Thou, Who wast bound for me : loosen Thou the bonds of my sins.

O Thou, Who wast mocked for me : deliver me from the mockings of devils.

O most sweet LORD, Who alone of men wast without sin, and yet scourged for sinners : deliver me from the scourges which my sins have deserved.

Omost merciful LORD, Who wast crowned with thorns for my sake : take away

from me the thorns of my unsubdued passions.

O most kind LORD, Who didst bear Thy Cross upon Thy Holy Shoulders : make me to follow Thee, and to bear my cross after Thee.

O Thou, Who wast lifted up that Thou mightest draw all men unto Thee : draw Thou me unto Thee.

O all pitying LORD, Who didst suffer Thy Body to be wounded by the nails and with the spear: hide me in Thy Wounds.

O Good Shepherd, Who didst lay down Thy life for Thy sheep : suffer not my sinful soul to perish and die.

O most mighty LORD, Who after Thou hadst conquered death, didst gladden Thy disciples by Thy Presence, and didst stablish their hearts in the faith of Thy holy Resurrection : gladden Thou me by Thy Presence, and strengthen my heart in the hope of rising to eternal life.

Our FATHER, &c.

Blessed and praised for evermore be JESUS, Who hath saved us by His Blood !

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