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manner is called of God specially to preach repentance and the remission of sins to His people; to summon them to draw water out of the wells of salvation, and live for


My soul, hast thou diligently sought to gain these living waters, so lovingly offered thee by thy SAVIOUR ? Search thyself, and see how thou hast profited by those gifts. Of those wells are the Sacraments : hast thou diligently used them, and treasured up God's grace imparted therein ? Another " well of salvation” is filled with the cleansing mercy of CHRIST—His tears and Blood. “ He loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own Blood p» Hast thou carried all thy sins and infirmities to that well of purification ? Another well is filled even to overflowing with peace and consolation for all our trials and tribulations : “ Call upon Me in the day of trouble, and I will hear thee;" “ If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink.” He that thirsteth for true consolations even in this world, let him come to Me, and I will satisfy him. He that once tasteth the water of My love, will for ever disdain all the delights of the world. " Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst," even in this world ; and abundantly satisfied will he be when he shall enter into the


kingdom of the blessed, for the water of My grace shall raise him from earth to hea

It will become in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. The peace which God gives to the souls that love Him, is not the peace' that the world gives through sensual pleasures, which leave them unrested and unfilled save with bitterness; God's peace exceeds all earthly peace, it “surpasseth all understanding.” Blessed are they who long for this holy fountain ! blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness !

Another well of salvation is that of fervent devotion. The devout soul, ever meditating upon CHRIST and His Coming, will be like a tree planted by the waterside. Such souls shall indeed draw forth living waters with great joy and rest of heart; to them John Baptist's cry, ever repeated by the Priests of God, “ The kingdom of heaven is at hand,” will cause no terror and alarm ; it will but make them more earnestly trim their lamps, and gird up their loins, that they may be found ready.

O HOLY SPIRIT, strengthen our feeble hearts, to the end that we may attentively hear, and diligently follow the trumpet sounded by Thy appointed watchmen, and so deny our fleshly lusts, warring against sin and the devil, and advancing in holy

living and in Thy grace, that whensoever the kingdom of heaven cometh, we may have our portion therein, with Thee; to Whom with the FATHER and the Son be all honour and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

O Eternal FATHER, raise up in Thy Church many true followers of Thy holy servant John Baptist; and fill the hearts of all Thy Priests with a steadfast purpose to prepare Thee a perfect people, to preach Thy law with zeal and fervour, and to confirm by their lives that which they teach with their lips; and so to gather a rich harvest of many souls into life eternal, there to dwell with Thee, and the Son, and the HOLY SPIRIT, Amen.

LORD, have mercy.
CHRIST, have mercy.
LORD, have mercy.
For Thy whole Church, LORD, hear us.
For all Bishops and Prelates therein ;
For all Priests and Deacons therein;

That they may serve and please Thee truly;

That they may sound the trumpet of salvation diligently, and rouse the people to watchfulness ;

That they may be blessed with the spirit of patience and mortification ;

Hear us, O LORD.

That they may be taught abundantly of Thee what things they ought to speak ;

Hear us, O LORD. That they may call many sinners to repentance;

Hear us, O LORD. And to the people, O LORD, give an obedient spirit, and loving, teachable hearts.

O Blessed SAVIOUR, Who didst send Thy servant to prepare Thy way before Thee, and Who wilt that we likewise prepare our hearts to receive Thee ; grant that my life may ever consist in doing Thy will; keep Thou my going out and coming in, and enable me, whatsoever I do, to do all in conformity to Thy will, now and for

Amen. O LORD our God, Great, Eternal, wonderful in glory, Who keepest Thy covenant and promise with those that love Thee from their heart ; Who art the Life of all, the Help of those that flee unto Thee, the Hope of those that cry unto Thee. Cleanse us from all our sins, secret and open, and from every thought that is displeasing in Thy sight: cleanse our bodies and souls, our hearts and consciences; so that with pure hearts and souls, with perfect love and calm hope, we may wait Thy Second Coming and be accepted of Thee in the last day;


Who livest and reignest now and ever. Amen.

Our FATHER, &c.

Creator of the starry frame!

Eternal Light of all who live! JESU, Redeemer of mankind !

An ear to Thy poor suppliants give. When man was sunk in sin and death,

Lost in the depth of Satan's snare, Love brought Thee down to cure our ills,

By taking of these ills a share. Thou for the sake of guilty men,

Causing Thine own pure Blood to flow, Didst issue from Thy Virgin shrine,

And to the Cross a victim go. So great the glory of Thy might,

If we but chance Thy Name to sound, At once all heaven and hell unite

In bending low with awe profound. Great Judge of all ! in that last day,

When friends shall fail, and foes combine, Be present then with us, we pray,

To guard us with Thy arm Divine. To God the FATHER, and the Son,

All praise and power and glory be ; With Thee, O Holy Comforter, Henceforth through all eternity.


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