Russia, Nide 1

Cassell, Petter & Galpin, 1877 - 472 sivua

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Sivu 194 - Any open space, where there is sufficient room and little mud, serves as a Forum. The discussions are occasionally very animated, but there is rarely any attempt at speech-making.
Sivu 442 - Certain social groups were, indeed, formed in the course of time, but they were never allowed to fight out their own battles. The irresistible autocratic power kept them always in check and fashioned them into whatever form it thought proper, defining minutely and carefully their obligations, their rights, their mutual relations, and their respective positions in the political organization. Hence we find in the history of Russia almost no trace of those class hatreds which appear so conspicuously...
Sivu 431 - ... social consideration. Such ideas appear to the ordinary Russian noble absurd and ridiculous. Hence there is a certain amount of truth in the oft-repeated saying that there is in reality no aristocracy in Russia. " Certainly the Noblesse as a whole cannot be called an aristocracy. If the term is to be used at all, it must be applied to a group of families which cluster around the Court and form the highest ranks of the Noblesse. This social aristocracy contains many old families, but its real...
Sivu 20 - Had you seen this road before it was made, You'd lift up your hands and bless General Wade." The view here, looking either east or west, is at sunset — simply magnificent. From Kirn on the Clyde...
Sivu 94 - Primitive mankind is everywhere and always disposed to regard religion as simply a mass of mysterious rites, which have a secret magical power of averting evil in this world and securing felicity in the next.
Sivu 88 - Can the people respect the clergy when they hear how one priest stole money from below the pillow of a dying man at the moment of confession, how another was publicly dragged out of a house of ill fame, how a third christened a dog, how a fourth whilst officiating at the Easter service was dragged by the hair from the altar by the deacon?
Sivu 187 - During the intervals between the revisions the financial authorities take no notice of the births and deaths. A Commune which has a hundred male members at the time of the revision may have in a few years considerably more or considerably less than that number, but it has to pay taxes for a hundred members all the same until a new revision is made for the whole Empire. Now in Russia, so far at least as the rural population is concerned, the payment of taxes is inseparably connected with the possession...
Sivu 192 - Caesarian despotism and centralised bureaucracy," these Village Communes, containing about five-sixths of the population, are capital specimens of representative Constitutional government of the extreme democratic type!
Sivu 329 - ... practical, and to the point, were invariably listened to with respectful attention by all present. Instead of that violent antagonism which might have been expected considering the constitution of the assembly, there was a great deal too much unanimity — a fact indicating plainly that the majority of the members did not take a very deep interest in the matters presented to them. This assembly was held in the month of September. At the beginning of December the Assembly for the Province met,...
Sivu 432 - ... still alive — and they are by no means always associated with official rank, wealth, social position, or distinction of any kind. There are hundreds of princes and princesses who have not the right to appear at Court, and who would not be admitted into what is called in St. Petersburg "la soci6te," or indeed into refined society in any country. The only genuine Russian title is Knyaz, commonly translated "Prince.

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