Life After Death, a Scientific Proof: What, Where, Why, When and How

AuthorHouse, 2006 - 152 sivua
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Our Scientists today, have come to believe in a new god, "The Scientific Method." However, virtually all of the greatest scientists of all time, e.g. Einstein, Franklin, Newton, Euclid, and many more, believed in a personal, omnipotent, omniscient, and all loving God who has provided a place for our ego, soul, spirit, or whatever you choose to call it, following our body's death. This book is dedicated to showing that science and theology are all part of the same. The Story A newspaper reporter from outside our culture is asked to investigate a place referred to as New Jerusalem. He soon learns: What: It is the Heaven that the soals of the followers of Jesus Christ go to following their Earthly body's death and others may go later. When: Does it occur and is it the same for all Where: Is New Jerusalim located, is it perhaps in inter-dimensional space. Why: Has God prepared this for his children? How: Is this process explained scientifically? Is this explanation scientifically reasonable?

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