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More than thou hast, and with it joy thy felf:
So as thou liv'st in Peace, die free from Strife.
For though mine Enemy thou hast ever been,
High Sparks of Honour in thee I have seen.

Enter Exton with a Coffin.
Exton. Great King, within this Coffin I present
Thy bury'd Fear. Herein all breathless lyes
The mightiest of thy greatest Enemies,
Richard of Bourdeaux by me hither brought.

Bulling. Exton I thank thee not, for thou hast wrought
A Deed of Slaughter with thy fatal Hand,
Upon my Head, and all this famous Land.

Exton. From your own Mouth, my Lord, did I this Deed. · Bulling. They love not Poison, that do Poison need; Nor do I thee, though I did with him dead; I hate the Murtherer, love him murthered. The Guilt of Conscience take thou for thy Labour, But neither my good Word, nor princely Favour.. With Cain go wander through the Shades of Night, And never thew thy Head by Day, nor Light. Lords, I protest my Soul is full of Wo, That Blood should spinkle me, and make me grow. Come mourn with me, for that I do lament, And put on sullen Black incontinent: I'll make a Voyage to the Holy-Land, To wash this Blood off from my guilty Hand. March fadly after, grace my Mourning here, In weeping after this untimely Bier.

Exeunt omncs.

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Henry Sirnam'd Hot-Spur.

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IT ING Henry the Fourth.

Henry, Prince of Wales, } Sons to the King. Prince John of Lancaster, men Worcester, Hot-spur, Mortimer, Archbishop of York,“. Enemies to the King. Dowglass, Owen Glendower, Sir Richard Vernon, Sir Michell, Westmorland, of the King's Party. Sir Walter Blunt, s Lords attending the King. Sir John Falstaff. Poins. Gads-hill. Peto. Bardolph. Lady Percy, Wife to Hot-spur. Lady Mortimer, Daughter to Glendower, and Wife

to Mortimer. Hostess. Sheriff, Vintner, Chamberlain, Drawers, 2 Car

riers, Travellers, and Attendants.

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