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before the mystery of God's Providence shall ::: be finished, and flash conviction on an unbelieving world.

It has been objected, that the fall of the Protestant powers of Holland and Switzerland, militates against this scheme of Prophecy, which supposes the present tyranny of France designed to execute the judgments of God upon the kingdom of the Papal Beast. But fürely few objections can be more futile. The word of the Lord appears to be express

Apostolic age; for it were easy to trace the pedigree of French Philosophy, Jacobinism, and Bavarian Illumination, up to the first heresies. But it is now we see the adolescence of that Man of Sin, or rather of Lawlessness, who is to throw off all the restraints of religion, morality, and custom, and undo the bands of civil society. That Son of Perdition, who is to rise out of an apostacy; that Son of Perdition, who shall be neither a Protestant, nor a Papist ; neither Christian, Jew, nor Heathen ; who shall worship neither God, Angel, nor Saint-who will neither supplicate the invisible Majesty of heaven, nor fall down before an idol : He will magnify himself against every thing that is called God, or is worshipped; and with a bold flight of impiety foaring far above his precur, fors and types in the times of Paganism, the Sennacheribs, the Nebuchadnezzars, the Antiochus's, and the Heathen Emperors, will claim divine honours to himselfexclusively, and consecrate an image of himself. I doubt not but this Monster will be made an Instrument of that pruning which the Vine must undergo.".


upon this subject also..“ They (the falle teachers) “ Thall even allure those who were clean escaped from them which live in error," and the promise of protection and deliverance is given only to those, who “ shall continue faithful unto the end.” We have seen, in the former part of this Chapter, that Holland .“ was the grand asylum of Infidelity in the north, the nursery and chief propagator of its works, by the licentious liberty allowed to the press.”_We have seen her “support its cause, and basely yield to the torrent, because the enemy represented, that she would be unable to resist it;" and resign the establishment of that Religion, which preferved her in the purer days of infancy, to the dictates of Distrust, Avarice, and Indifference to the

cause of Christ.-Can we suppose, that such • a nation as this, because she enjoyed the light

and rational freedom of the Reformed Church, would be saved by a miracle, when she neglected, perverted, nay, threw away these blessings? It is not the name of Christians, but the Spirit, which will be found a security in this “ day of trial, which is come upon all the earth.ieris

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With respect to Switzerland, we need not observe that, as a state, the greater number


are Popish Cantons.-We have seen, that its Protestant Cantons, particularly that of Berne, and the Pays de Vaud, have been long infected by the poison of Infidelity, daily issuing from that polluted Spring, Geneva; which, “ though Calvin's own town, as D'Alembert triumphantly observed, long ago, exchanged his principles, for those of the Philosopher of Ferney. And this city must, perhaps, be allowed the earliest claim to infamy, as a seminary of corruption, from the multitude of pupils and emissaries educated and sent forth under the immediate influence of Voltaire and Rousseau.

It is impossible to read “ the destruction of the Helvetic League, and Liberty,” without astonishment at the infatuation which palsied their strength, and gave up these Republicans to the horrors of French tyranny. It is evident that, humanly speaking, arms could not have conquered them, had they steadily refifted these invaders of their ancient liberties and independence. But, contaminated in their cities and towns by the principles of Voltaire's system (a subject passed over by M. Mallet du Pan), which it is well known had even pene. trated into the recesses of their mountains, they subjected themselves to the punishment

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of blindness to the designs and artifices of their enemy, till treachery baffled their counfels, and energy became useless. Unhappy People ! Could not the simplicity of your manners, the superior purity of your morals, yet but partially injured by the corrosive touch of the Destroyer--could not these protect you from the general delusion? How loudly then to you proclaim, that A STEDFAST ADHERENCE TO THE RELIGION OF CHRIST, is the “ one thing needful” to our prefervation ! .

Listen ye apostate states of Germany! Listen, and be wise in time! Ye seem to have a space allowed you for repentance; reject not the mercy of your God !

Far be it from me to say that " OUR mountain stands strong, and shall never be moved.” The ark of the Lord was a fecurity to the Jews, only so long as they obeyed his commandments. And the Church of England will bę our protection, only so long as we feel the value of the Gospel, believe in its doctrines, and obey its precepts. But, considering the established Church of England as founded upon Apostolic authority, as containing and teaching the uncorrupted doctrines of the


Gospel, and as the purest church existing now on earth, I'venture to affirm, that to this invaluable blessing do we primarily owe the signal marks of Divine favour, by which we are so peculiarly distinguished . ;

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The opinion of the learned and enlightened Grotius, tespecting the Church of England, as it must be allowed to be unbiased, will perhaps be allowed to be important. In a letter, dated 1638, to a Dutch divine concerning the Reformation, he says, “You see how great a progress they have made in England, in purging out pernicious doctrines; chiefly for this reason, because they who undertook that holy work, admitted of nothing new, nothing of their own, but had their eyes wholly fixed upon another world.” In 1645, he writes, “ The Englith Liturgy was always accounted the best by all learned men.” And in 1638, he profeffed it to be his firm opinion, that “ the Church of England was the likeliest to stand of any. Church that day in being." See Clarke's Grotius. It is certain that he esteemed the form of Church, Government in England, as exceeding all others in the Christian world in primitive excellence, that is, in other words, Apostolic authority.

The following extract from a Thanksgiving Sermon, for Victories obtained by the British arms, preached Nov. 9, 1759, by Bishop Warburton, is particularly recommended to the attention of the Reader. · " God, for the great ends of his universal Providence, infcrutable to us, was pleased to station his favoured

creature man in a world abounding with natural and . moral evil.

“ But this gracious God, whose mercies are over all his works, hath, as a curb and check to these evils, which

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