The History of England: From the Landing of Caesar to the Reign of Victoria, Nide 1

Simpkin, Marshall, 1877

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Sivu 96 - Then was corn dear, and flesh, and cheese, and butter, for there was none in the land. Wretched men starved with hunger. Some lived on alms, who had been erewhile rich. Some fled the country. Never was there more misery, and never acted heathens worse than these.
Sivu 149 - My lords, I think, that history has not done justice to their conduct, when they obtained from their sovereign that great acknowledgment of national rights contained in Magna Charta : they did not confine it to themselves alone, but delivered it as a common blessing to the whole people.
Sivu 467 - How many nosegays did Her Grace receive at poor women's hands ? How ofttimes stayed she her chariot, when she saw any simple body offer to speak to Her Grace? A branch of rosemary given to Her Grace, with a supplication, by a poor woman, about Fleet Bridge, was seen in her chariot till Her Grace came to Westminster...
Sivu 316 - For certainly, we be determined rather to adventure and commit us to the peril of our lives and jeopardy of death, than to live in such thraldom and bondage as we have lived long time heretofore, oppressed and injured by extortions and new impositions against the laws of God and man, and the liberty, old policy, and laws of this realm, wherein every Englishman is inherited.
Sivu 356 - ... subverter of the laws and liberty of England. For, they said, if men should give their goods by a commission, then were it worse than the taxes of France ; and so England would be bond, and not free...
Sivu 148 - The great-grandsons of those who had fought under William, and the great-grandsons of those who had fought under Harold, began to draw near to each other in friendship ; and the first pledge of their reconciliation was the Great Charter, won by their united exertions, and framed for their common benefit.
Sivu 366 - I beseech you to pity me, a woman and a stranger, without an assured friend and without an indifferent counsellor. I take God to witness that I have always been to you a true and loyal wife, that I have made it my constant duty to seek your pleasure, that I have loved all whom you loved, whether I have reason or not, whether they are friends to me or foes.
Sivu 144 - An equal distribution of civil rights to all classes of freemen forms the peculiar beauty of the charter. In this just solicitude for the people, and in the moderation which infringed upon no essential prerogative of the monarchy, we may perceive a liberality and patriotism very unlike the selfishness which is sometimes rashly imputed to those ancient barons.
Sivu 149 - They did not say, these are the rights of the great barons, or these are the rights of the great prelates: — No, my lords; they said, in the simple Latin of the times, nullus liber homo, and provided as carefully for the meanest subject as for the greatest.
Sivu 326 - And he was the greatest, as well as the last, of those mighty barons, who formerly overawed the crown, and rendered the people incapable of any regular system of civil government.

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