The Enlightenment and Captain James Cook: The Lono-Cook-Kirk-Regenesis

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May all beings enjoy 'The Enlightenment.'

The Enlightenment and Captain James Cook, The Lono-Cook-Kirk-Regenesis, is a thoroughly informative and a deeply personal read.It is afictionalized biography that takes place during Britain's 'Age of Enlightenment and Discovery'and itis highly 'truth based,'integrating the'first written and compiled' Polynesian facts and mythologythat includes thediaries andactual journals of the many men on board Cook's ships. No writer has better put together a more complete compilation of the factsintegrated with mythology and toldin novel form, giving the reader a bird's eye viewof the action. She touches on James Cook andhis co-relation with Gene Roddenberry's James T. Kirk and how it inter-relates with her own account of learned spiritual wisdom and her'mythic writers journey.' She gives a personalaccount of her journey that wasguided by the 'Aumakua' (Hawaiian and British ancestors alike) and Archangel Metatron, to create a feature film script about James Cook that led her on a spiritual pilgrimage where she encountered the truth behind, reincarnation, remanifestation, archetypes and extraterrestrial realities. She then made a trip to Sarnath, India and also discovereda link to Polynesiawiththe name 'Lono' (or Rono; the name Cook was referred to as when he arrived in Polynesia) and the 'Phurba Diety'inancient Tibet.


This is an important story that needs to be told and your writing is very good. See to it that the film gets produced.

Jagdish P. Sharma, Professor, Department of History, University of Hawaii atManoa


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Janet began writing for publishing at the age of 21 at a US Army museum at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii where she was stationed. In 1990 she was selected to train as a script supervisor in the IATSE-MOPO #665, Hawaii's filmmakers Union. She worked with many leading industry professionals at that capacity for over 12 years.

She then met a Hawaiian man who brought to her a, 'blessing in chant' from the Big Island that began to ignite her ambition to write a movie script about James Cook, after which she had many paranormal experiences including her realizations with extraterrestrial realities. She then attended the IBI Forum, (Ceo Space) an entrepreneurial business investment forum that prepared her for the journey ahead.

There she met Mr. Nik Venet, (producer, Bee Gees, Linda Rondstadt) who adopted her project and gave her the courage to continue writing. Janet had an out of body experience in 1999 when Cook's replica ship (HMS Endeavour) arrived in Hawaii's port. She was given a direct message from Archangel Metatron: 'The script is not the healing itself, however it is the foundation upon which the healing is about to begin.'

In 2002 Janet was recognized informally as a reincarnated Tibetan Lama by His Holiness the 25th Serkong Tritul from Tibet who asked Janet to come to his Monastery and become a nun. She was honored however felt she had to stay in Hawaii to finish her script. It was recommended that she find a 'phurba master' to give her 'proper teaching' by Her Eminance Lama Damola of the Sakya Lineage after she experienced a rare apparition of Dorji Grobolo. (Phurba Deity)

Her journey led her to England and Sarnath India where she uncovered many interesting correlations to James Cook and the Tibetan teacings of: Guru Padmasambava, or Guru Rimpoche.

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