Sivut kuvina
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ther, and had Thoughts of turning a Clergman
263, &c. His fruitless Application to the Cardinal or
Saxe Zeits at Ratisbon 269, 270. His good Recep
tion there by the Ministers 271, 272. Makes new
Settlements with his Brother 280. His Treatment by
the Duke of Blankenberg 283. His Journey to Hol-
land to satisfy his Creditors 294, 300. His Confer-

fion of Faith, see Appendix.
Pont ST. ESPRIT, t. 99.
Portocarrero, Abbat, arrested 4. Releas'd s.
Poufin, M. Minister 280.
PozzuoLI, t. 145.
PRAGUE, t. 286, 288, c.
Prize-fighters 252.
Processions in Spain scandalous 225, 226.
Provence, Country 103.
PUTEOLI, t. 145.
Pyll, Mrs. Our Author's Obligation to her 255, 29+-
Pyrenees Mountains 188, 202.

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Abutin (Madame de) 56.

Radzivil (Duchess of) 261.
RATISBON, t. 267, 268, 269.
Regatte, a naval Race so called 157.
Regio, t. 161.
Rbebinder (General de) 170.
Richmond (Duchess of her Statue 243.
RIMINI, t. 150.
La Roche (M. de) 207;
ROME, t. 124, doc. Assemblies there 133, 134.
Royal Exchange 246.
Rupert (Count Palatine and Duke of Bavaria 15.

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SAillant, (M. de) 25:

Saltzbourg, a ridiculous Entertainment given there by

the Archbishop 89, 90.
SAVONA, t. 108.
Savoy, (Family of) see Turin.
Saxe-Zeits (Cardinal) 264. Duke 265.

Gotha (Prince of) 105.
Saxony, Ceremonies of the Electoral Prince's Marriage

with the Archduchess 66 to 73. Their Entry at Drej-

den 74, &c. The Electoral Family 84, 85, br.
Schleisbeim Palace 43.
Schrotenbach Cardinal, Viceroy of Naples 142,
Schulembourg (M. de) 170.
Scotti, M. the Minister of Parma 220.
ST. SEBASTIAN, t. taken 24, 94.
Seiffan, M. de, an odd Accident he met with 113.
Sicily, Spanish Expedition to that Ifand 1, 2.
SIENNA, t. 124.
Sixtus V. Pope 125, 126.
Sobieski Theresa-Cunegunda, Electress of Bavaria 34.

John, King of Poland 45.
sobo Quarter 240.
Spain (Queen of) Dowager of Charles II. 190. Court

of 190, 191, &c. 210, dc. Character of the pre-

sent Queen 210.
Spanish Entertainments 228.

--- Inquisition 229.
SPIRES, t. 26.
Staircase, holy, 131, 132,
Stairs, Earl, 2.
Stanhope, Earl, 2, 113, 114.
Stanhope, Mr. his Friendship to the Author 219, 220,

Staremberg (Count de) 45.
St. Stephen (Knights of) 117.
Suicide, Counterfeit 172,
Sultzbach (Hereditary Prince of) 12.
SUSA, f. 172.




TApistry Hangings made by the famous Devos 47.

Texeira a rich Portuguese 256.
Thames River 238.
Thursday (holy) Ceremonies on that Day at Rome, 138,&c.
Tilly General 15.
Toul, t. 9, c.
TOULON, t. 105.
TOULOUSE, t. 186.
Tower of London 247, 248.
TREVOUX, t. 97.
Tschermin's great House 289.
Tun of Heidelberg 18.
Turin, t. 164, Bo. Duke of Savoy's Court and

Family 165 to 172. An Adventure which happen'd


there 171.

Turkish Ambassador's Entry at Vienna 62 to 66.
Turks defeated by the Imperial Arms 1, 3.
Tuscany, (Cosmo ÍII. Great Duke of) how he receiv'd

the Author 119. His Family 120. The Roads in
this Country 124.



(the Baron de) Nephew of M. de Seiffan,
his Character 232. His Fray with his Land
lady 235
Valentinois (Duke of) 108.
Valois (Madamoiselle de) 179. See Modena.
Var R. 106.
Vatican Palace at Rome 129. Pope's Entry to it 137.
VENICE, t. 153.
VERDUN, t. 24:

Vefpafian's Amphitheatre 133.
Vesuvius M. 144:
Victor Amedeus, King of Sardinia 167.
VIENNA, t. 44. Court 50,51. Furks Attempts upon

it 45.
VIENNE, in Dauphiny, t. 99.


Villeroy, Family 98.
VITTORIA, t. 234.
ULM, #. 26.
Urban VIII. Pope 127, 133, 150.
Urbino, Duchy, 150.
Vriesberg (M. de) Envoy of Hanover 272.
Urfins (Princess of) 210.


W Ackerbarth, Count 66.

Wales (Prince and Princess of their Attenda
ants 244
Wenceslaus, St. King of Bohemia 288, 289.
WESTMINSTER, t. 243, &c.
Whitehall Palace 239.
Wilhelmina-Amelia Empress Dowager 59.
WURTZBOURG, t. 272, &c.

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BOOKS Printed for D. BROWNË, at the

Black Swan without Temple-Bar.
SURE Method of Improving Eftates, by
Plantations of Oak, Elm, Ash, Beech, and

other Timber-Trees, Coppice-Woods, &c. Wherein is demonstrated, The Necessity and Advantages thereof; their Manner of raising, cultivating, felling, &c. in all kinds of Soils, whereby Estates may be greatly improv'd. By Batty Langley of Twickenham. Beautifully printed in 8vo. Price 4s.

2. The VINEYARD. A Treatise, thewing 1. The Nature and Method of Planting, Manuring, Cultivating, and Dresling of Vines in Foreign Parts. 2. Proper Directions for Drawing, Pressing, Making, Keeping, Fining, and Curing all Defects in the Wine. 3. An Easy and Familiar Mechod of Planting and Raising VINE s in England to the greatest Perfection; illustrated with several useful Examples. 4. New Experiments in Grafting, Budding, or Inoculating; whereby all Sorts of Fruit may be much more improv'd than at present; particularly, The Peach, Apricot, Nectarine, Plumb, &c. 5. The beft Manner of Raising several sorts of Compound Fruit, which have not yet been attempted in England. Being the OBSERVATIONS made by a GENTLEMAN in his Travels. The Second Edition. Price 2 s. 6 d.

3. The COUNTRY GENTLEMAN, and Farmer's Monthly, Director : Containing neceffary Instructions for the Management and Improvement of a FARM, in every Month of the Year. 'Wherein is directed, The Times and Seasons proper for Ploughing and Sowing of all sorts of Corn for Grain; the Planting and Managing of Hops, Liquorice, Madder, Saffron, and such other Crops as stand more than one Year on the Ground. The Time of Planting and Cutting of Coppice, or Spring of Wood, and Felling of Timber, the Breeding and Feeding of Poultry, Rabbits, Fish, Swine, and all Sorts of Cattle, with several Particulars relating to the Improvement of Bees, never before made publick. By Ķ. Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F. R. S. The Sixth Edition with Additions, particularly, Some Rules for Breeding Pheasants, by a Gentleman; and an Alphabetical Index.

4. The COUNTRY HOUSEWIFE, and LADY'S MONTHLY DIRECTOR, in the Management of a House, and the Delights and Profits of a Farm. Containing In


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