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ACEPHALI, 371, note Benson, Dr., 26, note
Adam's fall, 325

Beza, 41, 69
Adultery forbidden, 233 Bibliotheca Fratrum Polono-
Alciatus, J. Paul, xxi

rum, collected by Andrew
Alstidius, Hen., his Answer Wissowatius, lxx

to the Racovian Catechism, Biddle, John, the supposed

translator of the Racovian
Anabaptists, their opinions and Catechism, lxxx
character, iii

Bishops, their office in the
Ancients, their opinion con- Church, 372

cerning Christ, 167 Blandrata, George, arrives in
Anger forbidden, 232

Poland, xxv, introduces
Apostles, their office, 371 Unitarianism into Transyl-
Arnoldus, Nicolaus, his An- vania, xli; his rupture with

swer to the Racovian Ca David, xlv; his persecu-
techism, lxxxv

tion of him, xlvi, et seqq. ;
Arnollet, Balthazar, xiii

forges sixteen propositions
Ascension of Christ, 365

in the name of David, l; his
Assistance, divine, 330

regulation of the creed and
Atonement, 303

crdinances cf the Unitarian
Avarice forbidden, 245

Church, lxii; his disgrace
Authority of Christ, 300

and death, lxiii
Baldwin, Fred., his Answer to Blasphemy against the Holy

the Racovian Catechism, Spirit, 281

Blood, prohibition against eat-
Baptism, 249; Socinus on, ing, considered, 219, note

249; of infants, 252 Bona Sfortia, xxiv
Betri(siv, 256

Borrhaus. See Cellarius
Bathor, Stephen, prince of Brenius, D. on Magistracy,

Transylvania, his declara- . 179, note
tion concerning liberty of Bucer, xi
conscience, xlv

Budnæans, Unitarians so call-
Belsham, Reverend Thomas, ed, xxix

ll, note; 43, note; 54, Budnæus, Simon, xxix; on
note; 67, note; 168, note; Magistracy, 179, note
199, noie; 219, note; 257, Budzinius, S. on Magistracy,

179, note
Bengelius, 43, note

Bugenhagius, 41

ja note

B:urgess, Dr., bishop of St. Da- Correction, how to be admi-
vid's, 169, note

nistered in the Church, 377
Calling and election, 335 Covenant, new, its property,
Calvin, John, correspondence 174

with Servetus, xii; his pro- ---, old, its character, 176
ceedings against him, xiv, Coveting another's property
et seqq.; his savage exulta- forbidden, 236
tion on his conviction, xvi, Creation, new, by Christ, 91,

quoted, 71, note, 73, note 92, note, 105, note.
Camerarius, Joachim, 118 Crellius, John, on God and his
Campanus, John, an early attributes, 26, note; Ethica
Unitarian, vii

Christianii, 33, note
Carpenter, Dr. 54, note; 199, Cross, on bearing one's, 248

Crusius, Florian, or F. C., his
Catechism, Racovian. See Ra- Notes to the Racovian Ca-
· covian

techism, lxxxiii, 233, 281
Catechisms, Unitarian, early, Curcellæus, 66, 129, note; on
· account of, lxxi

the Sabbath, 218, note; 01
Cellarius, Martin, an early eating blood, 219, note
Unitarian, iv

Czechovicius, Martin, on Ma-
Chiar, James de, xx

gistracy, 178, note
Children, their duty, 227 937, (Dabar,) 64, note
Christian religion, what? l; David, Francis, his history, xli;

where to be learnt, ib. ; its his rupture with Blandrata,

truth, 6; its divinity, 11 xlv; disputation with Soci.
Church of Christ, 369; its go nus, xlvii; condemned at

vernment, 370; offices in, Weissenburg on a charge of

371; its discipline, 376 blasphemy, Ixi; his death,
Cingallus, Herman, 42, 43, n. lxii; see also 199, note
Clarke, Dr. Samuel, 26, note Deacons, their office in the
Claudius, Allobrex, an early Church, 372
Unitarian, viii

Death, man obnoxious to, 20
Codex Britannicus, 40; Dubli- Death of Christ, 297

nensis, ib.; Alexandrinus, Decalogue, or Ten Command.
81, 114

ments, 182
Combe, Kev. E. 10, note Denkius, John, an early Uni-
Commandments, Ten, 182
Contentment recommended, Depravity, hereditary, of hu.

man nature, 325
Conyza. See Gonezius, Peter Destruction,everlasting of the
Cornelius, or Knolls, his edi- wicked, 367, note

tion of the Racovian Cate Devil, the, whether a real be-
chism, lxxxii

ing, 7, note


Discipline of the Church, 376 Fueslin, Reformations Beträ-
Doddridge, Dr. 221, note gen, xxii, note
Drunkenness forbidden, 243 Gentilis, Valentine, a member
Dulia, what? 200

of the Vincenza college,
Elders, their office in the xxi; arrives in Poland, xxvi;
Church, 372

beheaded at Berne, ib.
Election, 332

Germany, rise of Unitarianism
Emlyn, Mr. 257, note

in, iv
Enjedinus, George, lxiii Glorification of Christ, 365
Erasmus, 40, 41, 129, note; Gluttony forbidden, 243

161, note; 291, 329, note God, meaning of the term, 25,
Estlin, Dr. 220

34; applied to Christ, 35;
Eternal life, promise of, 277 his nature, ib. ; his will, ib.;
Evangelists, their office in the dominion, 34, 48; one only,
• Church, 372

26; eternal, 27; perfectly
Eucharist, 263

just, 28; perfectly wise, ib.;
Exaltation of Christ, 360 omnipotent, ib; omnipre-
Expiation of Christ, 351 sent, 32 ; his goodness, 32;
F. C. Notes of, on the Raco his happiness, ib.; but one
· vian Catechism. See Cru person, 33; the father of
sius, Florian

Jesus Christ, 34; spiritual
Faith, on, 320; sufficiently in and invisible, 47; love of,

culcated in the Scriptures, 180; adoration of, 183;

not to be worshipped with
Fall of Adam, 325

images, 202; confirmation
Farell, Rev. Mr. xvii

of the will of, 295
Farmer, Mr, on the Demoni- Gonezius, or Conyza, Peter,

acs of the New Testament, an early Polish Unitarian,
and on Christ's Temptation, XXV; on Magistracy, 178,
8, note

note :
Farnovians, Unitarians so call- Government of the Church,
ed, xxviii

Farnovius, Stanislaus, xxviii Greyde, John, lxxxviii
Fasting recommended, 244 Griesbach, 43, note; 84, note;
Feet, washing of, whether a 111, note
· Christian ordinance, 277 Grotius, on the Christian Re-
Fontaine, Nicholas de la, xv ligion, 9, note ; 55, note;
Franzius, Wolfgangus, his An on 1 John, v.7, 41, note;

swer to the Racovian Cate quoted, 64, note ; 69, note;
chism, lxxxvii

84, note; 93, note; 94, note;
Free-will, 325

114, note; 128, note; 130;
Freschover, Christopher, 116, note; 221, note; 255, note;

312, note; 329, note

Helltorments, eternity of, 367, was, 145; his spirit with

the prophets, 146; his de-
Hermas, 161, note

scent from heaven, mean-
Hetzer, Lewis, an early Uni ing of the phrase, 148, 170;
tarian, v.

Lord, Lord of Glory, &c.,
Hilary, 292

151; faith in him, and wor-
Holy Spirit, whether a person ship of him, 154, 189, know-

of the Deity, 34; never ledge of, conducive to sal-
called God in Scripture, 36; vation, 164 ; his prophetic
opinion of the old English office, 168 ; precepts added
Socinians concerning it, 75, by him to the Law, 173; de-
note; the promise of, 284; livered by him separately,
gift of, explained, 285; not 239; on the following of,
God, 291

248; death of, 297; resur-
Horsley, Bishop, 168, note; rection of, the assurance of
Rev. Heneage, ib.

that of mankind, 301; a me-
Humility recommended, 247 diator, 316; faith in, 320;
Hunjadinus, Demetrius, Ixii his priestly office, 349; his
Husbands, their duty towards expiation, 351; interces-
their wives, 230

sion, 358; his kingly office,
· Jerome, 137

360 ; his resurrection, 360;
Jesus Christ, controversy con raised by God, 361; with

cerning the invocation of, what body raised, 364 ; glo-
xlvi ; in what sense a divine rification, 365; ascension,
person, 7; his miracles, ib.; 365; his church, 369
his resurrection, 8; autho- Ignatius, against the Gnostics,
rity, 11; whether a person 124, note
of the Deity, 34; called God Image of God, what? 21, 139
in the Scripture, 35, 76, Images in worship forbidden,
127; the knowledge of, 51; 202
his person, ib.; the son of Improved Version of the New
God, 52, 134; works of God Testament, 44, note
ascribed to him, 85; the Infant baptism, 252
creation effected by him, 91, Intercession of Christ, 358
92, note; 105, note ; his in- Invisible church of Christ, 381
carnation considered, 116; Jones, Dr. John, 54
one with the Father, 131; Italy, rise of Unitarianism in,
equal with God, 133; the xx
first-born of every creature, Justification, 346
136; the Father of eterni- Kingly office of Christ, 360
ty, 138; the word of God, Kippis, Dr. 221, note
139; the image of God, ib.; Knight, Rev. H. 26, note
his glory before the world Knoll. See Cornelius

Lampius, his Ecclesiastical Mimra Jehovah, 64, note

History of Hungary and Modrevius, Andrew Fricius,
Transylvania, li

xix, 69, note
Lardner, Dr. ll, note; 26, More, Henry, Magni Mys.

note; 53, note ; 221, note Pietatis Explun. 9, note
Latria, what? 200

Moscorovius, Jerome, editor
Lindsey, Rev. Theophilus, 67, of the Racovian Catechism,

note; on the worship of lxxviii
Christ, 198, note

Moshe m, his doubts concern-
Lismanin, Francis, xxiv

ing the existence of the
Acgyos é, 55, 64, 139

Vincenza college examined,
Longius, Joachim, his edi- xxi, note; his illiberal re-
. tion of the Racovian Cate marks on the Racovian Ca-
chism, lxxxvi

techism, lxxxviii
Lord's Prayer, 186

Murder forbidden, 232
Lord's Supper, 263

Neighbour, our love of, 222
Love, sufficiently inculcated in Nestorians, their opinion con-
the Scriptures, 15

cerning Christ, 128, note
--, of God, 180

Niger, Francis, xxi, xxiii, note
of Christ, 181

Oath, defined by Cicero, 214
-, of our neighbour, 222 Obedience, Christian, explaine
Lucas, F. 41

ed, 224
Lucas, the son-in-law of Fran- Ochin, Bernard, his manner

cis David, assists at the trial of impugning the popular
of the latter, lvii

faith, iii, note; erroneous-
Luther, 41

ly named among the mem-
Lying forbidden, 235

bers of the Vincenza cols
Macedonius, 121

lege, xxi
Magistracy, whether lawful for Oecolampadius, x

Christians, 176 . Oeder, G. L. his Answer to
Magistrates, their duty, 229 t he Racovian Catechism,
Man, obnoxious to death, 20; lxxxvi
created mortal, ib.

Offices in the Church of Christ,
Marsh, Bishop, 43, note
Martin, Rudolphus. See Pas- Oil, anointing with, whether
tor, Adam

still to be observed by Chris-
Mary, the Virgin, whether to tians, 278, note

be worshipped, 201 Original sin, 325
Masters, their duty towards Palæologus, Jacob, on Ma-
their servants, 231

gistracy, 179, note
Mediator, Christ so called, 316 Paley, Dr. 11, note
Melius, Peter, xlii

Parents to be honoured, 227 ;
Menon, Simonis, viii

their duty, 228

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