A History of Greece: Greece under Othoman and Venetian domination, A.D. 1453-1821

Clarendon Press, 1877

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Sivu 65 - Can tyrants but by tyrants conquered be, And Freedom find no champion and no child Such as Columbia saw arise when she Sprung forth a Pallas, armed and undefiled ? Or must such minds be nourished in the wild, Deep in the unpruned forest, midst the roar Of cataracts, where nursing Nature smiled On infant Washington?
Sivu 7 - Azof; while to the south the rock of Aden secured their authority over the southern coast of Arabia, invested them with power in the Indian Ocean, and gave them the complete command of the Red Sea. To the east, the Sultan ruled the shores of the Caspian, from the Kour to the Tenek ; and his dominions stretched westward along the southern coast of the Mediterranean, where the farthest limits of the regency of Algiers, beyond Oran, meet the frontiers of the empire of Morocco.
Sivu 286 - He was indifferent to wealth, honest and independent, a sincere patriot, and a profound scholar... He passed his life in independent poverty, in order that he might consecrate his whole time, and the undivided strength of his mind, to improve the moral and political feelings of the Greeks. His efforts have not been fruitless. He methodized the literary language of his countrymen, while he infused into their minds principles of true liberty and pure morality
Sivu 139 - ... avoid taking some part. Despair and disgust at last so far overpowered his reason, that he attempted to put an end to his life by throwing himself into a well. He was fortunately taken out alive, and the Greeks were spa/ed the scandal of hearing that their patriarch had voluntarily plunged into the [Ch.
Sivu 8 - Christians, were principally derived from the profound policy with which the Turkish government rendered its Christian subjects the instruments of its designs. It gave to its subjects a modicum of protection for life and property and an amount of religious toleration which induced the orthodox to perpetuate their numbers, to continue their labours for amassing wealth, and to prefer the domination of the sultan to that of any Christian potentate.
Sivu 227 - August, 1716, the Turks were compelled to raise the siege. "It was the last glorious military exploit in the annals of the republic, and it was achieved by a German mercenary soldier." Meanwhile the vizier, with an army of 150,000 men, had laid siege to Peterwardein, the most important of the Austrian borderfortresses in Hungary, Underneath the walls Eugene forced on...
Sivu 113 - ... and treasure, both to the besiegers and the defenders, as Candia ; yet the Greeks, in whose territory it was situated, and who could have furnished an army from the inhabitants of Crete sufficiently numerous to have decided the issue of the contest, were the people who took least part in this memorable war. So utterly destitute of all national feeling was the Hellenic race at this period...
Sivu 7 - Mamlouk sultans of Syria and Egypt, of the fierce corsairs of Northern Africa, expelled the Venetians from Cyprus, Crete, and the Archipelago, and drove the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem from the Levant, to find a shelter at Malta. It was no vain boast of the Ottoman sultan, that he was the master of many kingdoms...
Sivu 126 - The Scian and the Teian Muse, The hero's harp, the lover's lute, Have found the fame your shores refuse ; Their place of birth alone is mute To sounds which echo farther west Than your sires'
Sivu 157 - Manchester had already turned their attention to the cotton manufacture, and the material they used was purchased in London from the merchants who imported it from Cyprus and other parts of Turkey1. Livadea and Athens, as has been already mentioned, supplied sailcloth for the Othoman navy. English ships already visited the Morea and Mesolonghi to load currants, and often brought back rich scarfs, sashes of variegated silk and gold tissue, and Turkey leather of the brightest dyes, which were manufactured...

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