Anti-slavery Monthly Reporter, Nide 1

Zachary Macaulay
London Society for the Mitigation and Abolition of Slavery in the British Dominions., 1827
1 Arvio
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Sivu 71 - Heaven from all creatures hides the book of fate, All but the page prescribed, their present state: From brutes what men, from men what spirits know: Or who could suffer being here below? The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed today, Had he thy reason, would he skip and play? Pleased to the last, he crops the flowery food, And licks the hand just raised to shed his blood.
Sivu 93 - It is in the nature of things that they should be so." " Let then the British House of Commons do their part themselves. Let them not delegate the trust of doing it to those who cannot execute that trust fairly. Let the...
Sivu 286 - There is no flesh in man's obdurate heart— It does not feel for man ; the natural bond Of brotherhood is severed as the flax That falls asunder at the touch of fire.
Sivu 123 - That through a determined and persevering, but, at the same time, judicious and temperate enforcement of such measures, this House looks forward to a progressive improvement in the character of the slave population, such as may prepare them for a participation in those civil rights and privileges which are enjoyed by other classes of his majesty's subjects.
Sivu 94 - That the state of slavery is repugnant to the principles of the British constitution and of the Christian religion, and that it ought to be gradually abolished throughout the British colonies with as much expedition as may be found consistent with a due regard to the well-being of the parties concerned.
Sivu 57 - A REVIEW OF SOME OF THE ARGUMENTS WHICH ARE COMMONLY ADVANCED against Parliamentary interference in behalf of the Negro slaves, with a statement of opinions which have been expressed on that subject by many of our most distinguished statesmen, including, Earl Grey, Earl of Liverpool, Lord Grenville, Lords Dudley and Ward, Lord Melville, Mr.
Sivu 81 - There is something in the nature of absolute authority, in the relation between master and slave, which makes despotism in all cases, and under all circumstances, an incompetent and unsure executor even of its own provisions in favour of the objects of its power.
Sivu 238 - ... circumstances may allow) in the removal of similar restrictions; and his Majesty directs us to assure you, that you may rely upon his Majesty's cordial co-operation in fostering and extending that commerce which, whilst it is, under the blessing of Providence, a main source of strength and power to this country, contributes in no less a degree to the happiness and civilization of mankind.
Sivu 66 - If you fail, you will at least have the inestimable consolation that you have done what you could ' to undo the heavy burden, and to let the oppressed go free...
Sivu 196 - The act of the legislature, entitled * An Act for the Encouragement, Protection, and better Government of Slaves,' appears to have been considered, from the day it was passed until this hour, as a political measure, to avert the interference of the mother country in the management of slaves. Having said this, your lordship will not be surprised to learn the seventh clause of that bill has been wholly neglected.

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