The Political Writings of Richard Cobden, Nide 2


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Sivu 223 - The true interest of Europe is to come to some one common accord, so as to enable every country to reduce those military armaments which belong to a state of war rather than of peace. I do wish that the councils of every country (or that the public voice and mind, if the councils did not) would willingly propagate such a doctrine.
Sivu 293 - Report of a Committee, appointed by the Treasury, to inquire into the Navy Estimates from 1852 to 1858, and into the Comparative State of the Navies of England and France.
Sivu 392 - The want of clear and well-defined responsibility. 4. The absence of any means, both now and in times past, of effectually checking expenditure, from the want of accurate accounts.
Sivu 223 - Is not the time come when the powerful countries of Europe shouldreduce those military armaments which they have so sedulously raised ? Is not the time come when they should be prepared to declare that there is no use in such overgrown establishments ? What is the advantage of one Power greatly increasing its army and navy ? Does it not see that...
Sivu 319 - To these questions, my lords, my answer shall be a short and a simple one. I will not consent to live in dependence on the friendship or the forbearance of any country. I rely solely on my own vigour, my own exertion, and my own intelligence.
Sivu 233 - On the evening of the 24th of February, 1848, whilst the House of Commons was in session, a murmur of conversation suddenly arose at the door and spread throughout the house, when was witnessed — what never occurred before or since, in the writer's experience — a suspension for a few minutes of all attention to the business of the House, whilst every member was engaged in close and earnest conversation with his neighbour.
Sivu 370 - That, towards providing a further sum for defraying the expenses of the construction of works for the defence of the Royal dockyards and arsenals, and of the ports of Dover and Portland, and for the creation of a central arsenal, a sum not exceeding 1,200,000{.
Sivu 229 - Brighton, Arundel, to Selsey Bill, near Portsmouth ; and I say that, excepting immediately under the fire of Dover Castle, there is not a spot on the coast on which infantry might not be thrown on shore, at any time of tide, with any wind, and in any weather...
Sivu 418 - The risk would be nothing, the gain certain. This gain would be the giving an incontrovertible demonstration of its own disposition to peace, and of the opposite disposition in the other nation, in case of its rejecting the proposal.
Sivu 306 - ... hand, is speedy as compared with that of building. The present seems a state of transition, as regards naval architecture, inducing the French Government to suspend the laying down of new ships of the line altogether...

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