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4. Clysters should be given, two-thirds of cold water and one-third of vinegar, to be followed with others, of a strong solution of common salt, or senna and epsom salts.

5. Attempts should be made to irritate the pituitary membrane with the feather-end of a quill, which should be gently moved in the nostrils of the patient; or stimulate it with ammonia placed under the nose.

6. Introduce air into the lungs by blowing with the nozzle of a bellows into one of the nostrils, compressing the other with the fingers.

7. If these means do not produce the effects expected, the body of the asphyxiated person remaining warm (as that generally occurs for a long time), it will be necessary to have recourse to blood-letting, the necessity of which is indicated by the redness of the face, the swollen lips, and protruding eyes. The blood may be taken from the jugular vein or foot.

8. As a last resource, an opening should be made in the trachea, and a small pipe introduced, through which the air may be applied by the aid of a small bellows. These remedies should be promptly applied: as death does not appear certain for a long time, they should be only discontinued when it is clearly affirmed.

Although much more might be said about the hygiene of mines, and many rules laid down for the miners and

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Accidents in mines, 73.

causes of, 96.
prevention of, 92.
decrease of, 93.

Acceleration of gravity, 22.
Action of choke-damp, 11.
of white-damp, 12.

of fan and furnace, 112.

Adding airways, 82.
Adjustable fan-shutter, 116.
After-damp, 11.

Air, properties of, 1.

height of, 2.

weight of, 3.

analysis of, 3.

to find weight of, 19.

expansion of, 19.

motion of, 23.

boxes, 70.

return, 73.

stoppings, 74.

splitting, 76.

common pressure, in mines,

of, S5.

Air for sanitary purposes, 90.

measurements, 97.

quantity per horse, 91. quantity per lamp, 91. quantity per man, 128. Airways, perimeter of, 42.

sectional area of, 42. different lengths of, 59. addition of, 85.

enlargement of, 92, 97.

Anemometers, 99.

varieties of, 99.

Aneroid barometer, 105.
Area, 42.

and quantity, 61.

Arnold, Mr., 98.

Asphyxia, treatment of, 130.

Atkinson, Sir John, 47, 49.

Atmosphere, thickness of, 1.

pressure of, 2.

variations of, 27.

Barometer, discovery of, 2.

correction for, 104.

use of, 106.

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composition of, 9, 90. Cost of ventilation, 91, 118.

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