Practical Hints on the Moral, Mental, and Physical Training of Girls at School

Parker, 1847 - 190 sivua

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Sivu 20 - Infinite toil would not enable you to sweep away a mist ; but, by ascending a little, you may often look over it altogether. So it is with our moral improvement: we wrestle fiercely with a vicious habit, which would have no hold upon us if we ascended into a higher moral atmosphere.
Sivu 124 - There is a homely, unpolished saying, that " it is better to wear out than to rust out ;" but it tells a plain truth ; rust consumes faster than use. Better, a million times better, to work hard, even to the shortening of existence, than to sleep and eat away this...
Sivu 193 - Hall's Trigonometry. The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. With an Appendix, containing the solution of the Problems in Nautical Astronomy. For the use of Schools. By the REV. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Mathematics in King's College, London. 12mo. 2s.
Sivu 170 - ... preventing the expansion of the chest, by costume. In both ways they are deprived of free draughts of vital air, and the altered blood deposits tuberculous matter with a fatal unnatural facility.
Sivu 9 - Tis not enough to draw forms fair and lively, Their conduct likewise must be beautiful ; A hearty holiness must crown the work, As a gold cross the minster dome, and shew, Like that instonement of divinity, That the whole building doth belong to God.
Sivu 11 - We are now to consider how far the present systems of female education tend to the great end here mentioned, the truth of which, reflection and experience combine to prove. Great is the boast * Aime Martin.

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