The beauties of England and Wales: or, Delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, of each county, Nide 22


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Sivu 333 - Supper, according to the rites of the Church of England...
Sivu 284 - Alfred the Great, AD 879, on this summit erected his standard against Danish invaders. To him we owe the origin of juries, the establishment of a militia, the creation of a naval force. Alfred, the light of a benighted age, was a philosopher and a Christian, the father of his people, the founder of the English monarchy and liberty.
Sivu 88 - ... able to keep in repair the roof of the church, which is constantly torn by tempestuous winds : they are also forced to buy water at as great a price as would be sufficient to purchase the common drink of the country; nor is there any access open to the same without the license of the castellan.
Sivu 344 - It does not appear, from the strictest search,* that a stone, or inscription of any kind, marked the place where his dust was deposited : even the memorial of his mortality is given with a pathetic brevity, which accords but too well with the obscure and humble passages of his life : " March 20, 1639-40, buried Philip Massinger, A STRANGER...
Sivu 152 - ... piety and devotion; a most eloquent and powerful preacher; and of a conversation so pleasant and delightful, so very innocent and so very facetious, that no man's company was more desired, and more loved. No man was more negligent in his dress and habit and mien; no man more wary and cultivated in his behaviour and discourse; insomuch as he had the greater advantage when he was known by promising so little before he was known.
Sivu 21 - That sort of slate, other circumstances being the same, is esteemed the best which imbibes the least water ; for the imbibed water not only increases the weight of the covering, but in frosty weather, being converted into ice, it swells and shivers the slate. This effect of frost is very sensible in tiled houses, but...
Sivu 591 - Miscellanies on the following subjects : 1. Day-fatality. 2. Local fatality. 3. Ostenta. 4. Omens. 5. Dreams. 6. Apparitions. 7. Voices. 8. Impulses. 9. Knockings. 10. Blows invisible. 11. Prophecies. 12. Marvels. 13. Magic. 14. Transportation in the air. 15. Visions in a beril or speculum. 16. Converse with angels and spirits. 17. Corpse candles in Wales. 18. Oracles. 19. Extasies. 20. Glances of love and envy. 21. Second-sighted persons. 22. The discovery of two murders by apparitions,
Sivu 64 - The colour of mine eyes was black like my father's, and the form and aspect of them was quick and lively, like my mother's ; the hair of my head was brown and very thick, and so long, that it reached to the calf of my legs when I stood upright, with a peak of hair on my forehead, and a dimple in my chin, like my father ; full cheeks and round face, like my mother, and an exquisite shape of body, resembling my father...
Sivu 476 - A short Account of the Ancient History, Present Government, and Laws of the Republic of Geneva.
Sivu 459 - November 1789, on the subject of Mr. Wilberforce's propositions in the house of commons, concerning the Slave Trade." But his most distinguished performance is his " History, civil and commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies,

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