The Children of Wisdom: An Introduction to the Tarish Rite Apostolic Church, 1525-1999

Lightning Source Incorporated, 1.10.1999 - 234 sivua
McKee wrote in 1925 that "The Protestant tradition, which holds up to popular scorn Dame Elizabeth Barton, O.S.B., commonly known as the maid of Kent, has been received without question by many generations. Only in recent years have a few historians undertaken to study her case impartially, & to shift out the truth from the falsehoolds & misrepresentations with which it has so long been overlaid." My little book contains the truth about Dame Barton & the holy church that she co-founded with St. Bishop Fisher. This book was designed for those that are newly converted to our church & for those that have an earnest design to learn more about the Tarish Rite Apostolic Church.

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