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came into the ruler's nor thy father and thy mohouse, and saw the min- ther; and, Whoso curseth strels and the people father or mother, let him making a noise,

die the death:

259. 24 He said unto them, 11 But ye say, If a man

Give place: for the maid shall say to his father or mois not dead, but sleep- ther, It is Corban, that is to eth. And they laughed say, a gift, by whatsoever him to scorn.

thou mightest be profited

by me; he shall be free. 260. 25 But when the peo- 12 And ye suffer him no

ple were put forth, he more to do ought for his fawent in, and took her by ther or his mother ; the hand, and the maid


261. 26 And the fame here- 13 Making the word of

of went abroad into all God of none effect through that land.

your tradition, which ye have delivered : and many

such like things do ye. 262. 27 And when Jesus de- 14 | And when he had

parted thence, two blind called all the people unto men followed him, cry- him, he said unto them, ing, and saying, Thou Hearken unto me every one

Son of David, have mercy of you, and understand : 263. 28 And when he was 15 There is nothing from

come into the house, the without a man, that enterblind men came to him: ing into him can defile him: and Jesus saith unto but the things which come them, Believe ye that I out of him, those are they am able to do this? They that

said unto him, Yea, Lord. 264. 29 Then touched he 16 If any man have ears

their eyes, saying, Ac- to hear, let him hear. cording to your faith be

on us.


it unto you.

That the Son of man is Lord prophets, And they shall be also of the sabbath. all taught of God. Every

man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of

the Father, cometh unto me. 6 And it came to pass 46 Not that anyman hath also on another sabbath, seen the Father, save he that he entered into the sy- which is of God, he hath nagogue and taught: and seen the Father. there was a man whose right hand was withered.

7 And the Scribes and 47 Verily, verily, I say Pharisees watched him, unto you, He that believeth whether he would heal on on me hath everlasting life. the sabbath day; that they might find an accusation against him.

8 But he knew their 48 I am that bread of life. thoughts, and said to the man which had the withered hand, Rise up, and stand forth in the midst. And he arose and stood forth.

9 Then said Jesus unto 49 Your fathers did eat them I will ask you one manna in the wilderness, thing; Is it lawful on the and are dead. sabbath days to do good, or to do evil to save life, or to destroy it?

10 And looking round a- 50 This is the bread which bout upon them all, he said cometh down from heaven, unto the man, Stretch forth that a man may eat thereof, thy hand. And he did so: and not die. and his hand was restored whole as the other.

11 And they were filled 51 I am the living bread with madness; and com- which came down from heamuned one with another ven: if any man eat of this what they might do to Jesus. bread, he shall live for ever:

and the bread that I will

give is my flesh, which I will

265. 30 And their eyes 17 And when he was en

were opened ; and Jesus tered into the house from the straitly charged them, people, his disciples asked saying, See that no man him concerning the parable.

know it. 266. 31 But they, when they 18 And he saith unto

were departed, spread a-them, Are ye so without unbroad his fame in all that derstanding also ? Do ye not country.

perceive, that whatsoever thing from without entereth into the man, it cannot de

file him; 267. 32 As they went out, 19 Because it entereth not

behold, they brought to into his heart, but into the him a dumb man pos- belly, and goeth out into the sessed with a devil.

draught, purging all meats? 268. 33 And when the de- 20 And he said, That

vil was cast out, the dumb which cometh out of the
spake: and the multi- man, that defileth the man.
tudes marvelled, saying,
It was never so seen in

Israel. 269. 34 But the Pharisees 21 For from within, out

said, He casteth out de- of the heart of men, proceed vils through the prince evil thoughts, adulteries, of the devils.

fornications, murders, 270. 35 And Jesus went 22 Thefts, covétousness,

about all the cities and wickedness, deceit, lascivi-
villages, teaching in their ousness, an evil eye, blas-
synagogues, and preach- phemy, pride, foolishness:
ing the Gospel of the
kingdom, and healing
every sickness and every
disease among the people.

271. 36 But when he saw 23 All these evil things

the multitudes, he was come from within, and defile
moved with compassion the man.
on them, because they
fainted, and were scat-

give for the life of the world. 12 1 And it came to pass 52 The Jews therefore in those days, that he went strove among themselves, out into a mountain to pray, saying, How can this man and continued all night in give us his flesh to eat? prayer to God.

13 And when it was day, 53 Then Jesus said unto he called unto him his dis- them, Verily, verily, I say ciples: and of them he chose unto you, Except ye eat the twelve, whom also he named flesh of the Son of man, and apostles;

drink his blood, ye have no

life in you.

14 Simon, (whom he also 54 Whoso eateth my flesh, named Peter,) and Andrew and drinketh my blood, hath his brother, James and John, eternal life; and I will raise Philip and Bartholomew, him up at the last day.

15 Matthew and Thomas, 55 For my flesh is meat James the son of Alphæus, indeed, and my blood is and Simon called Zelotes, drink indeed.

16 And Judas the brother 56 He that eateth my of James, and Judas Iscariot, filesh, and drinketh my blood, which also was the traitor. dwelleth in me, and I in

him. 17 | And he came down 57 As the living Father with them, and stood in the hath sent me, and I live by plain, and the company of the Father : so he that eathis disciples, and a great eth me, even he shall live multitude of people out of by me. all Judæa and Jerusalem,and from the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon, which came to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases;

18 And they that were 58 This is that bread vexed with unclean spirits : which came down from heaand they were healed.

ven : not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead :

he that eateth of this bread




tered abroad, as sheep

having no shepherd. 272. 37 Then saith he unto 24 And from thence he

his disciples, The harvest arose, and went into the bortruly is plenteous, but the ders of Tyre and Sidon, and labourers are few. entered into an house, and

would have no man know it:

but he could not be hid. 273. 38 Pray ye therefore 25 For a certain woman,

the Lord of the harvest, whose, young daughter had that he will send forth la- an unclean spirit, heard of bourers into his harvest. him, and came and fell at

his feet : 274. 'A called unto himn Greek, a Syrophenician by

26 The woman was his twelve disciples, he nation; and she besought gave them power against him that he would cast forth unclean spirits, to cast the devilout of her daughter. them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and

all manner of disease. 275. 2 Now the names of 27 But Jesus said unto

the twelve apostles are her, Let the children first these; The first, Simon, be filled : for it is not meet who is called Peter, and to take the children's bread, Andrew his brother; and to cast it unto the dogs. James the son of Zebedee,

and John his brother; 276. 3 Philip, and Bar- 28 And she answered and

tholomew; Thomas, and said unto him, Yes, Lord : Matthew the Publican; yet the dogs under the table James the son of Alphæus, eat of the children's crumbs. and Lebbæus, whose sur.

name was Thaddæus; 277. 4 Simon the Canaan- 29 And he said unto her,

ite, and Judas Iscariot, For this saying go thy way; who also betrayed him. the devil is gone out of thy


278. 5 These twelve Jesus 30 And when she was sent forth, and com- come to her house, she found

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