St. Gilbert of Sempringham: 1089-1189

Sands, 1913 - 277 sivua

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Sivu 259 - The persons that cast the lead into fodders, plucked up all the seats in the choir, wherein the monks sat when they said service ; which were like to the seats in minsters, and burned them, and melted the lead therewithall: although there was wood plenty within a flight shot of them...
Sivu 258 - It would have pitied any heart to see what tearing up of the lead there was, and plucking up of boards, and throwing down of the spars ; and when the lead was torn off and cast down into the church, and the tombs in the church all broken (for in most abbeys were divers noble men and women, yea...
Sivu 259 - ... so that it seemeth that every person bent himself to filch and spoil what he could, yea, even such persons were content to spoil them that seemed not two days before to allow their religion, and do great worship and reverence at their...
Sivu 260 - I did see no cause to the contrary. Well, said I, then how came it to pass you was so ready to destroy and spoil the thing that you thought well of? What should I do ? said he. Might I not as well as others have some profit of the spoil of the Abbey? for I did see all would away ; and therefore I did as others did.
Sivu 200 - O go your way into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise : be thankful unto Him, and speak good of His Name.
Sivu 118 - ... behind a mystic veil. At least for the purposes of popular thought and speech, God and the saints become the subjects of legal rights, if not of legal duties. "God's property and the church's twelve fold" — such were the first written words of English law. In the old land-books this notion is put before us in many striking phrases. In the oldest of them the newly converted /Ethelbert says, "To thee Saint Andrew and to thy church at Rochester where Justus the Bishop presides do I give a portion...
Sivu 257 - Visitors caused to be brought into their presence: and when they had so done, turned the Abbot with all his convent and household forth of the doors. Which thing was not a little grief to the Convent, and all the Servants of the House departing one from another, and especially such as with their conscience could not break their profession: for it would have made...
Sivu 199 - Know ye that the Lord he is God : he hath made us, and we are his, his people and the sheep of his pasture.
Sivu 259 - ... their mattins, masses, and other service, and all other their doings, which is a strange thing to say, that they could this day think it to be the house of God, and the next day the house of the devil ; or else they would not have been so ready to have spoiled it.
Sivu 228 - I commend their judgment in the choice of so convenient a place, where the air is clear, yet not over sharp ; the earth fruitful, yet not very dirty ; water plentiful, yet far from any fennish annoyance, and wood (most wanting now of days) conveniently sufficient in that age.

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