Northrop Frye's Notebooks and Lectures on the Bible and Other Religious Texts

University of Toronto Press, 1.1.2003 - 740 sivua

Northrop Frye's expansive and influential lectures on the literary symbolism of the Bible given during 1981-2 are arguably among his best and most accessible works. This thirteenth volume in the Collected Works of Northrop Frye gathers together these lectures and Frye's notebooks on the Bible, Dante, and Eastern religion. The eleven holograph notebooks and the twenty-four lectures transcribed here present new insights into Frye's personality, methods, and thought, and complement the other published editions of Frye's notebooks in this series, The Late Notebooks (2000) and The 'Third Book' Notebooks (2002).

The notebook material comes mostly from the 1970s, when Frye was at work on the first of his books on the Bible, The Great Code, but also includes one notebook from the 1940s, another from the 1960s, devoted to Frye's reading of Dante's Purgatorio and the first ten cantos of the Paradiso, and another from the 1980s, when Frye was at work on his second book on the Bible, Words with Power. Fully annotated, this latest volume in the Collected Works of Northrop Frye will be an invaluable addition to any literary or religious scholar's library.


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Notebook or Volume Title
Northrop Fryes Late Notebooks 19821990 CW 56
Northrop Fryes Notebooks on Fiction Music and Other
Symbolism in the Bible
Creating the Sexes Exodus A Revolutionary Heritage
Emendations to Symbolism in the Bible

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The late Northrop Frye was a professor in the Department of English at Victoria College, University of Toronto. ROBERT D. DENHAM is John P. Fishwick Professor of English at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. He is author and editor of several books on Northrop Frye.

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