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Preface to the Second Part ... 85
Piter Porcupine's cruelties . . 87(0156
Juurdan,the Cut-throat's cruelties in
Avignon,by knocking them down
with bars of iron, and then cut-
ting them in pieces with cutlafles,
and afterwards throwing the man-
gled remains into a deep pit . . gg
puelries to Mr. Novi, and his foil,-
whom the cut-throats butctured
before the old man's face . . go
.Cruelties to Mr. Teron, by butcher-
ing his boy, of ten .years of age,
before tus face, in order to enjoy
the father's torments and the
child's tears, by firft threatening
Che toy, and then putting the fa-
'• ther to death . . . • . ;t,-




Invafien of Ireland by James II.

. and artcmpt at an invafion of Eng-

land, in his favour, by Lewis XIV.

Second attempt of Lewis XIV. to

invade England ......

Third attempt at 'invafion from

France, in 1715; from Sweden

in 1717; from Spam, in 1718;

and of a confpiracy to promote an

infurreition and invafion, in 1722 6»

Of the projected invafion in 1•'43,

by France ... ..... gg

Of the rebellion in 1745, and the

menaced invafions of France in

1755. '756, and 1759 . 7l

Of the threatened invafions in 1779

and 1782, by France and Spain . 70

An attempt to invade Ireland, by

the French, in 1796 . . . . 81

Defcent on the coatt of Wales, by

the French, in 1 79rf . . g,

Abbe Depufs's head mangier!, while
a boy cut a hole in his cheek, in or.
der to hoift up the head to the mob So

Mr. Langoiran's head cut off, and"

carned through a mob and ten

thoufand foldiers ... ;i.

The wonderful courage of'Mr. Chal
•brol, when aBaflmated by hun-
dreds with clubs, guns, fabres,
«nd kinves ... '-

Three hundred priefts deliberately
matt-acred at Paris, for not per-
luriog themfelves .... oi

ThTe cr"ej, murdc:r of the P'rincefs '''
Lambelle ..... ;b

The Countefs of Perpignan, "her
three daughters, and many others
ronftfd . . . . . .. i


Philip cut off the heads of his father and mother, for an offering to the

Jacobin club 92

Catrier feized his fon,bccanfe he was

a prieft, and had him beheaded . 93 Magnanimity of M. Pacquol 94

The butcherings at Lyons — D'Hereois, the comedian's cruelties to M. Lauras, before his wife and ten children—T,wo men guillotined, while their wives were tied to the pofts of the guillotine, and their blood fprinkled over them 95

Madam Cocher, big with-child, guillotined, becaufe Ore aided her hulband's efcape—Maupetit buried up to the neck, and his head mafhed to pieces by fmail cannon-balls — to pity was to \iKfofpcftsd ib.

Cruelty inflifted on thw cruel Robefpieire 96

Herriot's eye torn out at the place of execution, to divnt the mob ib.

Mock guillotines fufpended at the necks of infants ib.

A boy of ten years of age had his mother guillotined for being religious!' 97

Oath of the company of cut-throats! 98

Drownings and republican mairiages on board of lighters! .... 99

Cairier's cruelties to the women . .ib.

— guillotined children of 13

year's old—he fhot a woman be-
caufe fhe looked at him—deflow-
ered women,,and" then guillotined
them • • 99

Tinard's cruelty to women and child-
ren . . 102

Five beautiful Frenchwomen cwifli

ed and fhot by negroes . . . 103 Forty women thrown /rcon a cliff

head-long into the fea . . . . 104 'Four hundred children foot and .

drowned rO5

One waterman' drowned upwards of feven hundred perfons in a few

hours "I06

Ninety priefts, befides women withchild, and young children, fhot or

•ned ........ IOJ

boafted that he had helped
atch nine thoufand perfous . 108

Goullin tics one hundred and fifty together, two and two, and drowns them

.A number of women with fucking childrenat their breafls,drowned

Three hundred children dying in prifon

The executioner was Co fhocked at being obliged to guillotine fix young ladies, that he died in a few days , . . .

-Lambertye gave a dinner on board of one of the lighters where the drpwnings were, that coft 1600!. fterling

Five hundred drowned, and the mode

The mode of fhooting, and -old clothes-men bargaining with.the foldiers for the clothes vyhilc the viftims were alive

Revolutionary orders and decrees

All the «'eideclaredy«/pfS«/pCTfons

Bachelier's bloody and curious reafons for murdering all the people of property . .

Cairier fitting in a coach, enjoying the fpe&acle of twenty perfons being guillotined, whom he had condemned . , . .' . .. ..

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Defcription of a dungeon—women and children murdeic'd—300 men drowned—a youth beheaded two .girls with a fabre

Cairier threatened to guillotine any perfon who fliould fhow any fign of pili!

Charafter of Marat

;'•—- Charlotte Corde . .

Thirty women's bodies expofeil naked

A child dancing and fing'.ng in the midfi of the murders , . . .

O'Sullivan's cruelties . . . . .

Drinking.human. blopd,,a. decided proof of patiiutifm . - - .' '.

Four children tied tothe fu,ur pofts of the guillotine, while'the blood of their parents ftreamed on their heads

Deron having a pocket-full of hnman «vs — General Duquefuoy murdered infants, at the bicaft, and afterwards attempted to violate their mothers

Women hig with-child, and ivomcn.

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delivered in the lighters, all



A woman taken in child-birth when going to be drowned, the child torn from her, carried on a bayonet, and thrown into the river . 128

A deputy, or member of the Frureh parliament, ripped open the wombs of mothers, and tore out the embryo, to deck the point of a pike ib.

Marketer's draught on the treafury for payment . . .- . .. . . 130

Canier applauded by the convention for inventing the quick mode of difp^tcning fuch numbers of \vomon and children, \yhich, the convention fiu^d, did honour to his country 131

The rcafons hffigned for the .cruelty of the French * ib.

Mr. Pitt's gold properly ridiculed 1^3

The courage of Chevalier Manduit, when he was going to be cut in pieces

Three millions of police-butchers



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The hair and ear* of women cut off, and they, mounted on afles, led about the ftrects naked . . . 147

Heroifm of CantabeL for his religion 148

A fon cut off the heads of his father and mother, and carried the heads to his club in triumph—children beat their parents, Sec ib.

Affecting fcvnc between an aged clergyman and his congregation ib.

The foldiers of liberty, after violating a woman, tore on' her brtafts—the goddefs ot Reafon—the Republican Calendar the work of a writer of farces 150

Portrait of the bloody conftituent nffcmbly 151

Fioe reflection on the ultimate nailery and death of the athcilt Condorcet, and the other leaders of athcifm and anarchy .... 15.1

The bloody profligacy of the French Republic 15 3

Cowardly political projectors fly from every country to America 155

Peter Porcupine's reflections on American Newfpapers . . . . ib.

ief, but clear picture of the change . Thirty-efght hour's agony of M.

of moral condudt ..... 138 -Jourgniac

Lady-and gentleman burnt at their country houfe, by the cut-throats ib.

The butchei ing philofophers, part of their fyftcm . 139

Rondeau's philofophy in thieving 140

Voltaire's fine defcription of Rouffeau's philofophy—now the philofophy of France 141

Merchants, bankers^ and farmers, arrefted, thcirpropcrty confiscated, and many of themfelves guillotined 143

A worthy magiftrate of St. Denys cruelty butchered, becaufe he would not, at his own expence, lower the price of biead . . . 144

The plunderers' and murderers mode of gutting houfes, &c. their treatment of the nuns, and their facri

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St. Mcard, in the abbey 156

The maffacrci these 157

Some very fublime fcenes of magnanimous dillrcfs .."... 158

Ruminating whether' to hold the hands over the head, in the moment of being put to death by the fabres i en

Two diftrefliog fcenes of fuicide and madncfs ifo

Generous traits of a foldicr . . . 161.

Dreadful defeription of the Abbey Tribunal Ig,

German peafants rife upon the French troops in Suahia, owing to their cruelties and extortions . . . ififi

French troops rifle a German convent and town, and declare every one a confpirator who refufes to ftrip off his fhirt to the foldiers of liberty ig^

They pillage the furrounding country, and violate all the females, in the moll brutal manner . . . i6>

Courage of a German woman, in dc

fence of her virtue—more of the French brutalities

They rob a lhop, and commit various murders and violations . . .

Ingratitude of fome French prifoners

Strip the country-people of thoes, ftockings, and clothes, as they were coming into market—and make the tradefpeople work hard without the leail recompence .

Deftroying the bread, violating the women, and leaving them with the moft loathfome difeafes . .

General Taureau no fooner declared that he came to give the inhabitants of Markdorf liberty and equality, than he robbed and plundered both rich and poor

Ten French foldiers violated one woman, in the prefence of her hufband, befides their officer—although fhe was on the point of being taken in labour . . . .

Taureau threatened to murder all the magiftrates of Meeriburg—his rapacity

The French ravilh all the women in the village of Bremen, in fight of •••iieir relatives

V ''ate and abufe wom»n till they died

Murder a whole village . . . .

Open the graves and coffins, in fearch of plunder

Women upwards of feventy, women big with child, and girls of thirteen years old, violated . . .

General Duhcm's rapacity . .

More outrages on the -women and girls—and their thefts and robberies

The fandnefs of the French foldiery

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to plunder thtyioor, and commit every brutality upon the women . i8j General Taureau lamented that he bad ever behaved with humanity — friars and nuns tied face to face, and flrong emeties given them, to

• amufe the foldiers of liberty . . 184 Shocking picture of the right bank of

the Rhine, drawn 'up by the inhabitants, and prefented to General Bournonville ..... . . 185

Melancholy picture of Holland, Auftrian Netherlands, &c. . . 186

- --- of Italy, Ve

nice, Spain, and Switzerland . . 187

The French mode of revolutionizing Switzerland ....'... 188

Braveiy of the Swifa, and their deteftation of the French .... 189

The French troops plunder the poor as well as the rich of Berne, and the neighbouring country . . . 190

They ravilh and maffacre the Swifs women . . ....... igi

Deftruction of Swifs freedom — fine picture of the French DirectorySwitzerland deftroyed by French. intrigue, by which it was difunited ......... itli

Thcplunderingdemand of the French to the Genevefe, in order to give them liberty and equality! . . 193

Intrigues of the French to deftroy the Genevefe; a painted lejfoa to the people of Great Bntaio . . .194

The arts of the French to give Berne thzfratetna/ hug ..... 195

Revolutionary judicature .... 196

Sums levied by the French over all the countries which they have 'hugged ......... 197

An axidrefi to the female kx. . . . 201

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