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land in any part of Sydney Cove, but at the King's Wharf, except from Government, or King's boats, or by special permission of the Governor; penalty, prosecution for a misdemeanour, and forfeiture of the boat.-No person but the naval officer, or a person specially authorized, may go on board a vessel in the harbour, until the cargo has been reported, and the proper bonds shall have been given, and permission obtained to hoist the admission flag: penalty £5, to be paid by the master of the ship, and £5 by the offender.

Masters, or other persons belonging to ships, are duly to answer challenges by sentries when on shore. Masters must execute bonds with sureties, that they will observe the Port Regulations; and that they will carry away no person from the Colony without permission; and that their vessels shall not depart until duly and fully cleared; and that they will not export the silver or copper coin in circulation within the Colony. Masters of vessels are also to furnish the public bellman of Sydney, before the admission flag is hoisted, with a correct list, under his signature, of his crew, in order that all credit to the ship's company may be duly cried down; and no subsequent claim upon the crew, during the ship's continuance in the port, shall prevent a seaman from proceeding to sea on board the vessel by which he arrived.

Any goods landed, or delivered out of the ship, with intention to land, at any place in New South Wales, other than is specified in the manifest and entry of the cargo, may be seized. Wine, beer, spirits, and all strong liquors, discharged or unshipped from any vessel, without special and proper licence from the Governor, may be seized, and the master may be fined £50. Arms, ammunition, naval or military stores, unshipped or landed, or wilfully suffered by the master to be landed or unshipped, without special permission in writing from the Governor, to be forfeited, and the master to be subject to a fine of £50.

Goods and packages discharged from a vessel in the harbour, to be landed at the King's wharf only, or they will be liable to seizure.

Persons landing without the Governor's permission, on Garden Island, Cockle Bay, or Farm Cove, after sunset, are liable to prosecution for the misdemeanour, and the boats to seizure.

Boats employed in smuggling are liable to seizure; and any person privy to, or assisting in, smuggling, liable to be sent to hard labour.

Masters of vessels lying in Sydney Cove, from whence iron hoops, stones, gravel, ballast, or rubbish shall have been thrown below high water mark, are liable to a fine of £5. Masters knowingly leaving persons behind in the Colony, without the Governor's permission, will be held responsible

for all expences incurred thereby, and be liable to prosecution for the misdemeanour, as well as to proceedings at law for breach of bond. Masters must keep a watch day and night on board their ships; if of under 100 tons, two men; if of 100 tons and upwards, four men: they are also responsible for the proper conduct of their crews whilst in the port. The master or inferior officer of a vessel, who engages any seaman belonging to another ship in the harbour, who is not duly discharged, is liable to a fine of £15.

Seamen absconding may be apprehended, and confined in gaol: all gaol fees and expences to be paid by the master of the ship. Seamen, or other persons, purchasing Government stores, liable to be punished with rigour. Seamen, or other persons, found in the Colony after the vessel in which they arrived, shall have departed, may be apprehended, and put to Government labour till sent away.

No spirits, wine, beer, or other liquor of like kind, to be sold or given to the natives from on board; and any personal injury or insult offered to male or female natives, to be punished, as if offered to any other subject of His Majesty.

The corpses of persons dying on board ship in the harbour, to be interred in the public burial ground.

Masters of vessels are to give public notice twice successively in the Sydney Gazette, of the time the vessels leave the port; and to leave at the Secretary's office a written notice, at least ten days previous to the muster of the ships' companies. Other persons, except crews of the vessels, must, previously to leaving Port Jackson, (unless by special permission of the Governor), give public notice thereof, twice successively, in the Sydney Gazette, (the first notice to be at least ten days previous to the ships' clearance); and also procure a certificate from the Judge Advocate's Office, (dated at least eight days after the first notice aforesaid), that no detainers are in force against them.

No vessel, though cleared, may depart, if verbal suggestion be given by a civil, military, or naval officer, that the Governor finds occasion to detain it, on pain of being fired at, and the master being proceeded against on his bond.

The master of every vessel sailing from this port to China or India, must give bond not to land in any part of the East India Company's territories, any person from the Colony, without permission of the GovernorGeneral of India, or other Governor in those territories. The master of a vessel to whom letters or packets shall be delivered for the Governor-General of India, or elsewhere, must enter into bond for their due delivery.

No vessel is to unmoor or quit anchorage in the Cove until ready for

sea, and having a port clearance; or, having unmoored, and made sail, is to anchor again within the heads or harbour of Port Jackson, unless forced through the weather, or by accident.

The pilot in charge of a vessel casually detained, is to remain on board three entire days, or longer, if by occasion of winds, weather, or tides, without further charge; nor is he at liberty to quit the ship, however long, or on whatever account detained, if 8s. per day be tendered to him. DUTIES.-The following is a schedule of the duties on goods imported: £ 8. d.

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Timber:-Cedar, or other timber, imported from
Shoal Haven, or any other part of the coast (ex-
cept Newcastle) when not supplied by Government
labourers in
.....................per solid foot 0 1 0
Ditto; spars from New Zealand, or elsewhere,

per score 1

0 0

Ditto; imported from Hunter's River, additional,

per 1000 feet 3 0 0

Ditto; either in log or plank, imported from New
munuuuper solid foot 0 1 0
Goods, wares, and merchandise, not the growth,
produce, or manufacture of the United Kingdom,
imported directly from thence into the Colony,

per cent. 5 0 0 Coals pay an export duty of 5s. 6d. per ton; and timber from Hunter's River, £3 for every 1000 feet.

PORT CHARGES. The following are fixed by Government regulation:Lighthouse Dues.-A charge of 2d. per ton is levied upon every vessel entering within the heads of Port Jackson, to defray the expences of the lighthouse erected there..'

Anchorage Rates.-If any vessel remove from anchorage or moorings to other anchorage or moorings, not for the purpose of sailing, or proceeding on the voyage, the following charges are payable to the Harbour

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Hire of Mooring Chains, &c.—If a vessel use the mooring chains or buoys, on the heaving down place in Sydney Cove, the following charges are payable :-Heaving down place, per day, 18s.; mooring chains or buoys, per week, 21s.

Wood and Water.-Masters of vessels requiring wood and water, are to be supplied at such place as the naval officer, or his deputy, may direct, paying to him the following rates:

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Persons taking wood and water without due permission, are subject to prosecution, and the boats to seizure.

Pilotage. The charges for pilotage of vessels into or out of the harbour, from or to a distance of two leagues out at sea, are as follow:

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Ships not having British registers, or from the East India Company, and not chiefly laden with corn or provisions, not on Government, but private account, are chargeable with one-fourth more of and at the rates above specified. No charge, however, is to be made but for half a foot; but if for half a foot exceeding the above draughts, then at the medium price between those limits.

FEES.-The following fees are payable in the Colony :

At the Secretary's Office, viz.

£ s. d.

On registering vessels exceeding 40 tons per ton 0 1 0
To the principal clerk...
0 10 0

For all vessels not exceeding 40 tonsun 2 0 0
To the principal clerk.........

On affixing official seal to clearances of vessels for

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0 10 0

foreign voyages, or fishing ~~~~~~~per ton 0 0 6
For every person on leaving the Colony........................m 026
Transcripts of all papers...per folio of 72 words 0 1 3
Licences for colonial vessels, coasting to the Coal
River, Hawkesbury, or elsewhere, not extending
to Van Diemen's Land, or Bass's Straits

At the Naval Office, viz.

་་་་་་་་05 0

Entry of a ship with articles for sale, and in Govern

ment service

Ditto not in Government service

Entry of a ship with no articles, not in Govern

ment service

Entry of foreign vessels.....................

Permission to trade

0 15 0

1 10 0

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Dues of each bond

of port clearance

to naval officer's clerk

mn 0 10 0


un 0 2 6

for permit to land spirits and wine.per cask 0


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