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TT may be proper previously to acquaint | the Reader, that whereas this Book bear

ing a Title fimilar to one of high estimation published on the same subject fome years past, raises a suspicion that the matter of it may be borrowed thence ; they who will read both, can see little foundation for such an opis nion. Analogy is copious, and may afford matter for more Books than one.

Inasmuch as the three Parts formerly published are entirely preserved in this Book, the short address also prefixt to them shall not be omitted.

The ADDRESS-prefixt to the three PARTS

.formerly published, viz. Parts 2. 4. 5. .. :: Christian Reader, ; ;

T he following Discourses upon Analogy,

1 being part of the labours of one, who wishes well to Christianity, that is, to Mankind, who, be hopes, will all, some time profess it in pua rity; be takes this method of laying some of those important Truths before you, in the belief and practice of which he himself bopes for eternal life, and beartily wishes you the same reward, by the fame means. Let not the form in which they appear disgust you, upon account of the commonnefs of it. Had they been intended for this public use at first, they should bave bad another dress: But the materials which bave been once thrown into the form of an edifice, cannot eafily be taken down, and be again compiled in

a new difpofition; without much trouble, an not gerbaps without fome detriment. The Au thor has only one request to make, that you wi patiently read; and if the Grace of God go along with your Studies, and bis labours; b. intention in the publication is answered, as t this world; and he hopes ta share with you in th eternal reward, which is to be enjoyed in another

Thus much the Author thought proper to write at that time; but having lince added. considerable number of Analogies, it seem prudent to offer fomething to the reader con. cerning the present enlarged volume. ..?

Popular fame concerning authors and books, which often anticipates the publication, raised by the art of editors, and the assiduity of their friends, is never raised in favour of performances concerning the purity and sabstance of Christianity. But the contrary of this, which is lamentable, sometimes prevails, and a sort of distaste precedes publication, or very faon follows it. And which is still more lamentable, they who enjoy the temporal emoluments of christianity in great opulence, sometimes con tribute to it; The Author of this book is verylittle concerned about the share of difgrace, which may fall upon him in this respect, having always acted, and intending ever to do fo, upon a nobler principle, than that paltry one of popular fame. But he is really concerned for any disgrace that may affect his book. Because being perswaded of the truth of the subject matter himself, he heartily wishes, it may have proper influence upon others.


The writer of that excellent book, from , which an opinion already prevails, that this is

borrowed, (but which can only be the opinion of those who do not read) has told us, that " It is come to be taken for granted by many « persons, that Christianity is not so much as “ a subject of inquiry, but that it is now at “ length discovered to be fictitious: And ac“ cordingly they treat it, as if, in the present « age this was an agreed point, among all « people of discernment; and nothing re“ inained, but to set it up as a principal sub“ ject of mirth and ridicule, as it were, by « way of reprisals, for its having so long in“ terrupted the pleasures of the world.” ... It is with real grief this passage is borrow: ed from so judicious an author, and were his discernment less, it should not be quoted. His ftation intitles him to know mankind, and his probity will not allow us to doubt the truth of what he relates. He has laboured to good purpose to revive a sense of religion, in those who will have patience to examine things fairly, and this book is meant to carry on his excellent design. If it does in any degree promote that, the author will never repent his pains and expence, who will very gladly spend and be spent for the sake of the truth of Christianity, tho the more abundantly he loves it, the less be be love ed by men. * ii. Cor. xii, 15.


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