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26. Set out on foot at six o'clock, and journey for three hours through a bad road. At last see the monastery; and passing through a plain of a league and an half in length, at last arrive at St Catharine's upon Mount Sinai.

Journey of MONCONYS from St Catharine's back again to Suez, by Tor and the Red-sea. P.


May 2. After dinner set out from St Catharine's for Tor; pass through some valleys for two hours.

3. At six o'clock set out, pass through a valley with some palm-trees and springs of water. At the end of the valley, rocks, with engravings, or rather with characters (4) stained deeply into the stone. Soon have a view of Tor, supposed to be Elim.

5. A monastery subordinate to that of St Catharine to the north of Tor; also some fountains and a large grove of palms, about a league from the town. C'est en ce lieu, ou Moyse trouva les douze fontaines, et les (septante) palmiers. The waters not good. Ces eaux vont arrosant une quantité de beaux pal

miers, fermés de murailles, et qui sont bien augmentés en nombre au dela des septante que Moyse y trouva.

6. Stay in the place and in its neighbourhood.

7. Still remain in these parts; but set out in the evening, and go directly north. Come to waters, which, he says, many people have taken for those of Mara; (and, I think, with great appearance of probability.) The author is of a different opinion.

8. Set out at seven, and continue to march north. Obliged to halt an hour and a half. Set out again and travel till eleven at night.

9. Set out at half past five, and travel till eleven. After dinner proceed till seven o'clock.

10. Begin their route at day-break, and march by the coast of the Red-sea. Come to a nitrous fountain.

11. At half past five set out, and arrive at the point where the road divided, when they before turned towards the east in going to Mount Sinai; march three hours.

12. Arrive at night at the fountains near Suez, (called Aijoun Mousa) and there rest. 13. At nine arrive at Suez.

Dr Pocock's Journey from Cairo to Suez and the Red-sea, by another Road. P. 130.

March 28. Lay at Keyde Bey.

29. Set out, and ascend Jebel Jehusi; go thirteen miles.

30. Set out an hour before day; come in eleven hours to a narrow valley called Tearosaid. In an hour and an half more to Hara Minteleh, where in the valley seemed to have been a wall across, probably the remains of a floodgate to the canal which once passed this way to the Red-sea.

After sixteen hours saw Adjeroute castle; the whole thirty-two hours from Cairo; or, as the authors thinks, but twenty-nine. The caravan takes a larger compass.

31. Turned more to the south, through an hollow way, to which the sea seemed formerly to have reached. In two hours and an half come to the well of Suez. In two hours more to Suez. The whole, according to the author, about seventy-two English miles.

Dr Pocock's Journey from Suez to Tor, upon the Red-sea: P. 138.

Days. 1. To Ein Mouseh, supposed by some to be the wells of Moses, in three or four hours.

2. To the desert of Shedur, or Shur, for four or five hours very sandy. In three hours to Birk el Corondel. To the desert of Shedur, or Shur, and went on for an hour.

3. To Ouardan. Stayed two hours. Came

to a sandy plain, and in three hours to an hill of talc; passed it in two hours, and travelled as many more, and then had to the east Jebel Housan, and to the west Jebel le Marah, where was a salt spring. The author thinks it may have been the Mara of the scriptures. Come to the vale of Corondel, having travelled eleven hours in all. Beyond this vale on the sea is Jebel Hamam Pharaone, and a grotto with a very hot spring.

4. In three hours come to the mountain torrent Wouset, and a salt spring with some palm-trees. In three hours come to Taldi, where are some date-trees. In three hours the tomb of a Turkish saint, at a place called

Reisimah, where was a salt spring. In an hour to a narrow valley, Menetsah; after which the road divides, one part tends to ' Mount Sinai, and the other to Tor.


5. Carried out of the way to the north see a hill called Bait el Pharaone.

6. Return into the road to Tor; a torrent called Waad Pharan.

7. Turned southward to the plain of Baharam; travelled thirteen hours.

8. Came to the beginning of the valley of Tor. In three hours to Nach el Tor, or the palm grove of Tor. This grove about a league north of Tor, where is a well of good water; also many date-trees, and hot springs. Here is a convent of monks, who belong to Mount Sinai, and near the convent many fountains. The hot springs are called the Baths of Moses; and the place by the Greeks, as well as by others, supposed to be the Elim of scripture. Tor is but a small village to the south.

This division of the road, by which Dr Pocock turned off south-east to Mount Sinai, is much lower than that mentioned by Monconys.

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