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The Distance of Elim from the Place of Passage.

According to Ovington, the distance of Tor from Suez is an hundred miles. But as the elevation of the pole at Suez, according to Niebuhr, is 29° 57', and at Tor 28° 12',

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the difference in miles cannot be much less than one hundred and fifteen. But as Clysma, and the place of landing upon the opposite shore, were not less than thirty miles from Suez; and the palm grove, where we place Elim, is a league nearer than Tor, the length of the journey, after deducting these thirtythree miles, will be eighty-two. And if this interval was passed over in five days, the extent of each day's march will be about seventeen miles. And as the children of Israel did not arrive at Marah till they had been three days without water, and consequently came there upon the fourth, we must accordingly look for this place at the distance of 3 four

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* Ibid. p. 208.

3 Pocock mentions Gibel al Marah close by Corondel, which is at a great distance from the Marah of the scriptures. But it was the name of a region, inhabited of old by the Maranai, and which extended a great way down the


days journey from their setting out after their passage through the sea, and of one day's journey from the palm grove at Elim; to which they came in that afterwards. space

Niebuhr went from Suez to Tor by sea; so that he has afforded us only so much of the road as he saw in his journey to Mount Sinai; which is the part of least consequence. He has however given us a small map of Tor, and of the district near it.



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