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M After, Mafter, we perish. Then he arose, and rebuked the 1 Wind, and the Raging of the Water ; and they ceased, and there was a Calm, Luke viii. 24.

Let us but awake Christ by Prayer, when the Storm arises, and the Calm will be immediately restor’d to our Hearts. -- Let us make Prayer familiar to us; for without his Grace we are in Danger of perishing every Moment. -When we have JESUS CHRIst at the Bottom of our Hearts, we have Reason to hope that Temptations will be no more than Trials, and that they will only serve to awaken our Faith, to render us more watchful in Prayer, and to make the Almighty Power of his Grace manifest in us. The illustrious Manner in which it shews itself in this Miracle, is an Emblem of That which Grace performs in gaining the Victory over Temptations. It is to Prayer that God joins these wonderful Effects.

What kind of Man is this?
Obey'd by Winds and Seas:
Whose powerful Word controuls

The Tempest in our Souls !
A Man, who built both Earth and Sky ;
A Man, whose Name is God most high!

THE Blind receive their Sight, and the Lame walk; the Le

pers are cleansed, and the Deaf hear ; the Dead are raised up, and the Poor have the Gospel preached to them, Mat. xi. 5.

Cause, O my God, blind Sinners to see and know thy Truth, and the Way of Salvation : Make them walk therein with a steady, even, and conftant Pace: Let them be cleansed from the Corruption of their Hearts : Let them bear thy Word with Joy and with Advantage: Let them, as Persons raised from the Dead, live the new Life of Christ: And let the most poor and miserable receive, love, and observe the Gospel. - Christ requires a Heart which is poor, void of it self, and convinc'd of its own Indigence, Un. worthiness, Inability, and Misery. Make my Heart, O Jesus, thus poor, that it may be enriched and satisfied with the sacred Truths of thy Gospel.

Sinful, and Blind, and Poor, Jesus attend my Cry,
And loft without thy Grace,

Thou Son of David hear,
Thy Mercy I impiore,

If now thou passeft by,
And wait to see thy Face,

Stand still and call me near; Begging I sit by the Way Side, The Darkness from my Heart remove, nd long to know the Crucify'd. And thew me now thy pard’ning Love.

BUT he said unto them, It is I, be not afraid, John vi. 20.

The Presence and Word of Christ removeth all Fears; but he himself muft make Men sensible of both, otherwise he is present only to the Blind, and speaks only to the Deaf, What is Man? Nothing but Darkness and Weakness, when he is in Dangers: Full of Distrust and Apprehension of be. ing deceived, when Allistance is vouchsafed him: and utterly incapable of doing any Thing without Christ, at all Times, and in all States and Dispofitions. Lord, what Conduct foever thou art pleased to observe towards me, vouchsafe always to speak to me these comfortable Words, It is l; and thereby focure me both from Presumption and Despair.

Jesus I cry for Help to thee, In Love forbid my longer Stay,
Thou haft, O Lord, the double Key, O beckon me from Earth away,
Open the gracious Door,

Fulfil my Heart's Desire,
And let me live with Pardon bleft, And sign my pardon'd Soul's Release,
And then obtain one Bleffing more, Now, now my pardon's Soul require,
And lay me down to Rest.

And let me die in Peace.

HE that cometh from above is above all; he that is of the det Earth is earthly, and speaketh of the Earth; he that cometh from Heaven is above all, Yohn iii. 31.

The Divinity and divine Mision of Christ are the Sources of the Holi. ness and Authority of his words. Man, of himself, has nothing but what is low and mean in his Words and Thoughts: And nothing but what is great, sublime, and heavenly, when leaving himself and his own Darkness, he, by Faith, enters into Jesus Christ and his Light. We all carry within our selves two Men of a very different Nature, the one heavenly the other earth. ly, and it is the great Design of God to make them one, in renewing, sanctifying and rendering the earthly Man happy, by the Spirit in the Body, and according to the Pattern of the heavenly Man. Grant, Lord, that I may shut my Ears against every Thing which the Children of this World have to suggest to me concerning earthly Things; and that the Ears of my Heart may be continually open to those divine Truths, which thou camejt from Heaven to reveal to us, O heavenly Man who art also God.. Ye weak Inhabitants of Clay, With trembling Heart, with solemnEye, Ye trilling Insects of a Day, Behold JEHOVAH seated high ; Low in your native Duf bow down And search what worthy Sacrifice [vise, Before the Eternal's awful Throne. Your Hands can give,your Thoughts de

ASK, and it shall be given you : seek, and ye shall find: knock, A and it shall be opened unto you, Mat. vii. 7.

How rich is a Man, when he knows how to ask, to feek, and to knock as he ought : Let us as with Confidence and Humility : Let us seek with Care and Application : Let us knock with Earnestness and Perseverance. - Grant me, Lord, a Faitb, which may make me thoroughly sensible of my Needs, and humbly ask thy Grace; a Hope, which may excite me to seek thy Kingdom only, and the Righteousness which leads thereto: And a Love which may urge me to knock incessantly and respectfully at the Gate of thy Mercy.

Father I all thy Fulness want; When instant I in Prayer abide,

The Door of true Repentance give, When all thy hallowing Grace is given,
The Door of Faith and Mercy grant, T'admit my Soul, throw open wide
And let me in thine Image live; The everlasting Doors of Heaven.
O Lord, I ask, I seek, I knock, Olet thy Spirit stay with me,
Thou can'ft not thy poor Creature mock: To groan and speak my Wants to thee;
Thy Word is paft, and cannot fail, Still let me shew my cv'ry Need,
Here will I wait till I prevail. And that in Thee I'm help'd indeed.

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