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Ither make the Tree good, and his Fruit good; or else make to the Tree corrupt, and his Fruit corrupt : for the Tree is known by his Fruit. Mat. xii. 33. .

The Fruit is always like the Tree; the Works like the Will : Nothing good can proceed from an evil Spirit, no good Fruit from a corrupt Heart, untill it is renewed and moved by the good Spirit, which only can render it good. --- If we would know our Hearts, let us view our Actions. That is good, if our Life be so; That is devoted to the World, if This be conformable to the Maxims thereof. Are Words the Proof of Sin forgiven? His Faith the pardon'd Sinner pows, Then Satan might return to Heaven, While after Holiness he goes, And every Antinomian Liar

And loves throughout his Life t'express Escape that everlasting Fire : ' The genuine Fruits of Righteousness. Miftaken Souls! that dream of Heav'n, 'Tis Faith that changes all the Heart, And make their empty Boast

'Tis Faith that works by Love ; Of inward Joys and Sips forgiv'n, That bids all finful Joys depart, While they are Slaves to Luft. And lifts the Thoughts above.


THE Kingdom of Heaven is like unto Leaven, which a Wo

man took and hid in three Measures of Meal, till the whole was leavened. Mat. xiii. 33.

Whatever Use we make of our Understanding, our Wil and our Body, without the Leaven of Faith and Love, is difagreeable and nauseous to God. The Divinity united to the human Nature in Christ, the Gospel diffused throughout the World, 'the Spirit of God working in a Sinner's Heart, and the sacramental Bread and Wine nourishing a Christian Soul: these are the different Sorts of Leaven which thy Wisdom, O my God, has found out, to render Man altogether spiritual, to raise him to the Love of heavenly Things, and to make him bear some Resemblance of thyself. How can a Heart, so often filled with the wholesome Leaven of thy Body and Blood, O my dear Jesus, still retain its Heaviness and Inclination towards the Earth Let thy Holy Spirit, I beseech Thee, cause mine to rise, to be united, and to cleave inseparably to Thee..

Ah! give me, Lord, my Sins to mourn, Thy lalt tremendous Agony,
My Sins which have thy Body torn, To weep o'er an expiring God,
Give me, with broken Heart, to see And mix my Sorrows with thy Blood.

I Will open my Mouth in Parables, I will utter Things which

have been kept secret from the Foundation of the World. Mat. xiii. 35.

The Myfteries, which lay hid in God. from all Eternity, and in Types and Prophecies from the Foundation of the World, are at length disclosed and fulfilled in and by Jesus Christ. - How happy are Christians in being born in the Times of Manifestation, if they make a good Ule of this Blessing by their Faith! Let us leave the covetous Wretch to dig to the Center, after Treasures of no Duration, and the Naturalist to lose himself in searching into the Secrets of Nature ; the Treasures and Study of a Christian are Jesus CHRIST and his Mysteries, which he discovers to us by his Word. - Thou, JESUS, openeft thy adorable Mouth, O, eternal Wisdom, do thou instruct me in them; for this will be all in vain to me, unless Thou openeft my Heart, so as to make it throughly apprehend them.

The Types bore witness to his Name, Predictions in Abundance meet
Obtain'd their chief Defign,and ceas'd To join their Blessings on his Head:
The Incense, and the bleeding Lamb, Jesus, we worship at thy Feet;
The Ark, the Altar, and the Priest. And Nations own the promis'd Seed.

THEN shall the Righteous shine forth as the Sun in the King 1 dom of their Father. Who hath Ears to hear, let him hear. Mat. xiii. 43.

How will the Condition of the Children of God be changed in Heaven! Here they are in Obscurity and Contempt, there they will pine forth as the Sun ; here under Oppression, there upon the Throne of God himself; here in Poverty and Want, there in Poffeffion of the eternal Inheritance of their heavenly Father, and of all the Rights of the Children of God. --- To conceive and understand This, requires a very lively Faith ; and all the Misfortunes of Men proceeds from their not conceiving it. The small Number of those who endeavour as they ought to attain it, Thews, that this Faith is very rare. Let us not cease to request it humbly of God.

Lord, we long to see thy Glory Bright as the Meridian Sun :
Made eternally our own,

Long, with all thy Saints, to adore Thee, Raise us to thy Father's Throne!

THE Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a Merchant-man, seek

ing goodly Pearls; who when he had found one Pearl of great Price, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it. Mat. xiii. 45, 46.

The Sloth and Indolence of the greatest Part of Christians, with Respect to God and their own Salvation, are condemned by those Merchants who traverse the World and venture all upon the uncertain Prospect of temporal Advantage, --- We must seek if we would find: We must prefer God before all Things, and be disposed to part with them all to secure our own Salvation. ---Woe to him, who expects to find any Thing more amiable than God, more worthy to fill his Heart, and more capable of making him happy. Have I not found that Pearl divine, The ascertaining Terms I know,

That Treasure in the Field ? And would with Joy approve, Yet still it is not surely mine, Sell all, my self, my Life forego,

My Pardon is not feald: . To buy thy perfect Love.

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