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FVery one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findI eth: and to him that knocketh, it fhall be opened, Mat. vii. 8.

Prayer is always heard after one Manner or another, when Faith asks, Sects, and knocks. www. She, alone, obrains ALL which she asks; because she, alone, asks what she ought; and That in a right Manner, and for a good End. - The Way never to be refused, is never to defire any Thing but the Will of God.

Every one who Thee believes,

And at thy Bidding prays, Sooner or later, Lord, receives

The Fulnefs of thy Grace: Praying on while Life remains,

Glad he lays his Body down, Gasps his final Prayer, and gains

A never-fading Crowa,

Thou art the Door: I knock at Thee

To be redeem'd from Sin;
And soon thy Heart shall open'd be

To take the Suppliant in :
Thus will I all my Life employ,

And wait the welcome Word,
Enter into celestial Joy,

And triumph with thy Lord. .

W HAT Man is there of you, who, if his Son ask Bread, will W he give him a Stone? Mat. vii. 9. . ,

We have no Right to ask any Thing of God, but only. 1 Under the Quality of Children, and as Members of his Son. 2. With the Heart of Children, or a filial Love. 3. Necessaries, as Bread --- Thou art, O my God, both the Father, and the Bread of Life to our Souls. Give thy self to us, Thee and thy Son Jesus Christ the Bread of Heaven ---How many Times, Lord, have we asked of thee a Stoné, namely, the good Things of the Earth, which would only have formed in us an Heart of Stone? and Thou hast been pleased to give us the Bread of thy Grace, of thy Word, and of thy Son. The living Bread sent down from Heav'n Now Lord on us thy Flesh bestow, In us youchsafe to be:

And let us drink thy Blood, Thy Flesh for all the World is given, Till all our Souls are fill'd below And all may live by Thee, With all the Life of God,


the Life of thife both of So World, in giving

JF a Son ask a Fish, will his Father give him a Serpent,

Mat. vii. 10.

If he is an unnatural Father, who gives his Children Things hurtful to the Life of the Body: what then is that person who causes them to lose the Life both of Soul and Body to all Eternity, in poisoning them with Maxims of the World, in giving them the Serpent of Ambition or Covetousness, either by bad Example or otherwise? --- Thou alone, O my God, art always a Father ; and never givest to thy Children any other than the Gifts of a Father. Let me likewise always shew my felf a good Child in Prayer, and never ask any Thing but what is worthy of thy paternal Love. Our Souls with pleasing Wonder view And in the Cov'nant of thy Love The Bounties of his Grace :

They find diviner Store. How much bestow'd, how much referv'd But O! what Treasures yet unknown

For them that seek thy Face! Are lodgd in Worlds to come! Thy lib'ral Hand, with worldly Bliss If these th’Enjoyments of the Way,

Oft makes their Cuprun o'er ; How happy is their Home.

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STrait is the Gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto ° Life, and few there be that find it. Mat. vii. 146

To live, as the Generality of Mankind do, is not to take the Way which leadeth unto Life. ---- He who teaches that the Gate and Way to Life, are wide and broad, when Jesus Christ says, they are fo strait and narrow, can be no other than a Deceiver. --- Few find the Way of Heaven, fewer enter into this Way, fewer yet abíde in it, fewer still walk in it, and fewest of all go forward to the End. As it is thy Grace only, O Lord, which causes us to find it, fo from That we expect all the Rest.

Yet every one that seeks shall find And passable the Road to Life, The Gate, display'd for all Mankind; A narrow but an open Road, (Who strive with unremitting Strife) Quite open fince the Death of God.

To fuffer, and abstain,

With Thee I daily die,
My Calling here I see,

Thy welcome Burthen bear,
Renounce myself, my Lord to gain, And follow after to the Sky,

And die to live with Thee : And claim a Kingdom there.

irpereebring Fruit. "the Act

January 16.

( 16 ) F Very good Tree bringeth forth good Fruit; but a corrupt Tree I bringeth forth evil Fruit. Mat, vii. '17..

-Such as is the Will, such are the Actions which proceed from it. One important Rule to keep us from Delufion, is to judge of our selves, not by barren Desires, nor by deceitful Transports of Devotion, but by our good Works. The good Tree is the good Heart, the good Fruit is a good Life. The Heart is God's, and truly Christian, when the Life is so. The Heart is the World's, when a Man lives like the World. It is thou, O my God, who pluckest up the corrupt Heart, and who createst, plantest, cultivatest, waterest, and makest the good One fruitful. Mine is in thine Hand, make it a good Tree, make it thy own Plant. i.

Jesus thy speaking Blood

From God obtain'd the Grace, Who therefore hath bestow'd'

On us a longer Space, "Thou didit in our Behalf appear, And lo! we see another Year.

Then dig about our Root,..

Break up our Fallow Ground,
And let our gracious Fruit :

To thy great Praise abound.
O let us all thy Praise declare,
And Fruit unto Perfection bear."

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