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T Ittle Children keep your felves from Idols ; Amen. iJohn v.


We have but little Occasion to keep ourselves from Idols of Wood · and Stone: but how many are there in our Hearts, to which we

are but too much devoted ? Every Thing which we love more than God, is an Idol which we worship. Wherever we seek our Happiness there is our God. Grant, o true God, that we may desire to be happy in Thee and of Thee alone.

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Father of all we truf in Thee In Pity to thy Children, blast
Thy Children to secure,

Our self-exulting Joy,
From Sin to keep our Conscience free, Thrust out our Images at last,

Our Hearts from Idols pure, And utterly destroy:
While in an evil World we live, Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Left with our God we part, Our Nature to remove, And basely to the Creature give And Sin shall be for ever loft Our weak unfettled Heart.

In Depths of purest Love.

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AND the Spirit and the Bride say, Come, and let him that A heareth, say, Come. And let him that is athirst, Come, and whosoever will, let him take the Water of Life freely. Rev. xxii: 17.

Lord, kindle in me this Desire, inflame my Heart with this Thirst. Cause my Soul to speak this Word fincerely, and speak it thy self to my Soul, Come: - Lord I resign up my Will to Thee, that of captive, blind, corrupt, fick, sensless, and rebellious as it is, thou mayest make it a Will truly free, inlightened, upright, found, prudent, and obedient to all thy Operations. - The Word received into the Heart kindles therein holy Desires; these Desires strengthened and confirmed become a full and per fect Will; and God fills this Will with the Water of eternal Life. The Church, in her militant State, The News of his Coming I hear,

Is weary and cannot forbear, . And join in the Catholic Cry, '. The Saints in an Agony wait, O Jesus in triumph appear,

To see him again in the Air, Appear on the Clouds of the Sky ! The Spirit invites in the Bride . Whom only I languilh to love,

Her heavenly Lord to descend, With Fulness of Majesty come, And place her inthron'd at his Side, And give me a Mansion above,

In Glory that never shall end. And take to my heavenly Home.

O E which testifieth these Things faith, Surely I come quickly, 11 Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Rev. xxii. 20. ,

Jesus Christ leaves us under the Hope and Expectation of his Coming. This is his last Word delivered from Heaven, the lait Truth of the Gospel of his Glory, the last Information which he gives to his beloved Dilciple. That he will come, that he will come furely, that he will come quickly, Grang Lord, that this Word may fill my Heart, keep it always lifted up towards Thee, and be the Rule of all its Motions and of all its Desires. Form in ic by thy Spirit this Amen of a faithful Adherence to all thy Words, of a perfect Dependance upon thy Will, of a true Submission to thy Difpenfations, of a fincere Reverence toward thy Designs, of an ardent Desire of thy Kingdom, of a continual Aspiration toward Thee, and of a perfect Consummation with thy Church in God..

Come King of Saints, fo long conceal’d,
In Majesty divine reveald,

With glorious Pomp and heav'nly Pow'r!
All Things unto thy self subdue,

Restore, create them all anew,
w And reign when Time shall be no more.

THE Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen. 1 Rev. xxii. 21.

Yes, Lord Jesus, come, and 'till thou comeft in thy Glory, vouchsafe to come, to live, to reign, to work in us by thy. AF mighty Grace, by the Perfection of thy Ways, by the Holiness of thy Spirit. --- Come and Thew thy self victorious in us, over all the hostile Powers of Darkness, of the World, of the Flesh, and of Sin. Come by thy Spirit, for the Glory of thy Father, Amen. Jesus, thou dear redeeming Lord! In perfect Holiness and Love: The Kingdom of thy Peace reftor'd, Fountain of Grace thyself make known, Let all thy Followers perceive, With God and Man' for ever one. And happy in thy Spirit live,

Still with and in thy People dwell, Retain the Grace with Thee bestow'd, The

0, Thy gracious Plenitude reveal, The Favour, and the Power of God. Til

er of God. Till coming with thy heavenly Train

mi Give all thy Saints to find in Thee We Eye to Eye behold the Man, The Fulness of the Deity;

And share thy Majesty divine, His Nature, Life, and Mind to prove And mount ourThrones incircling thine. W Herefore laying aside all Malice, and all Guile, and HypoW crisies, and Envies, and all evil Speaking, i Pet. ii. 1.'

The new Birth requires new Manncrs. The Vices of the old Man ought by no Means to be found in the new. --- How can the Members of one and the same Body deceive, hate, and envy one another, c.--- The Chriftian Infancy is nothing but Meekness, Simplicity, Sincerity, Freedom from Envy. It has no Tongue, but to bless God, and to speak well of others : It has none either for Lying, or for Evil-speaking. Great Spirit of immortal Love, Let every Heart and every Hand Vouchsafe our frozen Hearts to move, Join in the dear fraternal Band. With Ardour strong thoseBreasts inflame Celestial Dove, descend and bring To all that own a Saviour's Name. The smiling Blessings on thy Wing; Still let the heav'nly Fire endure And make us tafte those Sweets below, Fervent and vig'rous, true and pure: Which in the blissful Mansions grow.

Holy Lamb, who Thee receive, Jesu I fee my panting Breaft,
Who in Thee begin to live,

See, I pant in Thee to reft !. Day and Night they cry to Thee, Gladly now I would be clean ;** As Thou art fo let us be.

Cleanse me now from ev'ry Sin.

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