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VE also, as lively Stones, are (or be ye) built up a spiritual House,

I an holy Priest-hood, to offer up spiritual Sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. i Pet. ii. 5. .

How mortified, how holy is the Life of a true Chriftian! It ought to be a continual Sacrifice, and to have at the same Time the Holiness of a Temple by Purity of Heart : The Holiness of a Priest, who defpises the Earth, and has God alone for his Portion. It belongs only to Jesus Christ to sanctify this Temple, to consecrate this Priest, and to sacrifice and offer up this Victim. :

My gracious God I own thy Right Nor could untainted Eden give ; To every Service I can pay : Such Bliss as blossoms at his Side.' And call it my supreme Delight

His Work my hoary Age shall bless, To hear thy Dictates, and obey."

When youthful Vigour is no more, 'Tis to my Saviour I would live, And my laft Hour of Life confess

To him who for my Ransom dy'd; "His Love and animating Power.

W Herefore also it is contained in the Scripture, Behold I lay"

N in Zion a chief Corner Stone, elect, precious, and he thatbelieveth on Him shall not be confounded (or deceived.) 1 Pet.ii. 6.

The Faith which never deceives is not such as is barren and without Works, but a practical Faith, which subjects the Heart to the Gospel, and to the Ways of Jesus Christ, and makes us obedient to all his Commandments.". Lord, dost thou shew a corner Stone Floods of Temptation beat in vain, For us to build our Hopes upon, Well doth this Rock the House fustain. That the fair Edifice may rise When Storms of Wrath around prevail, Sublime in Light beyond the Skies? Whirlwind and Thunder, Fire and Hail, We own the Work of fov'reign Love, 'Tis here our trembling Souls shall hide, Nor Death, nor Hell, those Hopes shall And here securely they abide. In move, .0.

While they that scorn this precious Which fix'd ön his Foundation stand,"

Stone, Laid by thine 'own Almighty Hand. F.

and. Fond of some Quicksand of their own, Thy People long this Stone hath try'd, Borne down by weighty Vengeance die, And all the Pow'rs of Hell defyd; And buried deep in Ruin lie.

CHRIST is a Rock of Offence to them which fumble at the

Word, being disobedient, i Pet. ii. 8.

What Advantage is it to a Christian to distinguish himself from the Jews, by Faith in Chrift, if the Humility of his Gospel, and the salutary Rigors of the Christian Truths, become to him, thro' the Hardness of his own Heart, no other than Occasions of Sin? It is an Instance of Mercy, not to be abandoned to such an Hardness, wherein God might justly leave us. Break in Pieces, Lord, all the Remainders of it in me.

Go worship at Immanuel's Feet, He is a Rock : How firm he proves ?
See in his Face what Wonders meet, The Rock of Ages never moves ; . -
Earth is too narrow to express Yet the sweet Streams chat from him
His Worth, his Glory, or his Grace. Attend us all the Desert thro'. [Aow
The whole Creation can afford, O foolish and unwise of Men,
But fome faint Shadows of my Lord, Who flight the LAMB for Sinners slain,
Nature, to make His Beauties known, And all that disobedient prove,
Maft mingle Colours Rof her own. To scorn fuch gracious tender Love.

AND he (Paul) fell to the Earth, and heard a Voice, saying
A unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? --- And he
faid, who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom
thou persecutest: It is hard for thee to kick against the Pricks,
A&ts ix. 4. 5.
. Observe here several Degrees in the Conversion of a Sinner. 1. He be-
gins, by not being deaf to the Reproaches of his own Conscience, and to
the Strokes of the divine Rod. 2. He seeks to know Jesus Christ the true
Mediator. 3. He becomes sensible of his, own Sin. - 4. He begins to be
afraid ; for since it is God himself who is offended, since it is his Saviour
who is perfecuted, what ought he not to fear ? 5. But then, since the Mercy
of that God is infinite, and the Grace of that Saviour almighty, what may
he not justly hope.
To the World and Satan sold, Then behold the heavenly Lamb,

Sioner what is Christ to Thee? Pouring out his Blood divine :
Pleasure is thy God, or Gold: On the Brink of Tophet, claim
Dondslave of Iniquity,

Christ, the Sinner's Friend, for thine, Canst Thou feel an heavier Chain, Find, with all his Saints, thy Part, Panting for the Praise of Man ? Find thy Saviour in thy Heart.

LAving your Conversation honest among the Gentiles. That It whereas (or wherein) they speak against you as Evil Doers, they may, by your good Works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the Day of Visitation, i Pet. ii. 12,

Let us with so much the more Care avoid giving Offence to worldly Men: the more they are disposed to believe Ill, the less they are apt to, excuse it, and the more inclined they are to turn the Vices of particular Men against Religion in general. Evil-fpeaking is the Life of the World: Piety is the most exposed thereto, because it moft condemns its Maxims Where God visits an Heart by his Grace, what Changes does. he make in it ? perhaps the Moment of this Visitation is just approaching for this Libertine; and thy good Example ought to be fubservient thereto. Those Eyes which it shall enlighten, will then behold, with joy and Admira. tion, that which they before looked upon with Abhorrence. WhereSatan reign'din Shades of night. While the wideWorld efteems it strange, The Gospel ftrikes a heavenly Light, Gaze and admire, and hate the Change: OurLuftsits wond'rous Power controuls. May but this Grace my Soul renew, And calms the Rage of angry Souls. Let Sinners gaze and hate me too;

Lions, and Beasts of savage Name, The Word that faves me does engage Put on the Nature of the Lamb, A fure Defence from all their Rage.

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