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RE sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring D Lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. IPet.v.8.

The Devil watches, in order to our Perdition, as God watches over us, for our Salvation. The Devil corrupts our Senses by an inordinate Use of the Creatures, and our Minds by causing it to be entirely possessed by them. Let us resist him in the Faith by Vigilance and Prayer.---It is by being vigilant over our felves, and employing our Thoughts concerning God, that we avoid all Surprize from our grand Adversary.

Take this poor, wand'ring, worthless Heart,

Its Wand'rings all to Thee are known,
May no false Rival claim a Part,

Nor Sin e'er rob Thee of thine own.
Stir up thy interposing Power,
: Save me from Sin, from Idols fave,
Snatch me from fierce Temptation’s Hour,

And hide, o hide me in the Grave.

February 2.

( 33 ) Purification of the B.V. AND 'when the Days of her Purification, according to the Law A of Moses, were accomplished, they brought him to Yerusalem, to present him to the Lord. '(As it is written in the Law of the Lord, Every Male that openeth the Womb shall be called Holy to the Lord). Luke ii. 22, 23.

Yesus submits to the Law to redeem those who were oppress'd with it. --- Would to God that Parents would present their Children to the Lord, with a Piety and Faith, pure and disengaged from the Earth, in Imitation of the blessed Virgin. O Feus, Redeemer of the World! grant that I may be redeemed by thy Blood from its Slavery, and belong entirely to God; and offer up to thy Service, by thy Grace, my Body, Soul, and Spirit, a living Sacrifice, holy and acceptable in thy Sight. Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven, Him we call'd not ours but thine, Spare, or take, what thou hast given : Him we promis’d to resign. Sole Disposer of thine own, Meekly we our Vow repeat, Let thy sovereign Will be done. Nature shall to Grace submit, When thou didt our Isaac give, Let him on the Altar lie, Him we trembled to receive, Let the Vi&tim live, or die.

GREET ye one another with a Kiss of Love, Peace be with

you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen. 1 Pet. v. 14. Union, Peace, and Love, are the Seal of the Apostolic Epistles, and the Kiss is the Symbol of these Virtues. This Kiss is holy, when the Principle from which it comes is a pure loving Heart devoted to God: It is detestable when it proceeds from an impure Soul, abandoned to the World and Sin. --- Let this Prayer, O my Saviour ! of thy Apostle, be always in our Hearts, and let this Desire, and this Amen, draw down upon thy Church the Grace and the Peace, which thou hast purchased for her with thy most precious and invaluable Blood. Prince of universal Peace !

O that now, with Pardon bleft,
Destroy the Enmity,

We each might each embrace,
Bid our jars and Discords cease, Quietly together rest,
Write us all in thee :

And feed upon thy Grace, Cruel as wild Peasts we are, Like our Christian Parents live, “Till vanquish'd bv thy Mercy's Pow'r, Great Shepherd make thy Goodness Men like Wolves each other tear, All into thy Fold receive, [known,

And their own Flesh devour. And keep for ever one.

GRACE and Peace be multiplied unto you, thro' the Know

ledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, 2 Pet. i. 2.

How little Satisfaction does all Manner of Learning give to one who relishes the Knowledge of God and of Fejus Chrift: Other Knowledge often puffs and dries up the Heart, and disturbs it with a thousand Inquietudes. The Knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ, is a Source of Humility and Peace.

The Grace, and Peace of God,

The Father, and the Son,
All Bleslings are on us bestow'd

By Two for ever one :
From God, and Christ our Lord,

The Spirit we receive,
And by his perfect Grace restor'd,

In perfect Peace shall live.

A Ccording as his divine Power hath given unto us all Things

that pertain unto Life and Godliness, thro' the Knowledge of Him that hath called us to Glory and Virtue, 2 Pet. i. 3.

Faith is the first Grace, and the Fountain of all others. All Things that pertain unto Life and Godliness are the Gift of God. --The glorious Life of Jesus Christ is the Origin of our Call to Glory thro' Faith. What is he not able to perform in our Heart, who, in order to draw us to God, employs the sovereign, efficacious Power, which he received from his Father in his Resurrection?

Thou seeft our Weakness, Lord,

Our Hearts are known to Thee, O lift Thou up the finking Hand,

Confirm the feeble Knee.

Let us, in Life and Death,

Thy stedfast Truth declare,
And publish, with our latest Breath,

Thy Love and Guardian Carc.

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