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W Hereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious Pro

W mises; that by these you might be Partakers of the divine Nature, having escaped the Corruption that is in the World thro' Luft. 2 Pet. i. 4.

The Grace of Jesus Christ is truly precious, being purchased at the Price of his Blood : It is truly great, working in us, after such a Manner, as is proportioned to our Weakness, and to the Majesty of God : It is a Grace promised in the Old Testament, and given in the New : A Grace, which makes us love God, which causes us to accomplish his Law, by engraving it on the Heart, which changes the Heart, heals it and frees it from the Love of the World, and from a fond Affection for the Creatures ; and which Re. news in it the Image of God, unites it to him, and makes it partake of the Holiness of his Being in Jesus CHRIST.

Love divine, all Love excelling, Jesus, thou art all Compaffion,

Joy of Heaven, to Earth come down, Pure unbounded Love thou art, Fix in us thy humble Dwelling, Visit us with thy Salvation,

All thy faithful Mercies crown: Enter every waiting Hợart.

M Y beloved Brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always

abounding in the Work of the Lord, forasmuch as you know that your Labour is not in vain in the Lord, i Cor. xv. 58.

The Victory is never so compleat in this World, but that there is always Occasion for us to fight, to watch, and to pray. There is not one Moment wherein we have no Need that God should work in us by the Grace of Jesus Christ. Without him, there is nothing in us but Inability and Unworthiness. Our only Refuge is, to address ourselves, and adhere to him, by a lively Faith and humble Prayer; to labour in him by an abundant Love; and to expect from him, by a firm and unmoveable Hope, the eternal Recompence. Come, Almighty, to deliver, Theo we would be always blefling, Let us all thy Life receive,

Serve Thee as thy. Hosts above, Suddenly return, and never, Pray and praise Thee without ceasing,

Never more thy Temple leave : Glory in thy perfect Love.

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REloved, seeing ye look for such Things (new Heavens and a

new Earth) be diligent, that ye may be found of him in Peace without Spot and blameless, 2 Pet, iii. 14.

Let the Expectation then of eternal good Things quench in us the Thirst of all earthly, which deprives us of Peace; let it make us hate the World which corrupts us; and let it separate us from Sin, which renders us unclean, and altogether unworthy of God, of Happiness, and of Heaven.

Thou Judge of Quick and Dead, O may we thus be found
Before whose Bar severe,

Obedient to his Word;
With holy lov,or guilty Dread. Attentive to the Trumpet's Sound,
We all fall soon appear ;

And looking for our Lord !
Our caution'd Souls prepare

O may we thus insure
For that tremenduous Day,

Our Lot among the bleft,
And fill us now with watchful Care, And watch a Moment, to secure
And itir us up to pray.

An everlasting Rel.

THAT which we have seen and heard, declare we unto you,

that ye also may have Fellowship with us; and truly our Fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ, 1 Yohn i. 3.

The Christian Religion is the Fellowship of Men with Jesus Chrift, and by him with God, and with other Men in Jesus Christ, for the sake of God, by the Means of Faith. — Faith joins us in Fellowship with God, that we may be filled with him as his Temples ; be made Partakers of his divine Nature, as his Children; be received into his Glory, nourished with his Truth, and consummated in his Love, as the Members of his Son. Is there enough in one Heart to comprehend so great a Love, to receive such divine Graces, to acknowledge such ftupendous Mercies ? Let us at least give it him all intire.

Our heavenly Father calls, God picies all my Griefs,
And Christ invites us near,

He pardons every Day,
With both our Friendship shall be sweet Almighty to protect my Soul,
And our Communion dear.

And wise to guide my Way:

TF we walk in the Light, as he is in the Light, we have FelI lowship one with another, and the Blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all Sin, 1 Yohn i. 7.

We resemble God only by our Spirit and Manners. By these we enter into Fellowship with him ; by these we separate ourselves from him. All the imitable Perfections which are in God, such as Truth, Love, Purity, Justice, Mercy, are the Light in which we ought to walk, and the shining Pattern which we ought to imitate. It is to this End that we have been cleansed from our Sins by the Blood of Jesus Christ, and it is by the same Blood that we cleanse our selves daily. Prince of Life! for Sinners Nain, Surely now the Prayer he hears,

Grant us Fellowship with Thee, Faith presents the Crucify'd,' Fain we would partake thy Pain, Lo! the wounded Lamb appears, Share thy mortal Agony;

Pierc'd his Feet, his Hands, his Side, Give us now th’amazing Pow'r, Hangs our Hope on yonder Tree, Now bring back the dying Hour. Hangs and bleeds to Death for me.

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