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TF we confess our Sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our

Sins, and to cleanse us from all Unrighteousness. 1 Yohn i. 9.

Comfortable Words these to a Sinner! whom the Sight of his Sins casts into a Dread of the Judgements of God. A Confession which is humble and sincere can fecure him from them ; but to make it such, it must proceed from the Hatred of Sin, and from the Love of God. Both these are the Fruit of the Blood of Christ; and to that adorable Blood God owes, as one may fay, the Salvation of the converted Sinner, both by the Justice of the Redemption, and by his Faithfulness to his free and voluntary Promises.

Father, I now my Sin confess O may thy sweet implanted Love, The Cause of all my fad Distress, This Root of Bitterness remove, Compellid, alas ! to know :

This carnal Mind destroy ; Spoil'd of my Crown by Sin I am, Renew'd in perfect Righteousness, It turns my Glory into Shame, My Soul shall then be Life and Peace, And everlasting Woc.

And pure eternal Joy.

W HICH (Faith) some professing, have erred concerning the

Faith. I Tim. vi. 21.

What is the ordinary Fruit of a vain Curiosity, and of a Philosophy full of Pride and Presumption, but a fatal erring concerning the Faith? That which puffs up the Mind, fills it with Vanity, and renders it incapable of that Humility which Faith requires, cannot but be the Destruction thereof. — The most holy Instructions do not sanctify a Man, if Grace do not cause him to practise them. — Let us open our Ears to the Word delivered by Men; let us open our Hearts to the Grace of God. But who can open these, but he alone who openeth, and no Man fhutteth, and Mutteth, and no Man openeth ? Open thou, O Lord, that Heart which thou designeft to fill with thy Truths, and cause me to love them, to preserve them with Care, and to practise them with Fidelity.

The Caution is not vain :

We may unfaithful prove,
And turn from God, to Sin again,

And fall from pard’ning Love :

Yet will we boldly press

T'ward our high Calling's Prize, And follow after Holiness,

And to Perfection rise.

As we said before, so say I now again, If any Man preach any m other Gospel unto you, than that ye have received, let him be accursed, Gal. i. 9.

The Apostle cannot possibly be silent concerning the Unity, Purity, and Immutability of the Gospel. Let us not fear, left we should carry this Matter too far, so long as we follow Jesus Christ ‘and his Apostles. — The Gospel of Christ is crucified between two Thieves : namely, the Jers, who render it more difficult, by adding thereto the insupportable Burden of the Law; and wicked Christians, who would fain render it more easy, by lessening the amiable Yoke of the Cross. Nature defends itself sufficiently againft the former, and Grace ought to give us an Abhorrence of the latter. Ye that pass by, behold the Man! Beneath my Load he faints and dies, The Man of Griefs! condemn'd for you, I fill'd his Soul with Pangs unknown, The Lamb of God! for Sinners Nain, I caus'd these mortal Groans and Cries,

Weeping to Calfary pursue. I kill'd the Father's only Son. His facred Limbs they stretch, they tare, Othou dear suffering Son of God, With Nails they faften to the Wood How doth thy Heart to Sinners move? His sacred Limbs — expos’d and bare, Help me to catch thy precious Blood,

Or only cover'd with his Blood. Help me to taste thy dying Love.

CROW in Grace, and in the Knowledge of our Lord and

Saviour Jesus Christ: To him be Glory both now, and for ever. Amen. 2 Pet. iii. 18.

What do we here below, if we advance not daily in the Knowledge and the Love of Jesus Christ.. --- Paul may plant, and Apollos may water, but none but Thou, Lord, can give the Increase, which we beg of thee. Work it in us by thy Grace that we may render to thee the Glory thereof in Time and in Eternity. It is to thee alone it entirely belongs.

Praise to thy Name, Eternal God, Make all thy potent Virtues known, For all the Grace Thou shed'it abroad, To chear a Plant so much thy own. For all thine Influence from above, And thou, bleft Spirit, deign to blow To warm our Souls with facred Love.FreshGales of Heav'n on Shrubs below, Unchanging Sun, thy Beams display, So shall they grow, and breathe abroad To drive the Frosts and Storms away; A Fragrance grateful to our God.


REhold, he cometh with Clouds; and every Eye shall see him, D and they also which pierced him; and all Kindreds of the Earth shall wail because of him: even so, Amen. Rev. i. 7.

Happy that Person, who prevents the Wrath of God, by fixing the Eye of a lively Faith upon Jesus Christ crucified, and judgeth himself before the Lord comes to judge him. ---God seems to conceal his Power at prefent, and to yield to Sinners; but in how dreadful a Manner will he avenge himself upon them at the last Day! The Death of our blessed Saviour is the Consequence of Sin; and the Cause of the Sinner's Conversion, but it will be then the Confusion and Punishment of the Unbeliever. Grant, O Jesus, that it may be our Confidence and our Refuge !

Descending on his azure Throne, Shout all the People of the Sky,
He claims the Kingdoms for his own, And all ye Saints of the most High;
The Kingdoms all obey his Word, Our Lord, who now his Right obtains,
And hail him their triumphant Lord. For ever, and for ever Reigas..

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