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U IM that overcometh will I make a Pillar in the Temple of 11 my God, and he shall go no more out; and I will write upon him the Name of my God, and the Name of the City of my God, which is New Yerusalem, which cometh down out of Heaven from my God; and I will write upon him my new Name. Rev. iii. 12.

Nothing but the Glory of God is worthy to crown a Victory, which his Grace has obtained. It is by this Victory that the Designs of God concerning his Children are accomplished : It is by Hope and Love that they arrive at the Gift of final Perseverance, and receive the Crown - Vouchsafe, O Jesus, my LORD, to write upon me the Name of God thy Father, in giving me to him for one of his Children, and in writing his Law in my Heart, by the Spirit of the divine Adoption which is Love. Write upon me the Name of the City of God, in making me a Citizen thereof, a living, and an immoveable Pillar to all Eternity. Write upon me the new Name, which thou received'it at thy Refurre&tion, in making me partake of thy new celestial and divine Life, and of thy magnificent Titles of Son of God, of King, and of Priest, into the Possession whereof thy Resurrection has fully put thee, according to all the Glory, and all the Rights annexed to them.

T Counsel thee to buy of me Gold tried in the Fire, that thou mayI est be rich; and white Raiment, that thou mayest be cloathed, and that the Shame of thy Nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine Eyes with Eye-salve that thou mayest see. Rev. iii. 18..

I counsel thee, who art poor, and blind, and naked, to buy of me, without Money or Price, Gold purified in the Fire; true living Faith which is purified in 'the Furnace of Affliction, and white Raiment, true Holiness and Eye-falve, spiritual Illumination ; the Un&tion of the Holy One, which teacheth us all Things. - I. W. Gladly I take thy lov’d Advice, To swallow up my finful Shame, While without Money, without Price, Whate'er I have, whate'er I am, I come thy Grace to buy;

In Purity of Love. Faith, as the golden Bullion pure, All Things that I may clearly see, Which can the fiery Teft endure, The Spirit which proceeds from thee, And all my Wants sapply.

The Unction I implore : , I come to buy that richest Dress, O might I now the Blessing gain, The Saints unspotted Holiness, The Sight of Thee, my LORD, obtain, The Covering from above;

And never lose it more.

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REhold, I stand at the Door, and knock: If any Man hear my D Voice, and open the Door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Rev. ii. 20.

There is not one Moment of our Lives, which may not be that of our Death, and of our Judgment. Happy that Person whom neither the Death of Sin, nor the Sleep of Lukewarmness, shall render deaf to the Voice of Jesus CHRIŚt! To open the Door to him, is to be always ready to quit Life, in order to be reunited to Him to all Eternity. O happy Day! where. in Thou, O'Lord, wilt enter into the in most Recesses of my Heart, and of all my Subiance, to penetrate it with thy immortal and glorious Life, to nourish me with Thyself, to cause me to enjoy thy Reft, and to satisfy me with thy Delights in the Bosom of thy Father. Haft thou not invited all,.. Fyll of Pain and Sin am I,

Who groan beneath their Sin? I ever bear my Shame, Weary I obey thy call,

Waiting 'till my Lord pass by, And come to be made clean : And call me by my Name, Give my burthen'd Conscience Ease. Surely now my Pain he fees,

O grant me now the promis'd Rest, And I shall quickly be releas'd, Jesus, Mafter, seal my Peace, Jesus, Master, seal my Peace,

And take me to thy Breaft. And take me to thy Breast.

AND the seventh Angel founded, and there were great Voices hot in Heaven, saying, The Kingdoms of this World are become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever. Amen. Rev. xi. 15.

O inconceivable Joy of Believers, at the Prospect of the Kingdom of God, and of Jesus Christ on Earth, and of its Perfection in Heaven! Let us learn of them to say frequently, and with the loud Voice of great Love, O my God, Thy Kingdom come. — The Lord's Christ is primarily our adorable Head, anointed with the Divinity itself, and all those, who believe in Him here, shall be Partakers of his Kingdom hereafter. How much Adoration, Joy, Love, and Thanksgiving, on the Account of the Glory and of the Kingdom of God, does this Amen of the heavenly Choir contain! Let us begin here on Earth to fill our Hearts with these devout Affections, and to say this mysterious Amen as we ought, by placing our Joy in seeing the Kingdom of Our LORD established by the Sanctification of Souls.

Now reveal thy full Salvation, Let thy brightest Lightnings shine,

In the thund'ring Acclamation

Wbile both Saints and Angels join ;

Sounds the Trumpet,
Fame's unfurl'd the Crimson Sign.

AND they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by n the Word of their Testimony; and they loved not their Lives unto the Death. 'Rev. xii. II.

To Jesus Christ, and to his Deach, is due all the Glory of our Salvation, and all the Honour of every Victory gain'd over the Devil and Sin.-Salvation depends upon the Fidelity we owe to the Gospel, and to the Truth: This Fidelity depends upon our Disengagement from Life, Ease, and temporal Conveniencies; and all this depends upon the victorious Grace which : the Blood of Christ has merited for us. Ought we to continue one Moment without defiring it, and without returning him unfeigned Thanks for it? Now the old Dragon is o'erthrown, By that they quench'd his fiery Darts, Th' Accuser of the Saints cast down, And holding fast the sacred Word, The grand Deceiver of Mankind, They flew him with the Spirit's Sword. Who brought their secret Sins to mind, Arm'd with the dear Redeemer's Mind, And charged them at the Bar of God, Their Lives they chearfully refigh’d, 'Till cover'd with their Saviour's Blood Ambitious of the torturing Flame, But trusting in the martyr'd Lamb, They thew'd the Power of Jesus' Name, The witnesses their foe o'ercame,[hearts Rejoic'd their Faithfulness to prove, The Blood that calm'd their sprinkled And paid him back his dying Love.

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