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AND the Earth helped the Woman, and the Earth opened her A Mouth, and swallowed up the Flood which the Dragon cast out of his Mouth. Rev. xii. 16.

Let us adore this portion of Earth united to the Word, which, being opened by so many Wounds upon the Cross, has swallowed up the World and Sin, and absorbed Death in its own Death. In the Holes of this Rock we must hide ourselves; from thence we must draw all our Strength,

By our illustrious Gen'ral fir’d,

We no Extreams would fear, Prepar'd to struggle and to bleed,

If Thou, our Lord, be near.

We'll trace the Foot-Steps thou hatt

To Triumph and Renown, (drawn Nor shun thy Combat, and thy Cross,

May we but share thy Crowa.

AND I heard a Voice from Heaven, saying unto me, Write, A Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their Labours; and their Works do follow them. Rev. xiv. 13.

Do thou thyself, O Holy Spirit, write this so important Truth in our Hearts. If all consift in dying well, then ought it to be our whole Business to prepare ourselves for it by a holy Life. - To die in the LORD, is to die in the Truth of his Faith, in the Unity of his Body, and in the Love of his Word. How sweet is the Labour of Love to those who fix their Thoughts upon the eternal Reft, which they shall enjoy in God himself ! - Nothing will follow us into the immediate Presence of God, but that which we shall have done and suffered for his Sake. The Saints wbo die of CHRIST posleft Ciose followed by their Works they go Enter into immediate Reft:

Their Matter's purchas'd Joy to know; For them no farther Test remains Their Works enhance the Bliss preparid, Of purging Fires and torturing Pains, And each hath its distinct Reward: Who, trusting to their LORD, depart, Yet glorify'd by Grace alone, Cleans'd from allSin,and pure in Heart: They cast their crowns before the throne The Bliss unmix'd, the glorious Prize, And fill the echoing Courts above They find with Christ in Paradise. With Praises of Redeeming Love,

AND the Angel thrust in his Sickle into the Earth, and gatherm ed the Vine of the Earth, and cast it into the great Winepress of the Wrath of God. Rev. xiv. 19.

As the favourable Sickle of Jesus Christ reaps his Wheat when ripe for Heaven: so that of the Executioners of his Justice cuts off from this Life the Tares which are fit only for the Fire of Hell Then at length shall the Blood of Christ cease to be trampled under Foot by Sinners; and that of the Wicked shall be eternally troden down in Hell, which is the great Wine-press of the Wrath of God. My waken'd Soul extend thy Wings Children of Adam all appear Beyond the Verge of mortal Things ; With Rev'rence round his awful Bar; See this vain World in Smoke decay, For as his Lips pronounce, ye go And Rocks and Mountains melt away. To endless Bliss or endless Woe. Behold the fiery Deluge roll [Pole; Lord to mine Eyes this Scene display, Thro' Heav'ns wide Arch from Pole to Frequent thro' each revolving Day; Pale Sun no more thy Luftre boaft, And let thy Grace my Soul prepare Tremble and fall ye starry Hoft. To meet its full Redemption there.

February 24.

( 55 )

St. Matthias. AND they gave forth their Lots; and the Lot fell upon Mat

thias, and he was numbred with the eleven Apostles. A&ts i. 26.

God never fails to make known his Will to Men, when they sincerely beseech him to do it, and seek nothing but his Glory. - Who would not have thought that Barsabas was to have been preferred, who, from the Reputation of his Sanctity had been surnamed Justus? But God thought fit to determine otherwise: Let it be our Desire to follow Providence our selves; and let us pray that God will set over all his Churches Pastors after his own Heart, who may feed them with Knowledge and Understanding (Jer. iii. 15.) Let us own bis Hand in the Determination of every Circumstance which befalls us, and especially in those by which any folemn and important Truft may be committed to us. And may the Confideration of it be an additional Engagement upon us, to discharge it with becoming Diligence and entire Fidelity.

Let none within thy Church be found. The humble, pure, and holy Seed,

But simple Ifraelites indeed, Who truely are what they profess, Bat Men of upright Hearts and sound, Thy Band of Blood- bought Witnesses.

THEY did eat, they drank, they married Wives, they were

given in Marriage, until the Day that Noah entered into the Ark: and the Flood came, and destroyed them all. Luke xvii. 27.

The Life of Men, in the Days of Noah, represents to us, in a lively Manner, the Sottishness and strange Stupidity of worldly Men, who are entirely taken up with this present Life, and regard not in the least the Threats of the divine Wrach, - It looks as if this Life was given to Men to no other End, but only that they might acquire such a Share of the good Things thereof, as will enable them to pass it at their Ease, in the midst of all Sorts of Conveniencies in Abundance, and with Splendour, and that they might endeavour to perpetuate their Name and Family, by advantageous Matches. For is not this the Thing which takes up the whole Care and Concern of chose, whom the World files, People of Fashion, and that which generally makes them unhappy Reprobates ?

Sin has a thousand treacherous Arts, She pleads for all the Joys she brings,

To practice in the Mind; [Hearts, And gives a fair Pretence ; With flattering Looks she tempts our But cheats the Soul of heavenly Things, But leaves a Sting behind.

And chains it down to Senie.

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