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I Ikewise also as it was in the Days of Lot, they did eat, they I drank, they bought, they fold, they planted, they builded. Luke xvii. 28.

To see the Lives of the Generality of Mankind, would one not be apt to imagine, that they were made only to establish themselves upon Earth, to cat, and drink, and to perform the Business of the natural or civil Life, and that the World to come, did not at all relate to them : They will open their Eyes at the Time of Death, but God grant it may not he to as little Purpose as Men opened theirs in the Days of Noah and of Lot. These two dreadful Histories are read with the same Indifference with which the Roman Hiftory is read : and yet they are Types and Prophecies of the miserable End of the Sinners who read them, if not prevented by a timely Repentance towards God, and Faith in our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The empty Pageant rolls along,
The giddy unexperienc'd Throng,

Pursue it with enchanted Eyes :

It passeth in swift March away,
Still more and more its Charms decay,

Till the last gaudy Colour dies.

BUT the fame Day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained Fire D and Brimstone from Heaven, and destroyed them all. Luke xvii. 29.

What can these Words and this Figure mean, but only that the greateft Part of Mankind are surprised by Death, while some are thinking only of their Pleasures, others of their Fortunes ? Let us learn of Lot to depise and forsake every Thing, if there be Occasion, rather than continue exposed to the Wrath of GOD. Let us lose no Time in deliberating; the Danger is always great and imminent, when a Man is not sure of one Moment, and Eternity lies at Stake. One Moment's Delay had exposed Lot to ineyitable Destruction by the Fire and Brimstone of Sodom; we have infinitely more to fear. To the Haven of thy Breaft, Welcome as the Water-Spring, O Son of Man, I fly ;

To a dry, barren Place, Be my Refuge and my Reit, O descend on me and bring

For Oh! the Storm is nigh ; Thy sweet refreshing Grace : Save me from the furious Blast, O'er a parch'd and weary Land,

A Covert from the Tempeft be; As a great Rack extends its Shade, Hide me, Jesus, till o'erpast Hide me, Saviour, with thine Hand, The Storm of Sin I sec.

And kreen my naked Head.

L VEN thus fhall it be in the Day when the Son of Man is

revealed. Luke. xvii. 30. A sudden and universal Deluge, and a Rain of Fire and Brimstone, are only Types and Shadows of the lait Desolation. - Even thus shall it be in the Day, &c. are not Words spoken at Random: No, they are Words of Faith, which assure us, that the World shall be surprised, that the Wrath of God shall pour down upon Sinners like Rain, and swallow them up like a Deluge, and that a very small Number shall escape his Juftice - A false Notion which Men frame to themselves of a Mercy, without Rule or Meafure, incourages the greatest Part of the World in the Neglect of their Salvation. Let us judge of the divine Justice by these two Examples, fince it is to this End that our blessed Lord proposed them to us. In the Time of my Distress

First and last, in me perform Thou haft my Succour been, The Work thou hast begun, In my utter Helplessness,

Be my Shelter from the Storm, Restraining me from Sin ;

My Shadow from the Sun ; O how swiftly didst thou move Sprinkle ftill the Mercy-Seat,

To save me in the trying Hour! And bring thy Father's Anger down, Still protect me with thy Love, Skreen me, Jesu, from the H at

And shield me with thy Power. And Terror of his Frown,

TN that Day, he which shall be upon the House-top, and his 1 Stuff in the House, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the Field let him likewise not return back. Luke xvii. 31.

Let us leave that to perish, which must perish : Let us save our immortal Part. — There is nothing among all the good Things of the World, which :: deserves we fould hazard our Lives for it, much less our Souls. Life is short, Death is at the Gate,-the Hour is uncertain : and, at that Hour, whatever we love and value in the World will be taken away from us, what Folly is it then to fet our Affections upon any Thing here below! Let us not be sollicitous to change chat State and Condition wherein God hath thought fit to place us ; but let us therein, with Patience, wait for that State which will never change.

InHope believing against Hope, To me he foon (hall bring it nigh,

Jesus! my Lord and God I claim, My Soul shall then outstrip the Wind,

Fefus! my Strength, shall lift me up, On Wings of Love mount up on high, .. Salvation is in Jesu's Name : And leave the World and Sin behind.

REMEMBE Å Lot's Wife. Luke xvii. 32.

When we have once quitted the World we must not think any more of it,. nor return to our former Inclinations, when God has weaned us from them. - A Man is sometimes so great an Enemy to his own Good, that he regrets the Loss of wicked Company, and of those Opportunities of ruining himself, from which he has been delivered through the Mercy of God. This is a Piece of Ingratitude which He cannot bear, and which He punithes very severely. We muft, even with Joy, relinquish our Friends and Relations, our Wealth and temporal Advantages, and raze them out of our Memory, whenever they become Obstacles to our Salvation. We love them with a criminal Fondness, when we leave them with Grief and Anxiety.

Engrave her Doom upon my Heart, That I may never more draw back, That I may never wish to part, Saviour, into thy Bosom take, (mine (So apt to tempt my loving God, And make, this dear-bought Soul of To top and linger on the Road) A Monument of Grace divine.

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