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Hosoever shall seek to save his Life, shall lose it: and who

soever shall lose his Life, shall preserve it. Luke xvii. 33.

Happy is the Loss when a Man loses himself, full of Sins and corrupt Inclinations, and subject to Death, in order to find him. self again innocent, full of Love, immortal and glorious ! ---- The Love alone of this short and perishing Life can make us resolve to lose All in Order to save it; but we must resolve to lofa even this Life it self for the sake of One infinitely better and eternal. --- Had we but Faith should we not be willing to do more for the Life of the Soul, than for that of the Body? But that which we do now is too often the direct Contrary.

To suffer and abstain

With Thee I daily die,
My Calling here I fee,

Thy welcome Burtben bear,
Renounce myself my LORD to gain, And follow after to the Sky,
And die to live with Thee ;

And claim a Kingdom there.

I Tell you, in that Night there shall be two Men in one Bed;

the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. Luke xvii. 34.

It is an Advantage to be united to Christians, either by Friend. ship or Relation ; but if we desire to improve this Advantage as we ought, and to be saved with them, we must imitate their Example. --- God can easily discern, in all Places, and distinguish those who are his. It is in the Night of Tribulation, Persecution, extreme Calamity, and Death, that this Distinction is made. Let us prepare ourselves for it, while it is Day. If Thou, my Jesus, still be nigh, Secure when mortal Comforts flee, Chearful I live, and joyful die ; To find Ten Thousand Worlds in Thee. I know Thee, Saviour, who Thou art, Lame as I am, I take the Prey,

Jesus, the feeble Sinner's Friend; Hell, Earth,and Sin withEase o'ercome; Nor wilt thou with the Night depart, I leap for Joy, pursue my Way,

But stay, and love me to the End; And as a bounding Hart fly Home, Thy Mercy never shall remove, Thro' all Eternity to prove Thy Nature, and thy Name is Love. Thy Nature and thy Name is Love.

TWO Women shall be grinding, together; the one thall be 1 taken, and the other left. ---- Two Men shall be in the Field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Lukę xvii. 35, 36.

God has his Children, and the Devil his Slaves, in all Places, and in all Conditions of Life ; it is therefore necessary in all, for Men to labour and watch, that they may be of the Number of those who belong to God, and that they may avoid the Snares of the Devil.

I would be kript of all,

And calmly wait thy Stay ;
Poor, at thy Feet, and helpless fall,
And weep my Life away.
I would be truly till,
Nor set a Time to Thee,

But act according to thy Will,
And speak, and think, and be.

I would with Thee be one,

And, 'till the Grace is giv’n,
Inceffant pray, Tby Will be done

In Earth, as 'tis in Heav'n,

AND they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And A he said unto them, Wherefoever the Body is, thither will the Eagles be gathered together. Luke xvii. 37.

The Children of God are spiritual Eagles, who foar towards Heaven, to seek Jesus Christ there, and not Ravens who seek only to gorge themselves with the Things on Earth. --- These Eagles and Ravens are here below mixed together in the Church, which is the Body of Christ, diffused throughout the World, and composed of all Nations. But in Heaven none but Eagles will be gathered together, and reunited in this immortal Body of which Christ is the Head, the Strength, the Food, the Joy and the eternal

Let Cares like a wild Déluge come,

And Storms of Sorrow fall, May I but fafely reach my Home,

My God, my Hear'n, my ALL.

There shall I bathe mý weary Soal

In Seas of Heav'nly Rest,
And not a Wave of Trouble roll

Across my peaceful Breast.

AND he fpake a Parable unto them to this End, that Men

ought always to pray, and not to faint. Luke xviii. I.

· Prayer is a Duty properly belonging to such as are Poor and Needy; which must be continual in this Life, because we are continually filled with Wants. The Tempter is never weary in assaulting us, let us never grow weary in refifting him with the Arms of Prayer. To pray always, and to fpeak but little, is one of the Paradoxes of the Gospel : This Duty requires little of the Tongue, much of the Heart. – A Man may be justly said always to pray when he has God always present to his Mind, and always defires him, whether he do it standing or kneeling, in Reft or Labour, in Grief or Jay.

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