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TWENTY Charges against the Methodists answered by the

Word of God, for their Encouragement, and Conviction of their Enemies.

ALSO, A Short Dialogue between a Member of the Church of England,

and a Soul under Conviction of Sin. By the same Author. To which is added, A Gospel Catechism for Young Christians. Price id. :: N. B. The Booksellers in Great Britain may be supplied with

any Number of The Chriftian's Pocket Companion, or the above Pamphlets, by applying to the Author at Pembroke; or to Mr.

Edmonds, at the Coventry Cross, Holborn, London. : THE Candid Reader is requested to corre&t the following Errors,

occafioned by the Author's Distance from the Press, viz.
Page 43. 1. 1. for which (Faith) - read which (Knowledge).

44.1. 4. Ist Col. Poetry, for Calfary - read Calvary.
70. l. 5. for every read a very.
168. 1. 1. for paptized - read baptized.

741. M. 269.

THE following Tract is designed for four Sorts of People : 1 ist, Those who neither fear God, or regard Man, to such

I would recommend the Text, Reflections, and Verses for Fuly 16, and the Rest to the same Purpose. 2d, Such as the Prodigal Son, who are just come to themselves, who are under Convictions for Sin, let me entreat them seriously to peruse March 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and many others of the like Sort, for their Comfort. 3d, Those, who believe on the Lord Jesus Chrift, who have found Redemption in his Blood, even the Forgiveness of all their Sins, let them see the Blessings they are intitled to in June 11, 13, 26, 27, &c. 4th, Thore who desire to be sanctified throughout Body, Soul, and Spirit, Here they will find how they , ought to live, to watch, and to pray, that they may finish their Course with Joy, and glorify God here, in their Bodies and Spi.' rits, which are his : To this End let them frequently be meditating on March 31, April 6, June 9, July 2, 3, 6, 7,&c. May the Lord accompany it with his Blessing to every Soul into whole Hands this may come! Amen.

theine on March ais: io this end here, in they may finish they

To the READER. Perhaps, few Books, lately published, have been more I useful, to serious and pious Readers, than that intitled, The Golden Treasury. It will be easily observ'd, that This is wrote on the same Plan : Containing a short Exercise of Devotion, for every Day in the Year. The chief Difference between the one and the other, I apprehend, is this: The Reflections here are abundantly deeper: They not only contain the first Principles of Re


[ ] ligion, Repentance towards God, and Faith in CHRIST, the Doctrine of Justification, and the New Birth, but likewise the whole Work of God in the Soul of Man, till being rooted and grounded in Love, be is able to comprehend with all Saints, what is the Breadth, and Length, and Depth, and Height : And to know the Love of Christ wbich passeth Knowledge, and to be filled with all the Fulness of GOD.

Pembroke, July 30, 1764.

John Wesley.

AND when eight Days were accomplished for the circumcising of At the Child, his Name was called Yesuswhich was 10 1?ied of the Angel, before he was conceived in the Womb, Erike ii. 21.

Give me, Lord, the Grace, which thou haft hereby merited for me, to circumcise the Pride and Impurity of my Heart, and whatever remains in me of Adam's Corruption. By this first Effusion of his Blood, he exercises the Office of a Saviour, at the fame Time that he takes the Name. How adorable are these first. Fruits of his Pains ! Let this holy Name be ever my Refuge and Confidence, my Strength and Support, my Peace and Confolation: And let it be truly to me a Name of Salvation. Exert upon my Heart, O Jesus! the Right and sovereign Power which it gives thee to save me. Salvation from our Sins we found, Jesus from (not in) our Sins,

Thro' Jesus' Grace forgiven; Doth ftill his People save: And Jesus' Grace' doth more abound, Him our Advocate and Prince, .

And makes us meet for Heaven: Our Priest and King we have : The hallowing Virtue of his Name Strength in him with Righteousness,

Our spotless Souls shall prové,Wich Pardon Purity we gain : And, to the atmost fav’d, proclaim Priests his praying Spirit porless,

Our Lord's Almighty Love. -- And Kings for ever reign.

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